Research and agricultural higher education publications : 1st Rank worldwide in citations for animal and plant science

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Pile de magazines Gabriella Fabbri-Stock.xchng

An exploratory study carried out by Inra inside Agreenium’s network enabled to identify French research and agricultural higher education outlines worldwide. Agreenium is a cooperation institute that groups 14 higher education institutions and 4 research bodies.

Inra : the head of the network

In july 2017, the Web of Science Core1 Collection query about the 2012-2017 period allowed to collect data for each member of Agreenium. Totalizing 36000 publications, Agreenium’s network represents 7% of the national publications for this period. The leader is Inra with 66%, followed by Cirad (17%). AgroParisTech represents 16% and Irstea 8%. The analyzed data shows a high prevalence rate of the network in specific specialized domains of the french publications percentage. For example, in the Agricultural dairy animal science area, 84% of the publications are signed by al least one member of Agreenium.

The use of InCites2 has allowed to estimate the world ranking in terms of publications if we consolidate the different discipline areas in Agreenium’s scope : 2nd rank worldwide in agricultural science , 3rd in plant & animal sciences , 4th in environment & ecology . According to the amount of citations, the estimation is even better : 1st rank worldwide in plant & animal science with over 60000 citations, 2nd in agricultural sciences with nearly 31000 citations, 4th in environment & ecology , with 39000 citations.

Ways to improve indexing

Nevertheless the study conducted by Inra’s delegation for scientific information revealed a broad indexing spread for some of the institutes whose publishers sign through diferent labels. Respecting a unique labeling pattern to name each institute would improve their indexing. Agreenium’s members wil work on it.

1. Data collected during the interrogation of the Web of Science Core Collection for 2012-2017 period, on 19072017
2. The different indicators by InCities are defined in the InCities indicators handbook .

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