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Politics - 15.12.2021
EU citizens want more justice and participation
EU citizens want more justice and participation
What are European citizens' ideal visions of the European Union (EU)- According to an international study undertaken by political scientists from the University of Münster, people across all countries studied primarily support more participation and justice.

Politics - Computer Science - 09.12.2021
The identification of political ads on Facebook often goes wrong
The identification of political ads on Facebook often goes wrong
Researchers at KU Leuven (belonging to the imec-DistriNet research group) and New York University (Cybersecurity for Democracy) have demonstrated that on a global scale, Facebook misjudges up to 83 percent of ads that they or the researchers deemed political. In some cases, Facebook does not recognise them as political ads, while they often wrongfully label non-political ads as political.

Environment - Politics - 29.10.2021
Why biodiversity policy has yet to get off the ground
Why biodiversity policy has yet to get off the ground
Whether a hydroelectric power plant is built, a pesticide is banned or a moor is placed under protection - a wide variety of political decisions have an impact on biodiversity. But does biodiversity play any role at all in such decisions? Researchers at Eawag and WSL have investigated this question and examined Swiss policy over the past 20 years.

Politics - Computer Science - 08.10.2021
A new Lab for Science in Diplomacy in Geneva
A new Lab for Science in Diplomacy in Geneva
ETH Zurich and UNIGE establish an interdisciplinary unit dedicated to science in diplomacy in the heart of international Geneva. This joint lab will bring scientific insights and methods into diplomatic, international conflict resolution and help address the global challenges our societies are facing.

Politics - 23.09.2021
Survey Finds Bipartisan Support for Major Reform to California’s Recall Process
UC San Diego Yankelovich Center Survey analysis also shows that the 2021 gubernatorial recall election was unrepresentative of the state's electorate Pundits around the nation have been calling for overhaul of the century-old rules that govern California's recall elections, since even before the petition to remove Gov.

Politics - 08.09.2021
Willingness to take part in demonstrations depends on group size
The size of one's own group motivates protestors more than the number of counter-demonstrators / interdisciplinary study of the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne The expected number of participants at a rally is decisive for people's willingness to participate in left-wing or right-wing political protest.

Politics - Campus - 18.08.2021
Greater scientific expertise needed in Parliament to improve decision-making
A new academic study finds that an over-representation of MPs with social sciences backgrounds limits debate on STEM topics. Last updated on Wednesday 1 September 2021 Political parties need to put more effort into recruiting candidates with scientific backgrounds in order to increase 'cognitive diversity' among MPs, say the authors of a new academic study.

Politics - Social Sciences - 17.08.2021
Europe-wide political divide emerging between cities and countryside - study
Europe-wide political divide emerging between cities and countryside - study
"Geography of disillusion" poses a major challenge for democratic countries across the continent, according to researchers. As disenchantment rises in European hinterlands, democratic politics risks being eroded from within Davide Luca A new study reveals the extent of the political divide opening up between city and countryside right across Europe, with research suggesting that political polarisation in the 21st century may have a lot to do with place and location.

Politics - 12.08.2021
Insurrectionist movement in U.S. is larger and more dangerous than expected
In NORC surveys, millions of Americans indicate that they hold insurrectionist sentiments In early April 2021, Prof. Robert Pape of the University of Chicago released an analysis of 377 Americans arrested or charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. Looking to take the temperature of the nation at large, Pape and his team have followed up with a new survey of American adults to gauge their political sentiments related to an insurrection.

Economics / Business - Politics - 30.07.2021
Australia one of three countries to exceed 30 per cent women on company boards
Australia is one of only three countries in the world to 'break the glass ceiling' and exceed 30 per cent of women on top-listed company boards without legislated quotas, according to University of Queensland research. UQ Business School researchers Dr Terry Fitzsimmons , Dr Miriam Yates and Professor Victor Callan identified the factors that saw Australia leap from 8.3 per cent women on ASX200 boards in 2008 to 33.6 per cent in 2021.

