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Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 06.01.2017
The Case of the 'Missing Link' Neutron Star
The Case of the ’Missing Link’ Neutron Star
Like anthropologists piecing together the human family tree, astronomers have found that a misfit "skeleton" of a star may link two different kinds of stellar remains. The mysterious object, called PSR J1119-6127, has been caught behaving like two distinct objects'a radio pulsar and a magnetar'and could be important to understanding their evolution.

Astronomy / Space Science - 04.01.2017
Fast radio burst tied to distant dwarf galaxy and, perhaps, magnetar
Fast radio burst tied to distant dwarf galaxy and, perhaps, magnetar
One of the rare and brief bursts of cosmic radio waves that have puzzled astronomers since they were first detected nearly 10 years ago has finally been tied to a source: an older dwarf galaxy more than 3 billion light years from Earth. Fast radio bursts, which flash for just a few milliseconds, created a stir among astronomers because they seemed to be coming from outside our galaxy, which means they would have to be very powerful to be seen from Earth, and because none of those first observed were ever seen again.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 04.01.2017
Homing in on source of mysterious cosmic radio bursts
Astronomers have pinpointed for the first time the home galaxy of a Fast Radio Burst, moving scientists a step closer to detecting what causes these powerful but fleeting pulses of radio waves. FRBs, which last just a few thousandths of a second, have puzzled astrophysicists since their discovery a decade ago.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 03.01.2017
Research reinforces role of supernovae in clocking the universe
How much light does a supernova shed on the history of universe? New research by cosmologists at the University of Chicago and Wayne State University confirms the accuracy of Type Ia supernovae in measuring the pace at which the universe expands. The findings support a widely held theory that the expansion of the universe is accelerating and such acceleration is attributable to a mysterious force known as dark energy.
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