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Mechanical Engineering - 12.11.2023
How rock erosion by dissolution creates sharp shapes
Publication of the RDP in the journal PNAS on November 21, 2023. News by CNRS Engineering on December 7, 2023. Water flowing over soluble rocks can create patterns of multiple troughs bordered by sharp ridges. By combining field measurements, a numerical model and laboratory experiments, a team led by the MSC laboratory (CNRS/Université Paris Cité), in collaboration with the LPG (CNRS/Nantes Université/Université d'Angers) and the RDP (CNRS/ENS de Lyon/Inrae) has shown that the appearance of these shapes results from a geometric mechanism.

Microtechnics - Mechanical Engineering - 07.11.2023
Humans are far superior to robots
Humans are far superior to robots
A new ETH study compares 27 humanoid robots with humans and comes to the conclusion that while robots have better components, they are still not capable of achieving as much.

Mechanical Engineering - Health - 16.06.2023
Mechanics of the ideal surgical knot
Researchers have published a first study on the mechanics of surgical knots, with results that could be used to train surgeons to tie stronger, safer sutures - a skill that usually requires years of practice to master. Think about the last time you tied your shoe: maybe you tied it tightly, or tied multiple knots to ensure the laces wouldn't come undone.

Mechanical Engineering - 21.04.2023
Gels’ ’memory’ guides their mechanical properties
Publication of the Physics Laboratory in the journal Nature Physics on May 4, 2023. Communication of the CNRS-INSIS on May 9, 2023. The more solids a gel contains, the more solid it is. However, this principle is not sufficient to explain all the mechanical behaviors observed in reality. An international team has discovered that the macroscopic mechanical properties of gels are due to heterogeneities in their structure, inherited from the singular microstructure that the material adopts at the very moment of its gelation.

Mechanical Engineering - 10.03.2023
Solar Team Twente presents tenth solar car: RED X
Solar Team Twente presents tenth solar car: RED X
Solar Team Twente presented its new solar car, with which they will participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October this year.

Mechanical Engineering - 01.03.2023
The lowdown on lower back pain
The lowdown on lower back pain
A new Johns Hopkins study investigates the source of back and joint pain with the goal of reverse engineering treatments It's a familiar story: you feel a twinge in your back and next thing you know, you can't get out of bed. From back pain to achy joints, musculoskeletal pain, while common, can be life-changing and debilitating.

Mechanical Engineering - 15.02.2023
University of Toronto researchers help design the future of nuclear waste management
University of Toronto researchers help design the future of nuclear waste management
Researchers at the University of Toronto are collaborating with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) to optimize the design and layout of a new plant for processing used nuclear fuel packages.

Mechanical Engineering - Economics - 19.01.2023
UT and Netherlands Defence Academy expand research into smart maintenance
Previous article Next article Using data to predict the best moments to perform maintenance on systems and machines, that is -smart maintenance-.