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Health - Administration - 22.05.2017
People with tinnitus needed for online research study
Researchers into the common hearing condition 'tinnitus' are calling for help from the public for a new study to try to improve future medical investigations into the problem. The COMIT'ID study is being run by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre based at The University of Nottingham.

Health - Administration - 19.05.2017
Playing football boosts girls’ confidence
Research led by University of Birmingham scientists in collaboration with Northwestern University in Chicago, US, has provided fresh insight into the role of male hormone in supporting and disrupting the production of eggs by ovarian follicles. The study, newly published online in the journal Endocrinology, measured for the first time the production of hormones by the isolated ovarian follicle during its development, using highly sensitive and specific mass spectrometry.

Health - Administration - 09.05.2017
New safety concerns identified for 1 in 3 FDA-approved drugs
New safety concerns identified for 1 in 3 FDA-approved drugs
Nearly 1 out of every 3 drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have a new safety issue detected in the years after approval, says a Yale-led study. While most of the safety concerns are not serious enough to require withdrawal of a drug from the market, the finding highlights the need for ongoing surveillance of new drugs in the post-market period, said the researchers.

Environment - Administration - 04.05.2017
Austrian research institutions launch major initiative to assess the effects of extreme climatic events on the environment
Austrian research institutions launch major initiative to assess the effects of extreme climatic events on the environment
Under the leadership of the Environmental Sciences Research Network of the University of Vienna, the key national actors in long-term ecological research (LTER) join forces to establish a new infrastructure for the collection of environmental data. Funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the project aims to collect data on the effects of extreme climatic events on the carbon, water and nitrogen cycle in ecosystems by establishing six cutting-edge measurement sites.

Health - Administration - 28.04.2017
Survivors of acute respiratory distress syndrome often experience delays in returning to work
Survivors of acute respiratory distress syndrome often experience delays in returning to work
FINDINGS Forty-four percent of people who held jobs before contracting a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome were jobless one year after they were discharged from the hospital, costing them an average of about $27,000 in earnings. After one year, fewer of them had private health insurance (30 percent, down from 44 percent) and more of them were enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid (49 percent versus 33 percent).

Astronomy / Space - Administration - 26.04.2017
Recently discovered solar system could seed life between adjacent exoplanets
Illustration shows what each of the TRAPPIST-1 planets may look like, based on available data about their sizes, masses and orbital distances. After NASA announced in February the discovery of a solar system with seven planets'three of which were deemed potentially habitable-UChicago postdoctoral scholar Sebastiaan Krijt began wondering: If a life form existed on one of these planets, could space debris carry it to another?

Administration - 26.04.2017
Scientific papers that use old and new knowledge get the most attention
ANN ARBOR'An examination of millions of scientific papers and patents reveals works that land in the top 5 percent of the most cited research draw upon a mix of old and new knowledge-significant in a day and age when the number of new publications is increasing dramatically, says a researcher at the University of Michigan.

Transport - Administration - 26.04.2017
Caught in the act
Caught in the act
As of October 2017, newly launched car models will have to pass more stringent exhaust gas tests in the EU and in Switzerland. The new test method includes measuring drives in actual traf-fic. Empa already tested currently available cars with the new method - with alarming results. By now, it's no secret: the certification requirements for cars in the EU and in Switzerland have precious little to do with the cars' actual exhaust emissions on the roads.

Sport - Administration - 24.04.2017
When artificial intelligence evaluates chess champions
When artificial intelligence evaluates chess champions
The ELO system, which most chess federations use today, ranks players by the results of their games. Although simple and efficient, it overlooks relevant criteria such as the quality of the moves players actually make. To overcome these limitations, Jean-Marc Alliot of the Institut de recherche en informatique de Toulouse (IRIT - CNRS/INP Toulouse/Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier/Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès/Université Toulouse Capitole) demonstrates a new system, published on 24 april 2017 in the International Computer Games Association Journal.

