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Health - Event - 14.10.2021
Research on detecting cancer in primary care wins RCGP Research Paper of the Year award
Dr Garth Funston and colleagues including professor Emma Crosbie from The University of Manchester have won the 2020 Research Paper of the Year for Clinical Research, awarded by the Royal College of General Practitioners, for their paper on detecting cancers in primary care. The research shows that CA125, a simple blood test available in primary care, is useful for ovarian cancer detection in symptomatic women attending their GP and could help identify other types of cancer.

Event - 28.07.2021
Black and Latinx conservatives ’upshift’ competence to white audiences
When communicating in mostly white settings, politically conservative Black and Latinx Americans use words associated with competence more often than their liberal counterparts, distancing themselves from negative racial stereotypes, according to a new study by Yale social psychologist Cydney Dupree.

Event - 02.04.2021
Mapping policy for how the EU can reduce its impact on tropical deforestation
In brief: EU imports of products contribute significantly to deforestation in other parts of the world. In a new study, published in One Earth , researchers from several universities worldwide, among them University of Louvain, evaluated thousands of policy proposals for how the EU could reduce this impact , to assess which would have the largest potential to reduce deforestation - while also being politically feasible.