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Art and Design - 20.11.2019
Beauty in the biased eye of the beholder
Beauty in the biased eye of the beholder
When we pass through an art gallery, what determines our idea of beauty? A University of Sydney study of how people rate the aesthetics of each artwork shows part of our aesthetic assessment is due to the painting you saw a few moments before.  The research, led by PhD student Ms Sujin Kim in the School of Psychology , is published in the  Journal of Vision .  It shows that we don't appreciate every painting in isolation.

Art and Design - 09.10.2019
Engineers put Leonardo da Vinci's bridge design to the test
Engineers put Leonardo da Vinci’s bridge design to the test
Proposed bridge would have been the world's longest at the time; new analysis shows it would have worked. MIT researchers developed a 3-D model of a bridge designed by Leonardo da Vinci and found that "not only did it work, but it would have also revolutionized bridge design five centuries ago," reports Andrew Liszewski for Gizmodo .

Art and Design - 11.09.2019
Measuring speed of mental replay of movies reveals new insights into how we access memories
Researchers have discovered that 'fully detailed' memories are stored in the brain, but people access this information at different speeds and levels of detail, with people accessing memories 'forward' that is recalling older information first. They quickly skip episodic blocks of information when recalling events in summary - for example, telling a friend about the plot of a movie they have seen, but can also delve into greater levels of detail at a slower speed when asked about a particular movie scene.

Health - Art and Design - 24.01.2019
Increasing murder rate is erasing gains in life expectancy among Mexican men, UCLA research reports
Increasing murder rate is erasing gains in life expectancy among Mexican men, UCLA research reports
The murder rate in Mexico increased so dramatically between 2005 and 2015 that it partially offset expected gains in life expectancy among men there, according to a new study by a UCLA public health researcher. “It's common to see news reports about the toll that drugand gang-related murders are taking in Mexico,? said Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez, co-author of the study and associate professor of community health sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

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