UvA takes another big step towards 100% Open Access

In 2021 off all peer reviewed scientific articles at the UvA, 79 percent was published in open access or made freely available through the repository. This is a growth of almost 8 percentage point compared to 2020.

Each year in October the Dutch universities are reporting , via the Universiteiten Nederland , the percentage open access peer reviewed articles for the year before to the minister of OCW. In 2021 this percentage was 82. The last years the percentage open articles at the UvA increased from 53% in 2017 to 79% in 2021, a major step forwards. Alas, the UvA is a bit behind the national average.

Make use of the open access possibilities!

With the possibilities at hand for the researchers, 100% open peer reviewed articles - the ambition of the Netherlands and the university - is within reach already for several years. Especially the possibility to make articles freely available through the university repository, even if they weren’t published in open access in the first place, is not always used by the UvA researchers.

Researchers can - complaint to the UvA Open Access Policy - make use of:

  • the several national Read & Publish agreements and publish open access with a CC BY license without costs in more than and make the publisher version of their article freely available after 6 months embargo through the repository of the university, or

  • make the peer reviewed and accepted version (AAM) of their article freely available in the repository of the university after the publishers embargo expires, and in this way always make a version of their scientific article open access or freely available, regardless the journal it was published in.