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Health - Life Sciences - 05.01.2016
Map shows hotspots for bat-human virus transmission risk
Map shows hotspots for bat-human virus transmission risk
West Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia are most at risk from bat viruses 'spilling over' into humans resulting in new emerging diseases, according to a new global map compiled by scientists at UCL, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and the University of Edinburgh.

Environment - 04.01.2016
Melting of massive ice ’lid’ resulted in huge release of CO2 at the end of the ice age
A new study of how the structure of the ocean has changed since the end of the last ice age suggest that the melting of a vast 'lid' of sea ice caused the release of huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Although conditions at the end of the last ice age were very different to today, this study highlights the importance that dynamic features such as sea ice have on regulating the climate system.

Physics - 04.01.2016
U of M Physics Circus brings large-scale stunts and physics fun to the public Jan. 14
If you've never seen a physicist drop 20 feet through thin air while a friend shoots a ball at him from a cannon, or grown men and women shooting streams of toilet paper over an audience with a leaf blower, the University of Minnesota Physics Force has a show for you. The Physics Force will present its largest public show of the year, the "Physics Circus," at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan.

Environment - 04.01.2016
Meltwater from the Greenland ice sheet releasing faster
Meltwater from the Greenland ice sheet releasing faster
The firn layers of the Greenland ice sheet might store less meltwater than previously assumed. Researchers from the USA, Denmark and the University of Zurich fear that this could lead to increased release of the meltwater into the oceans. The near-surface layers of the Greenland ice sheet are made up of snow that is gradually being converted into glacier ice.

Health - Psychology - 04.01.2016
Older moms feel depressed when any of their kids struggle
The field of social science overflows with research about the heavy burdens adult children shoulder when their older parents become frail or disabled. But a growing body of literature suggests that the parent-child relationship is a two-way street throughout life, with adult children having a profound effect on their parents' psychological well-being.

Life Sciences - Health - 04.01.2016
Not far away: Using the force to halt heart malformation
Cornell biomedical engineers have found natural triggers that can override developmental, biological miscues - research that could reduce the chance of life-threatening, congenital heart defects among newborn infants and lead to proper embryonic heart and valve formation. The research is published Dec.

Environment - Life Sciences - 04.01.2016
Twenty new freshwater fish species uncovered in the Kimberley
Researchers have discovered a record 20 new fish species while conducting fieldwork in the remote Kimberley, unveiling it as Australia's most biodiverse region for freshwater fish. It is the single greatest addition to the country's freshwater fish inventory since records began and boosts the total number of known species in Australia by almost ten per cent.

Health - Life Sciences - 04.01.2016
New Breast Cancer Drug May be Effective against Other Types of Cancer, Abramson Cancer Center Experts Find
Palbociclib, a new oral drug whose efficacy in combating breast cancer has been demonstrated alone and in combination with endocrine therapy, also has potential to combat other types of cancer, according to a literature review and additional original research conducted by experts at the Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) in the University of Pennsylvania published this month in JAMA Oncology .

Health - 04.01.2016
T Cells That Recognize HER2 Receptor May Be Key to Preventing HER2+ Breast Cancer Recurrence, Penn Study Finds
Recurrence of HER2-positive breast cancer after treatment may be due to a specific and possibly cancer-induced weakness in the patient's immune system - a weakness that in principle could be corrected with a HER2-targeted vaccine - according to a new study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Health - Electroengineering - 04.01.2016
Québec Science honours three McGill discoveries
Québec Science magazine has selected its 10 Discoveries of the Year, three of which were led by McGill researchers. The prestigious annual list for 2015 honours projects spearheaded by: Thomas Szkopek, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Guillaume Gervais, Department of Physics; Jeffrey Mogil, Department of Psychology; and Christine McCusker, Department of Pediatrics and Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre.

Life Sciences - Social Sciences - 04.01.2016
Led Team Reprograms Social Behavior in Carpenter Ants Using Epigenetic Drugs
In Florida carpenter ant colonies, distinct worker castes called minors and majors exhibit pronounced differences in social behavior throughout their lives. In a new study , a multi-institution team anchored at University of Pennsylvania found that these caste-specific behaviors are not set in stone.

Sport - 04.01.2016
Negative news about Muslims fuels public policy support against them
ANN ARBOR-News stories depicting Muslims as terrorists have fueled racism and anger among many non-Muslim Americans, who support civil restrictions and military action in Muslim countries, according to a new University of Michigan study. Other research has shown that minorities are often negatively portrayed in news media.

Health - History / Archeology - 01.01.2016
Ymposium looks at the pioneering legacy of Scottish scientists in the field of tropical disease
They were far removed from the developing countries whose diseases they were studying, yet Scottish doctors and scientists have been at the forefront of research into tropical diseases, like sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis and schistosomiasis, since the late 19th century. Many of the diseases that are endemic to developing countries in the tropics are caused by parasites - an extraordinary number of which were first discovered by graduates of the University of Glasgow.
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