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Psychology - 15.12.2016
Curling up with a good e-book? Why there's nothing quite like a paper book when it comes to a bedtime story
Curling up with a good e-book? Why there’s nothing quite like a paper book when it comes to a bedtime story
Curling up with a good e-book? Why there's nothing quite like a paper book when it comes to a bedtime story Since the birth of digital reading technology, arguments have raged over whether reading from a screen has any significant effects on the experience of reading and shared storytelling among both adults and children.

Psychology - Health - 13.12.2016
Sleep helps process traumatic experiences
Sleep helps process traumatic experiences
Does sleep help process stress and trauma? Or does it actually intensify emotional reactions and memories of the event? This previously unanswered question is highly relevant for the prevention of trauma-related disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). How extremely distressing experiences are processed right at the outset can influence the further course and development of posttraumatic stress disorders.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 12.12.2016
Yoga can have social benefits for children in care, says a new study
A new study from The University of Nottingham has found that a certain type of yoga could potentially help to improve the health and psychological wellbeing of children in care. The study, ' Kundalini Yoga as Mutual Recovery: A feasibility study including children in care and their carers ,' published at The Journal of Children's Services , found that the practice of Kundalini yoga in care homes, when both staff and children are involved, can lead to both individual and social benefits.

Mathematics - Psychology - 10.12.2016
From chance to order
From chance to order
In Nymphenburg on Friday, the ETH probabilist Wendelin Werner was awarded the Heinz Gumin Prize, the highest-value mathematics prize in Germany.

Health - Psychology - 30.11.2016
Teenagers could see long-term benefits from new treatments for depression
Teenagers could see long-term benefits from new treatments for depression
More than two-thirds of adolescents who suffer from depression could see long-term benefits from receiving one of three psychological treatments - of which only one is currently recommended on the NHS - according to research published today in The Lancet Psychiatry .

Psychology - 28.11.2016
Young toddlers can tell when others hold false beliefs, study finds
Young toddlers can tell when others hold false beliefs, study finds
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — A new study finds that, under the right conditions, 2 1/2-year-old children can answer questions about people acting on false beliefs, an ability that most researchers believe does not develop until age 4. The results are reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Psychology - Health - 23.11.2016
Power Poses Don’t Help and Could Potentially Backfire, Penn Study Shows
The idea behind power poses - that if you stand in a 'powerful' position, broad posture, hands on hips, shoulders high and pushed back - you will suddenly feel psychologically and physiologically stronger, is intuitively appealing, especially for people without much confidence. The problem is that it's simply not true, according to University of Pennsylvania researchers Coren Apicella , an assistant professor in the psychology department in the School of Arts & Sciences , and Kristopher Smith , a fourth-year psychology Ph.D.

Psychology - 22.11.2016
Going negative: Society’s downward spin in words
ANN ARBOR?Researchers have known for decades that a positivity bias exists in language where people tend to use more positive words than negative ones. What they haven't been able to pinpoint is whether this phenomenon is affected by time and events. University of Michigan researchers Rumen Iliev and Robert Axelrod, along with Joe Hoover and Morteza Dehghani of the University of Southern California, used automated text analysis tools to find out if positivity bias is a static property of language or if it varies as a function of time.

Health - Psychology - 22.11.2016
Men have a lot to learn about their own fertility
Men generally have limited awareness of those factors that may contribute to their infertility, according to a survey conducted by researchers at the Lady Davis Institute The first large-scale study of its kind has revealed that Canadian men generally lack knowledge about the risk factors contributing to male infertility.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 15.11.2016
Penn Psychologists Tap Big Data, Twitter to Analyze Accuracy of Stereotypes
What's in a tweet' People draw conclusions about us, from our gender to education level, based on the words we use on social media. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania , along with colleagues from the Technical University of Darmstadt and the University of Melbourne, have now analyzed the accuracy of those inferences.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 15.11.2016
Gratitude for experiences brings surprising benefits
On Thanksgiving, many of us take a moment to reflect on what we're grateful for - and we get rewards for doing so. Feeling gratitude leads to benefits like increased happiness and social cohesion, better health outcomes and even improved sleep quality. But will you get more of such benefits from that antique sofa you bought or the vacation you took? New research shows that we feel more gratitude for what we've done than for what we have - and that kind of gratitude results in more generous behavior toward others.

