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Art and Design - 03.08.2021
Cave paintings in Spain originate from Neanderthals
Studies of pigments from wall paintings in Cueva Ardales, a cave in southern Spain, have confirmed the assumption that they originated from Neanderthals / Publication in PNAS The dating of paintings in three caves in Spain supports the view that Neanderthals practiced cave art in the form of colored markings more than 20,000 years before the arrival of anatomically modern humans in Europe.

Art and Design - Life Sciences - 05.07.2021
Neanderthal artists? Our ancestors decorated bones over 50,000 years ago
Neanderthal artists? Our ancestors decorated bones over 50,000 years ago
Discovery from Unicorn Cave in Lower Saxony sheds new light on ancestors' cognitive abilities Since the discovery of the first fossil remains in the 19 th century, the image of the Neanderthal has been one of a primitive hominin. People have known for a long time that Neanderthals were able to effectively fashion tools and weapons.

Art and Design - Life Sciences - 15.06.2021
Computers Predict People’s Tastes in Art
Do you like the thick brush strokes and soft color palettes of an impressionist painting such as those by Claude Monet? Or do you prefer the bold colors and abstract shapes of a Rothko? Individual art tastes have a certain mystique to them, but now a new Caltech study shows that a simple computer program can accurately predict which paintings a person will like.

Health - Art and Design - 07.06.2021
Science and performing arts against stereotypes
Science and performing arts against stereotypes
Stereotypes are knowledge structures integrated in our world representation, which have an influence on our decisions and which are hard to change. A team from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), in collaboration with the ╚pica Foundation - La Fura dels Baus analysed how a performing experience could have a positive impact in reducing the population's bias against physical illnesses.

Art and Design - 15.04.2021
Leonardo da Vinci definitely did not sculpt the Flora bust
Leonardo da Vinci definitely did not sculpt the Flora bust
" It is machination, it is deception ," said the Director General of the Berlin Royal Museums in his defence when criticized for buying a fake. Wilhelm Bode did not budge an inch: the sculpture he acquired in 1909 was an as yet unknown production of the great Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci. After one hundred years and numerous controversies, a group of scientists led by a CNRS researcher 1 has just proven him wrong once and for all.

Life Sciences - Art and Design - 05.04.2021
An artful study of cellular development in leaves
Virginia Lopez-Anido: Drawing series: Nature of scientific inquiry. Untitled, pencil on paper, 8.5 x 11.7 in, 2021. In theme with the drawing series, a new paper by Camila Lopez-Anido, Dominique Bergmann and their colleagues serves as another layer of our understanding of how molecular principles define cell fate decisions and enable integration of environmental cues.

Microtechnics - Art and Design - 26.03.2021
Contemplate the nature of robotics at EPFL Pavilions
Contemplate the nature of robotics at EPFL Pavilions
EPFL Pavilions re-opens its exhibition Nature of Robotics which offers perspective on robotics in a human and organic environment. At the entrance of Nature of Robotics a couple of robotic snails slither around the floor, leaving behind slimy trails. Two visitors, young boys, enter the exhibit and squat next to the slimy creatures, trying to follow both of them at once.

Art and Design - Computer Science - 25.03.2021
Artist’s intent: AI recognizes emotions in visual art
A team of AI researchers has trained its algorithms to see the emotional intent behind great works of art, possibly leading to computers that see much deeper than current technologies. Researchers have built an algorithm that can capture the emotions that an image evokes. Experts in artificial intelligence have gotten quite good at creating computers that can "see" the world around them - recognizing objects, animals, and activities within their purview.

Art and Design - 01.03.2021
AI Identifies Social Bias Trends in Bollywood, Hollywood Movies
New method can analyze decades of films in a few days Babies whose births were depicted in Bollywood films from the 1950s and 60s were more often than not boys; in today's films, boy and girl newborns are about evenly split. In the 50s and 60s, dowries were socially acceptable; today, not so much. And Bollywood's conception of beauty has remained consistent through the years: beautiful women have fair skin.