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Environment - Architecture - 15.05.2024
Using AI to improve building energy use and comfort
New study from Waterloo researchers creating climate change-proof buildings with deep learning-powered inspections    University of Waterloo researchers have developed a new method that can lead to significant energy savings in buildings. The team identified 28 major heat loss regions in a multi-unit residential building with the most severe ones being at wall intersections and around windows.

Environment - Architecture - 29.04.2024
A landscape vision for municipal planning: a practical guide
A landscape vision for municipal planning: a practical guide
The UdeM Chair in Landscape and Environment publishes a practical guide to landscape planning, the result of an action-research project conducted with the City of Saint-Constant and the Roussillon RCM. The Chaire en paysage et environnement de l'Université de Montréal (CPEUM) announces the publication of a brand new guide for elected officials and municipal professionals, as well as anyone interested in the future of landscapes and the quality of living environments.

Environment - Architecture - 10.04.2024
What can cities do to promote acceptance of densification?
What can cities do to promote acceptance of densification?
Swiss cities are more likely to accept densification when densification projects provide affordable housing and green spaces compared to densification that is implemented through reduced regulations for housing construction. By prioritizing a socio-ecological densification, extensive planning procedures and delays might be minimized.

Environment - Architecture - 22.03.2024
Think globally, rebuild locally
In order to recycle construction materials, keep them close to home, a new study of Amsterdam suggests. Building construction accounts for a huge chunk of greenhouse gas emissions: About 36 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and 40 percent of energy consumption in Europe, for instance. That's why the European Union has developed regulations about the reuse of building materials.

Architecture - Environment - 21.03.2024
Climate-friendly renovations using straw and hemp
Climate-friendly renovations using straw and hemp
Renovating buildings to improve their energy efficiency is a crucial step towards Switzerland achieving its climate targets. researchers can now reveal the most effective renovation strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions: replace fossil-fuel heating systems and harness the potential of bio-based building materials like straw and hemp.

History / Archeology - Architecture - 22.01.2024
What can today’s architects learn from a lost ventilation system used in 19th century building design?
By revamping a forgotten heat recovery technique used in the design of Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill researchers say modern temperature control and ventilation design could be transformed As the COVID-19 pandemic raises questions about efficient ventilation and the climate crisis threatens to exacerbate extreme temperatures, efficient building design is front of mind for today's architects.