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Health - Innovation - 22.12.2020
Adaptive, automated, interactive: Graz research group develops health portal of the future
Adaptive, automated, interactive: Graz research group develops health portal of the future
Researchers from TU Graz, Med Uni Graz and Uni Graz are working on a digital interactive information system that automatically tailors medical content to individuals and their needs. Additional Images for download at the end of the text Can this digital medium make predictions about the individual information needs of users, recognize their cognitive abilities, and use this data to convey high-quality medical content in a comprehensible and clear manner?

Innovation - Computer Science - 14.12.2020
Searching for depth in the conversation about technology
Searching for depth in the conversation about technology
At the beginning of March 2021, there is a big fuss among the more fanatical wing of CDA supporters. What is going on? Just before the Dutch Parliamentary elections, charismatic party leader Hugo de Jonge committed a slip of the tongue that even Joe Biden would not have made. 'As Jesus would say, don't pin me down on it,' he said in a respected talk show.

Health - Innovation - 11.12.2020
Earwax could be used to measure glucose levels
An earwax self-sampling device could be used to measure chronic glucose levels, according to a study led by UCL and King's College London researchers. The pilot study, published in Diagnostics , reports that the new device was almost 60% more reliable at measuring chronic glucose levels averaged over a month than an existing gold standard technique.

Innovation - 09.12.2020
Researchers confirm overcrowding alerts can help maintain social distancing on UK public transport
A service that predicts passenger intent to travel can be used across the UK rail network to reduce overcrowding and help people maintain social distancing. Researchers from the University of Birmingham's Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) worked in collaboration with British technology start-up Zipabout to validate the data powering the service, which was designed by Zipabout.

Environment - Innovation - 25.11.2020
Scottish scientists join call for decade-long deep sea study
The deep seas - vast expanses of water and seabed hidden more than 200 metres below the ocean surface to depths up to 11,000 metres - are recognised globally as an important frontier of science and discovery. But despite the fact they account for around 60% of Earth's surface area, large areas remain completely unexplored, yet the habitats they support impact on the health of the entire planet.

Health - Innovation - 17.11.2020
Bern Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Bern Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
The University of Bern and the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, are founding a "Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine" (CAIM) that combines cutting-edge research, engineering and digitalization.

Social Sciences - Innovation - 05.11.2020
Grasping empathy: How new technology helps simulate children’s experiences
As an adult, it's hard to imagine how children experience a world built for grownups. What is it really like for someone lower to the ground, with shorter limbs and smaller hands, to navigate a home, a school, or a park? Everyone from toy designers and teachers to doctors and parents could benefit from a realistic few minutes in a child's shoes.

Environment - Innovation - 29.10.2020
How does 5G affect the climate?
How does 5G affect the climate?
A team of researchers from the University of Zurich and Empa has analyzed the consequences of the 5G mobile phone standard for the climate. One thing is clear: 5G technology can curb greenhouse gas emissions, as new applications become available and digitalization is used more efficiently. Today the study authors are presenting the results to members of the Swiss parliament in Bern.

Innovation - 29.10.2020
ABS research keeps Amsterdam clean: real-time image recognition for litter collection
Keeping the streets clean in a dynamic urban environment is one of the major challenges facing Amsterdam City Council. Amsterdam Business School researcher Maarten Sukel developed a system that can recognise rubbish bags and other undesirable objects lying around in the street. The system can spot the object in real time and is based on machine learning.

Innovation - Materials Science - 22.10.2020
Future VR could employ new ultrahigh-res display
Future VR could employ new ultrahigh-res display
Repurposed solar panel research could be the foundation for a new ultrahigh-resolution microdisplay. The OLED display would feature brighter images with purer colors and more than 10,000 pixels per inch. By expanding on existing designs for electrodes of ultra-thin solar panels, Stanford researchers and collaborators in Korea have developed a new architecture for OLED - organic light-emitting diode - displays that could enable televisions, smartphones and virtual or augmented reality devices with resolutions of up to 10,000 pixels per inch (PPI).

