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Health - Law - 04.04.2024
Liberalization of medical marijuana and mental health in the USA
Liberalization of medical marijuana and mental health in the USA
The approval of marijuana for medical use has had little effect on the mental health of the general population in the US. But legalization for therapeutic purposes does benefit those for whom it is intended. This is the conclusion of a study by researchers at the University of Basel. In the US, access to marijuana has been facilitated in most states since the mid-1990s - whether through medical clearance or through decriminalization of recreational use.

Social Sciences - Law - 14.03.2024
A UC3M study points out the changes needed to achieve an inclusive care model based on human rights
In order to achieve a personalised and community-based care model for certain vulnerable population groups (people with disabilities, the elderly, children and adolescents at risk and homeless people)

Law - Social Sciences - 28.02.2024
U-M launches interactive website documenting war crimes in Ukraine
Site features interactive maps, testimonies collected by The Reckoning Project The University of Michigan's Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia has created a new that serves as a digital archive of testimonies from witnesses and victims of documented human rights violations, war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine since Russia's full-scale invasion on Feb.

Law - Campus - 22.02.2024
Can hunger be eradicated by 2030?
World hunger is growing at an alarming rate, with prolonged conflicts, climate change, and COVID-19 exacerbating the problem.