Environment - Administration - 21.04.2017
Overhunting results in wide-spread declines in tropical mammal & bird populations
Overhunting results in wide-spread declines in tropical mammal & bird populations
Overhunting results in wide-spread declines in tropical mammal & bird populations Tropical mammal and bird populations dramatically decline in overhunted areas - new research reveals. The major study published in the renowned journal Science, reveals hunting accounts for a 83 percent decline in mammal populations and a 58 percent decline in bird populations in the tropical regions of Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

Health - Administration - 12.04.2017
Survey finds health disparities in two Pacific Islander populations
ANN ARBOR'A survey of two groups of Pacific Islanders draws comparisons between the health of two populations of Pacific Islanders residing in California, revealing they lag behind the state in several key areas of health. Led by Sela Panapasa, a scientist at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, a group of researchers administered surveys to 240 Samoan and Tongan households in California.

Health - Administration - 12.04.2017
Silk clothing offers no benefit for children with eczema, study finds
Wearing silk clothing offers no additional benefit for children who suffer from moderate to severe eczema, a study led by researchers at The University of Nottingham has found. The results of the trial, published in PLOS Medicine and funded by the National Institute for Health Research, revealed that wearing specialist silk garments did not reduce the severity of eczema for the children taking part, not did it reduce the amount of creams and ointments used for their eczema, or the number of skin infections experienced.

Health - Administration - 07.04.2017
Money can’t buy confidence in birth services, research shows
Cash is not a sufficient incentive for pregnant women in India to take up free institutional delivery services, new research shows. Less than 50% of eligible women take up the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) Indian Government cash incentive scheme. A team of researchers based at institutions in India, Australia, and the UK, including Public Health Foundation of India, the University of Adelaide, and Lancaster University, identified that more significant factors are at play, including familial support and transport challenges.

Health - Administration - 06.04.2017
Ebola: New trial launched in West Africa to evaluate three vaccination strategies
The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), in collaboration wi

Health - Administration - 31.03.2017
Every breath you take: call for improved monitoring for coal workers
Researchers and clinicians are calling on the mining industry and governments to create better regulations in the interest of the health of coal miners. A new review from the University of Melbourne shows there has been an increase in the number of fresh cases of Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis (CWP) in Australia since 2000.

Health - Administration - 27.03.2017
Alcohol use in veterans with schizophrenia less common than thought
FINDINGS U.S. military veterans who are being treated for schizophrenia are much less likely to drink any alcohol than the general population. However, they are equally likely to misuse alcohol. And when they do misuse alcohol, it leads to worsening of their symptoms, according to a new study led by Dr. Alexander Young, a psychiatry professor at UCLA.

Health - Administration - 24.03.2017
New era in precision medicine for pancreatic cancer
The development of new treatments for pancreatic cancer is set to be transformed by a network of clinical trials, aiming to find the right trial for the right patient, after a £10 million investment from Cancer Research UK. The investment will support the PRECISION Panc project which aims to develop personalised treatments for pancreatic cancer patients, improving the options and outcomes for a disease where survival rates have remained stubbornly low.

Health - Administration - 20.03.2017
Link between vitamin D'treatment and autism prevention
Link between vitamin D’treatment and autism prevention
Giving vitamin D'supplements to mice during pregnancy prevents autism traits in their offspring, University of Queensland researchers have discovered. The discovery provides further evidence of the crucial role vitamin D'plays in brain development, said lead researcher Professor Darryl Eyles , from UQ's Queensland Brain Institute.

Health - Administration - 14.03.2017
Young adults on the verge of a gambling habit
Young adults on the verge of a gambling habit
Young males and people who use drink or drugs are at greater risk of developing a gambling habit, according to new research from the University of Bristolk. Experts say it is an indication of an area that needs more attention if primary care services are to help those in need. The study, funded by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) and published in the British Journal of General Practice today, found that around one in 20 people waiting to see their GP at a group of surgeries in Bristol reported having a gambling problem.

Administration - 08.03.2017
Combo of pot and booze is a real GPA downer, study shows
Combo of pot and booze is a real GPA downer, study shows
College students who use large amounts of marijuana and alcohol might be high, but their grades are not, a new study shows. The grades of those who drank moderately or heavily but smoked little pot did not suffer as much as students who added heavy marijuana use to their drinking, according to study published March 8 in the journal PLOS ONE.