Environment - Politics - 23.07.2021
Water resources: defusing conflict, promoting cooperation
Water resources: defusing conflict, promoting cooperation
The EU funded project DAFNE has developed a methodology for avoiding conflicts of use in transboundary rivers. The model-based procedure allows for participatory planning and cooperative management of water resources. The aim is now for the DAFNE methodology to be implemented in other regions of the world.

Politics - 07.07.2021
Survey: Majority of Californians Still Believe the State Is ’Golden’
Contrary to popular story, the number of residents planning to leave California remains unchanged In the fall of 2020, as Elon Musk threatened to take Tesla to Texas, a popular narrative took hold and continues to this day: According to the story, the Golden State has grown tarnished. Masses of Californians are fed up and fleeing the state.

Politics - 05.07.2021
A key tool for citizen participation in science
Scientists from the Science, Communication and Society Study Centre at UPF gain insight into how citizen participation in science is practised in Spain and propose a series of recommendations for its improvement. Researchers from UPF have analysed the way citizen science is practised in Spain. The paper, produced by Carolina Llorente and Gema Revuelta , from UPF's Science, Communication and Society Studies Centre ( CCS-UPF ) and Mar Carrió , from the University's Health Sciences Educational Research Group ( GRECS ), has been published in the Journal of Science Communication (JCOM).

Campus - Politics - 23.06.2021
Powerful People are Less Likely to be Understanding When Mistakes are Made
Those with privilege are less aware of constraints others face and are more likely to punish subordinates, according to new UC San Diego research Those with power, such as the wealthy are more likely to blame others for having shortcomings and they are also less troubled by reports of inequality, according to recent research from the University of California San Diego's Rady School of Management.

Politics - 07.06.2021
When and why do politicians use emotive rhetoric in parliamentary speeches?
A study involving Toni Rodon, a professor with the UPF Department of Political and Social Sciences, argues that emotive rhetoric is one of the tools that politicians use strategically to attract voters. Published in American Political Science Review , the article analyses two million parliamentary speeches delivered in the lower houses of parliament in the UK (between 2001 and 2019) and Ireland (between 2002 and 2013).

Politics - 07.06.2021
YouTube comments reveal scant evidence of political echo chambers
Conservative and liberal viewers on YouTube engage in crosstalk-although it's mostly one-sided-with conservatives commenting on left-leaning videos twice as much as liberals remarking on right-leaning videos, according to a large-scale study from the University of Michigan School of Information. Left-leaning channels had a quarter of their comments from conservative users and more than 1 in 10 comments on right-leaning channels were from liberal users, dispelling the notion of echo chambers where people of like mind and politics see only information that meshes with their existing beliefs.

Social Sciences - Politics - 20.05.2021
News photos shape immigration attitudes
News images of immigrants have an effect on some Americans' attitudes towards immigration, a new University of Michigan study shows. Photos of large groups of immigrants, such as the migrant caravan, may decrease support for immigration. Images of individuals, however, produce the opposite effect. In line with work on "person positivity,” personalized images tend to increase support for immigration, particularly among Americans who are threat-sensitive.

Criminology / Forensics - Politics - 04.05.2021
Security and violent crime cannot be an argument against humane refugee policies - new study
New research from international academics challenges a myth that progressive policies towards asylum seekers pose a threat to domestic security. Last updated on Tuesday 4 May 2021 Ahead of US President Joe Biden's plan later this month to lift the country's historically low cap on asylum seekers, a new political study finds that liberal, progressive refugee policies do not pose domestic security challenges for states.

Politics - History / Archeology - 23.04.2021
Immigrants participated in the political life of medieval England
VUB research shows many people came from the Low Countries and were politically active Friday, April 23, 2021 — The question as to what extent newcomers from abroad should have a political say in their new place of residence is one that occupies many minds.

Environment - Politics - 09.04.2021
Research from Vrije Universiteit Brussel and KU Leuven on Ethiopian mega-dam
Solar and wind power could mitigate geopolitical conflict in Northeast Africa Friday, April 9, 2021 — A new study shows that several disagreements between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt around Africa's largest hydropower plant, the new Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), could be alleviated by massively expanding solar and wind power across the region.