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Earth Sciences - Event - 05.10.2017

Civil Engineering - Event - 13.06.2017
Bridges in Austria often exceed expectations
Bridges in Austria often exceed expectations
Assessing old bridges using modern standards is no mean feat. Studies conducted by TU Wien show that many bridges are actually significantly more stable than might be expected, often rendering costly restoration work unnecessary. Deciding which bridges need to be restored in the near future and which are still in good condition can have extremely expensive repercussions.

Earth Sciences - Event - 07.02.2017
The oxygen content increased when the Earth was covered in ice
The oxygen content increased when the Earth was covered in ice
In the beginning, planet Earth was a very inhospitable place with no oxygen and only single-celled bacteria as inhabitants. According to a new study, the oxygen content in the air began to increase about 2.4 billion years ago, at the same time as the global glaciation and when all continents were gathered in a single huge landmass, or supercontinent.

Event - Social Sciences - 17.01.2017
How a team-based approach boosts charitable lending
ANN ARBOR?Charitable lenders who belong to a team provide significantly more loans than those on their own, according to new studies led by economists and computer scientists at the University of Michigan. The researchers say the findings have implications for charitable giving as well. The project team, which also include researchers from the National University of Singapore and Kidaptive, studied the behavior of more than 60,000 members of the online lending community Kiva.