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Event - 01.11.2023
AI image generators can be tricked into making NSFW content
AI image generators can be tricked into making NSFW content
New safety tests by Johns Hopkins researchers reveal vulnerabilities of popular systems like DALL-E 2 A new test of popular AI image generators shows that while they're supposed to make only G-rated pictures, they can be hacked to create content that's not suitable for work. Most online art generators are purported to block violent, pornographic, and other types of questionable content.

Event - Physics - 25.05.2023
CEA-Leti to Report New Integration & Packaging Gains for Next-Generation LiDAR Steering on Autonomous Vehicles at ECTC
Seven Papers Highlight Results with High-Level Integration of Technologies & Components for HPC/Edge-AI Chiplets, Optical Computing, Displays and Imagers - CEA-Leti will present new integration and packaging technologies for next-generation LiDAR optical-network driving devices in autonomous vehicles at the Electronic Components and Technology Conference , May 30-June 2, in Orlando, Fla.

Event - 14.02.2023
First impressions: Researchers examine what’s being evaluated during - and prior to - a first date
When it comes to romantic relationships, it's difficult to overstate the importance of first impressions. A recent study  published in the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  explored how initial impressions predict relational outcomes, including how the dating market's determinations of desirability shapes those initial opinions before couples even get a chance to see if they have any chemistry one-on-one.