38 UC3M researchers among the most influential in the world according to the Stanford ranking

The latest edition of the "Ranking of the World Scientists: World's Top 2% Scientists", known as the Stanford Ranking, which identifies the world’s best researchers based on the citations of their scientific work, includes a total of 38 researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M).

By scientific field, UC3M excels in Enabling & Strategic Technologies (12), Physics & Astronomy (8), Information & Communication Technologies (8) and Engineering (6). By subfields, in Materials (6), Networks & Telecommunications (5) and Energy (4).

This ranking, which has achieved great prestige in recent years, was coordinated by John Ioannidis from Stanford University and was recently published by Elsevier under the title "October 2023 data-update for "Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators"". It uses Elsevier's Scopus database as a reference and classifies research staff according to different bibliometric indicators: the H-index, the co-authorship-adjusted H-index, the total number of citations, the number of citations to articles as sole, first or last author, among others.

This ranking provides two lists of researchers who are within the top 2% most cited in their scientific fields: one that quantifies their impact throughout their entire research career and another list for their impact from the previous year (2022). The details are broken down in the following table:

Investigador/a Carrera 2022 Subcampo 1 Subcampo 2 Campo
Abenojar, Juana X X Materials Polymers Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Ahedo, Eduardo X Fluids & Plasmas Aerospace & Aeronautic Physics & Astronomy
Amouzadeh Tabrizi, Mahmoud X Analytical Chemistry Biomedical Engineering Chemistry
Anca-Couce, Andrés X X Energy Biotechnology Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Armada, Ana García X X Networking & Telecommunications Electrical & Electronic Engineering Information & Communication Technologies
Banchs, Albert X X Networking & Telecommunications Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing Information & Communication Technologies
Bautista, María Asunción X X Materials Building & Construction Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Boada, Beatriz López X Automobile Design & Engineering Industrial Engineering & Automation Engineering
Bonilla, Luis López X Fluids & Plasmas Applied Physics Physics & Astronomy
Carreras, Benjamín A. X Fluids & Plasmas Information Systems

Physics & Astronomy

Cebrian, Manuel X X Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing Information Systems Information & Communication Technologies
Conti, Claudio J. X Oncology & Carcinogenesis Developmental Biology Clinical Medicine
de Vicente, Julio I. X General Physics Mathematical Physics Physics & Astronomy
Díaz, Vicente X X Automobile Design & Engineering Mechanical Engineering & Transports Engineering
Fernández-Sáez, José X Mechanical Engineering & Transports Acoustics Engineering
García-González, Daniel X Materials Mechanical Engineering & Transports Enabling & Strategic Technologies
García-Salaberri, Pablo A. X Energy Mechanical Engineering & Transports Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Hernández, Luis X Electrical & Electronic Engineering Analytical Chemistry Engineering
Inarrea, Jesús X Applied Physics Fluids & Plasmas Physics & Astronomy
Jafarimoghaddam, Amin X Mechanical Engineering & Transports Fluids & Plasmas Engineering
Miguélez, María Henar X Materials Mechanical Engineering & Transports Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Míguez, Joaquín X Networking & Telecommunications Acoustics Information & Communication Technologies
Muñoz-Organero, Mario X Education Networking & Telecommunications Information & Communication Technologies
Navarro, Carlos X Materials Mechanical Engineering & Transports Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Pandit, Bidhan X Applied Physics Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Petrakopoulou, Fontina X X Energy Environmental Sciences Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Puebla, Ricardo X General Physics Applied Physics Physics & Astronomy
Rajo-Iglesias, Eva X X Networking & Telecommunications Astronomy & Astrophysics Information & Communication Technologies
Ripoll, Jorge X Optics Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging

Physics & Astronomy

Ruiz-Castillo, Javier X Information & Library Sciences Economics Social Sciences
Sánchez-Reillo, Raul X Strategic, Defence & Security Studies Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing Information & Communication Technologies
Sanz-Serna, Jesús María X X Numerical & Computational Mathematics Applied Mathematics Mathematics & Statistics
Torralba, José Manuel X X Materials Chemical Engineering Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Torrontegui, E. X General Physics Fluids & Plasmas

Physics & Astronomy

Usaola, Julio X X Energy Electrical & Electronic Engineering Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Vázquez, Carmen X Optoelectronics & Photonics Optics Enabling & Strategic Technologies
Zaera, R. X X Mechanical Engineering & Transports Materials Engineering