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Event - 28.05.2020
High tech printing makes checking banknotes possible in the blink of an eye
New ‘3D micro-optic' security features in banknotes enable the general public to detect counterfeits reliably within a fraction of a second, according to new research at the University of Birmingham. During a typical cash transaction, people glance at banknotes for about a second, not giving them much time to check banknotes for authenticity.

Event - Environment - 30.01.2020
Coast Guard, Members of Congress Launch Center of Expertise at Scripps Oceanography
Military branch will leverage Scripps' R&D capability to improve maritime awareness U.S. Coast Guard officials and federal legislators christened a center at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego Friday that will accelerate the assimilation of Scripps Oceanography technology into Coast Guard operations.

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