Psychology - Health - 15.11.2016
Confidence influences eyewitness memory of crimes
New University of Liverpool research has found that co-witnesses to a crime can contaminate each other's memory of who committed it, but that the likelihood of this contamination occurring depends upon their confidence. The research, conducted by Dr Craig Thorley from the University's Institute of Psychology, Health and Society , was inspired by real-life incidents where co-witnesses have discussed a crime, one has made a mistake during these discussions, and the others have then included this mistake in their subsequent police statements.

Administration - Psychology - 14.11.2016
Refusing to be labelled as ‘homeless’ has positive impact
People experiencing homelessness who reject being defined 'homeless' not only reduce stigma associated with the label but are also more likely to increase their feeling of self-worth. The burden of perceiving yourself as 'homeless' has been detailed in research conducted by The University of Queensland and The Salvation Army.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 14.11.2016
Women with multiple violent partners more likely to have endured childhood trauma, psychological abuse
ANN ARBOR'While there is abundant research on violently abusive relationships, it does not delve into the background of each individual involved, according to University of Michigan researchers. A new U-M study found that some factors, such as a history of childhood sexual abuse, having been held hostage, tortured or being in a current relationship that involves psychological abuse are all associated with women's exposure to multiple violent intimate partners.

Psychology - Health - 12.11.2016
New insight into tackling mental health problems in conflict-affected populations
A new collaborative study between the University of Liverpool and the World Health Organisation has found that behavioural intervention can reduce anxiety and depression in adults impaired by psychological distress in a conflict-affected region. More than 125 million people today are directly affected by armed conflict, the highest number since World War II.

Administration - Psychology - 10.11.2016
Criteria for funding and promotion leads to bad science
Criteria for funding and promotion leads to bad science
Scientists are trained to carefully assess theories by designing good experiments and building on existing knowledge. But there is growing concern that too many research findings may be wrong. New research conducted by psychologists at the universities of Bristol and Exeter suggests that this may happen because of the criteria that seem to be used in funding science and promoting scientists, which place too much weight on eye-catching findings.

Psychology - 03.11.2016
Places are targets of racial bias
People devalue physical spaces associated with black Americans and are more willing to pollute them, new studies find. Jennifer Eberhardt, professor of psychology at Stanford and co-author of research on race-based stereotyping of physical spaces. (Image credit: Nana Kofi Nti) New research shows that racial biases affect more than how we treat individual black people.

Health - Psychology - 02.11.2016
Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy may trigger post-traumatic stress disorder
Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy may trigger post-traumatic stress disorder
Women may be at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder following a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, suggests a new study. The team behind the research, from Imperial College London , say the findings suggest women should be routinely screened for the condition, and receive specific psychological support following pregnancy loss.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 27.10.2016
Psychology Researchers Map Neurological Process of Deciding
During learning, the hippocampus (orange), in concert with prefrontal cortex (blue), builds conceptual knowledge for a given goal. When goals change, new learning in HPC and PFC updates knowledge. Image by Michael Mack, the University of Toronto. AUSTIN, Texas 'Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin can now map what happens neurologically when new information influences a person to change his or her mind, a finding that offers more insight into the mechanics of learning.

Health - Psychology - 20.10.2016
Researchers seek young people for body image trial
After the initial testing, we're hoping to roll out ProYouth OZ across Australia so that other young people as well as carers, peers and family members can also learn more about eating disorders and pathways for seeking help. ANU researchers are looking for participants to take part in an online program designed to help young people improve their body image.
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