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Sport - 11.02.2022
Sport during school linked to academic performance
As students resume school and summer sport, new research from the University of Sydney shows a positive link between participation in sport and academic performance, with the strongest association when sport is held during school hours. "Previous research suggests kids' involvement in sport could have benefits above and beyond general physical activity because of the complex skills involved, however no one has combined the evidence on sport and academic performance before," said lead author and prevention research analyst Dr Katherine Owen.

Sport - Health - 03.02.2022
Exercise can provide relief for dry, itchy eyes
Exercise can provide relief for dry, itchy eyes
Making time for regular exercise can make your eyes feel better By A team led by researchers from the University of Waterloo discovered that a significant increase in tear secretion and tear film stability after participating in aerobic exercise can be another remedy for relieving dry, itchy eyes. Every time we blink, our eyes are covered in tear film-an essential protective coating necessary for maintaining healthy ocular function.

Sport - Health - 20.01.2022
Aerobic fitness of elite soccer players linked to player positions
Returning to in-person experiences in February: for more information. New study findings can help coaches regulate individual training loads based on player position Researchers have linked the fitness of elite soccer players to the positions they play. The ability to make this assessment can help coaches regulate individual training loads based on player position, according to a recent study.

Sport - Psychology - 20.01.2022
Exercise aids the development of memory
Exercise aids the development of memory
Our working memory stores information for periods of several seconds and plays an important role in academic performance. According to findings from researchers at the University of Basel and Nagoya University, the development of this component of memory in children and adolescents is benefited by exercise - and particularly by types of exercise that require a lot of coordination.

Sport - Health - 12.01.2022
Study aims to prevent deadly sport injury in young athletes
Commotio cordis, a rare sudden-death cardiac event, most commonly affects young children playing baseball (Pixabay) At an Arizona baseball diamond 10 years ago, a 13-year-old baseball player turned to bunt a ball that instead struck his chest. Taking two steps towards first base, he collapsed, and died from commotio cordis, the second leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes.

Sport - Innovation - 04.01.2022
New Megastudy Identifies Dozens of Ways to Boost Exercise
Navigating the treat-filled holiday season is challenging, but the new year brings opportunities to make improvements to your daily routine - hence the shiny, new gym membership. Unfortunately, resolutions are often short lived. While numerous studies have tried to identify the silver bullet to get people to make long-lasting change in their exercise routines, most interventions have had little success.