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Economics / Business - Career - 06.07.2017
Professional pride is key to repairing banking's image, study finds
Professionally qualified bankers have an extremely high level of professional pride in their work, compared to their non-qualified counterparts, new research has revealed. The Chartered Banker Professionalism Index devised by Nottingham University Business School and the Chartered Banker Institute suggests those bankers, who have made a strong commitment to professionalism, profoundly believe in the value of what they do.

Career - 06.07.2017
Task Force finds open data’s 2 biggest challenges are finding it and using it when you do find it
The first report of the Open Research Data Task Force has found that two of the greatest challenges to effectively using open research data are that: even when it is notionally accessible researchers often simply cannot find that data, and If they do find it they cannot use it because of frustrating format variabilities and other compatibility issues.

Health - Career - 03.07.2017
What is best practice in school sex education?
What is best practice in school sex education?
Sex and relationship education (SRE) is regarded as vital for improving young people's sexual health but a third of schools in England lacks good SRE and government guidance is outdated. New research led by the University of Bristol has found clear evidence that school-based SRE and school-linked sexual health services can be effective at improving sexual health.

Career - Economics / Business - 29.06.2017
UK needs 10,000 new people to keep position in world film production says Work Foundation report
UK needs 10,000 new people to keep position in world film production says Work Foundation report
Barbara Broccoli (pictured), Kathleen Kennedy, BFI Chair Josh Berger and film industry leaders unite behind the plan to ensure the future of UK film, currently worth £4.3 billion to the economy Research from Lancaster University's Work Foundation for the British Film Institute (BFI) says the UK film industry needs more diversity to prevent a skills shortage.

Career - 28.06.2017
Artists and architects think differently compared to other people
Artists and architects think differently compared to other people
Architects, painters and sculptors conceive of spaces in different ways from other people and from each other, finds a new study by UCL and Bangor University researchers. When asked to talk about images of places, painters are more likely to describe the depicted space as a two-dimensional image, while architects are more likely to focus on paths and the boundaries of the space.

Psychology - Career - 22.06.2017
Authenticity key to landing a new job
Authenticity key to landing a new job
At job interviews, relax and be yourself - if you're good, being yourself may be the best way to secure a job offer, according to a new study involving UCL researchers. Published today in the Journal of Applied Psychology , the study by UCL, Bocconi University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and London Business School, found that high-quality candidates who strive to present themselves accurately during the interview process significantly increase the likelihood of receiving a job offer.

Health - Career - 21.06.2017
Blacks, women don’t get same health benefit from employment
ANN ARBOR - Being gainfully employed normally is considered good for health, but new research from the University of Michigan shows that black men, and black and white women don't get the same benefits of increased life expectancy related to employment as white men. Neither do people with lower education.

Career - Economics / Business - 20.06.2017
Watching cities grow
Watching cities grow
Campus news Hire acquaintances or a grueling recruiting campaign: How do start-ups find their first employees' What makes them attractive when they can't offer much in terms of pay' Does a start-up boss have to hold an impassioned speech at least once every week?

Physics - Career - 15.06.2017
"Hot" Electrons Move Faster Than Expected
For the first time, engineers and scientists at Caltech have been able to directly observe the ultrafast motion of electrons immediately after they are excited with a laserā??and found that these electrons diffuse into their surroundings much faster and farther than previously expected. This behavior, known as "super-diffusion," had been hypothesized but never before seen.

Career - Economics / Business - 25.05.2017
New research proves the 'migrant work ethic' exists, in the short term
New research proves the ‘migrant work ethic’ exists, in the short term
The received wisdom that migrant workers have a stronger 'work ethic' than UK-born workers is proven for the first time, in a new study of Central and East European migrants, from the University of Bath's School of Management. The research shows that migrant workers are over three times less likely to be absent from work than native UK workers, a measure which economists equate with work ethic.

Health - Career - 23.03.2017
Stimunity Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with Institut Curie and Inserm
Paris, March 21st, 2017 - Stimunity, Institut Curie and Inserm are pleased to announce that the company has signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement on two key patents that cover Stimunity's core technology VLP-cGAMP to develop new drugs in immuno-oncology. All started with a fundamental discovery made by the laboratory Innate Immunity at Institut Curie, leads by Dr. Nicolas Manel, Senior Researcher at Inserm and co-founder of Stimunity.

Psychology - Career - 20.03.2017
Opinion: The science 'reproducibility crisis' - and what can be done about it
Opinion: The science ‘reproducibility crisis’ - and what can be done about it
Reproducibility is the idea that an experiment can be repeated by another scientist and they will get the same result. It is important to show that the claims of any experiment are true and for them to be useful for any further research. However, science appears to have an issue with reproducibility.

Career - Social Sciences - 16.03.2017
Social eating connects communities
A writing group for PhD students and early career academics has helped to boost productivity and reduce stress for Oxford University humanities students.

Economics / Business - Career - 14.03.2017
Women in finance face harsher discipline than men
A new study found that women working in the financial advisory industry are punished more severely than their male coworkers for similar misconduct. While most contemporary women's rights protests focus on workplace issues such as unequal pay, one form of gender discrimination has largely flown under the radar.

Economics / Business - Career - 09.03.2017
Harnessing ADHD for business success
Harnessing ADHD for business success
Research news The symptoms of ADHD foster important traits associated with entrepreneurship. That conclusion was reached in a study conducted by an international team of economists, who found that entrepreneurs with ADHD embrace new experiences and demonstrate passion and persistence. Their intuitive decision making in situations involving uncertainty was seen by the researchers as a reason for reassessing existing economic models.

Health - Career - 06.03.2017
Early periods associated with risk of gestational diabetes
The age at which girls start menstruating could flag a later risk of diabetes during pregnancy, according to a University of Queensland study. UQ School of Public Health researchers analysed data from more than 4700 women from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health and found a higher number of women who reported having their first period at a younger age had later developed gestational diabetes.

Economics / Business - Career - 02.03.2017
The corporate debt trap
The corporate debt trap
The debt levels of large companies just before the Great Recession of 2007-2009 are strongly linked to local unemployment spikes during that time, a novel study co-authored by an MIT professor finds - adding another dimension to our picture of the recent economic crisis.  'We found that companies with high leverage around 2006 ended up laying off more people,' says Xavier Giroud, the Ford International Career Development Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management and co-author of a paper detailing the study's results.

Economics / Business - Career - 23.02.2017
Female bosses favour gay and lesbian job-seekers, research finds
Female bosses favour gay and lesbian job-seekers, research finds Women are more likely to hire gay and lesbian job applicants over equally-qualified straight candidates, according to a study led by the University of Sussex. But the opposite is true if the recruiter is a man - all else being equal, male bosses judge heterosexual applicants as more hireable.

Career - Psychology - 02.02.2017
Study examines use of Pinterest by education professionals
New research from Penn State's College of Education looks at the pinning behaviors of school psychologists to determine if they are sharing evidence-based practices. UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. With more than 110 million monthly users, Pinterest is in the top five of most-used social media sites. Its popularity has even led to the creation of the hashtag #pinterestfail for users to showcase their unsuccessful attempts of recipes or arts-and-crafts projects.

Health - Career - 02.02.2017
A healthy work limit is 39 hours per week
Long work hours erode a person's mental and physical health, because it leaves less time to eat well and look after themselves properly. People who work more than 39 hours a week are putting their health at risk, new research from The Australian National University (ANU) has found. The research shows the work limit for a healthy life should be set at 39 hours a week instead of the 48-hour-week limit set internationally about 80 years ago.