Environment - Innovation - 09.10.2020
Seagrass beds for coastal protection and mitigation of climate change impact
UGent and the Portuguese maritime institute CCMAR receive a VLAIO Baekeland grant for research into the sustainable protection of vulnerable coastal areas. Ghent University receives a VLAIO Baekeland grant with support and cooperation from Jan De Nul Group, DEME Group, and the Portuguese marine institute CCMAR for its doctoral study 'PLANT ME'.

Physics - Innovation - 08.10.2020
A new spectrometer for the LOS platform: first in Belgium and world premiere!
The Lasers, Optics and Spectroscopies (LOS) technological platform has just received a new spectrometer. Its particularity? It can be used in many fields and allows the study of phenomena with very high spectral resolution and at very high speed - of the order of a microsecond.

Career - Innovation - 07.10.2020
Job satisfaction decreases with digitisation
Job satisfaction decreases with digitisation
This year's Swiss HR Barometer combines two major trends: digitisation, and an aging society. Almost 40 percent of those surveyed can imagine working beyond retirement age. Job satisfaction decreases as digitisation of an employee's tasks increases. Digitisation and electronic monitoring The respondents believed that employers in Switzerland are relatively open to new technologies: more than 74 percent of employees indicated that their employer is willing to use digital solutions.

Innovation - Computer Science - 30.09.2020
Our actual attention is now measurable
Our actual attention is now measurable
We want to make sure our phones no longer disturb us at the wrong moment. To achieve this, we first have to better understand where our attention lies when using smartphones. Computer scientists at ETH have now developed a system that records eye contact with the display in everyday situations for the first time.

Innovation - Environment - 24.09.2020
Styrian technological innovation: The smallest particle sensor in the world - made in Graz
Styrian technological innovation: The smallest particle sensor in the world - made in Graz
TU Graz, ams and Silicon Austria Labs has developed a compact and energy-efficient sensor for mobile devices, which informs users in real time about the fine dust content in the air and warns them in case of elevated values. The prototype of the particle sensor (black square in the middle of the board) developed at TU Graz compared in size with a one-cent coin.

Innovation - 14.09.2020
ARPA-type funding gives green technology an ’innovation advantage’
Startups funded by US agency ARPA-E file patents at twice the rate of similar cleantech firms. Cambridge researcher argues that the UK should trial its own climate-focused ARPA as part of COVID-19 recovery package. The UK should adapt the ARPA model to create an agency for the climate challenge as part of any COVID-19 recovery package Laura Diaz Anadon A new analysis of the successes and failures of green energy companies in the US has found that those with ARPA funding filed for far more patents in the years after launching than other "cleantech" startups from the same time.

Astronomy / Space Science - Innovation - 02.09.2020
Most massive gravitational wave signal yet poses new mysteries
The most massive gravitational-wave source yet has been detected - a binary black hole merger, which produced a blast equal to the energy of eight Suns, sending shockwaves through the universe. The detection provides answers to some fundamental questions about how black holes are formed - and poses some intriguing new ones.

Innovation - Computer Science - 27.08.2020
UvA launches new research project on how to design tax systems for a post COVID-19 world
Today, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) announced the launch of the research project "Designing the tax system for a Cashless, Platform-based and Technology-driven society" (CPT project). The ambitious initiative is led by the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL) of the Amsterdam Law School (FdR).

Materials Science - Innovation - 20.08.2020
Aerogel - the micro structural material of the future
Aerogel - the micro structural material of the future
Aerogel is an excellent thermal insulator. So far, however, it has mainly been used on a large scale, for example in environmental technology, in physical experiments or in industrial catalysis. Empa researchers have now succeeded in making aerogels accessible to microelectronics and precision engineering: An article in the latest issue of the scientific journal "Nature" shows how 3D-printed parts made of silica aerogels and silica composite materials can be manufactured with high precision.

Innovation - Life Sciences - 12.08.2020
New device delivers single cells in just one click
EPFL spin-off SEED Biosciences has developed a pipetting robot that can dispense individual cells one by one. Their innovation allows for enhanced reliability and traceability, and can save life-science researchers time and money. The engineers at SEED Biosciences, an EPFL spin-off, have come up with a unique pipetting robot that can isolate single cells with the push of a button - without damaging the cells.
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