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Psychology - 18.05.2024
Self-determination and social identity: Modeling team motivation
A model that combines self-determination theory and social identity theory can shed light on team motivation and functioning, according to a recent study What are the underlying dynamics of group motivation in a team or organization' How does it take shape' And how does it influence a team's functioning and effectiveness' A recent article in Applied Psychology: An International Review attempts to answer these questions.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 17.05.2024
Preventive locust management: humanitarian crises averted
A new study, published by scientists from CIRAD and INRAE, provides a state-of-the-art assessment of the risk of Desert Locust invasions in West and North Africa, by analyzing 40 years of field data and climate records. The study reveals that preventive management measures have been successful in countering the favorable effects of climate change on outbreaks of the pest.

Environment - Life Sciences - 17.05.2024
Regional differences in bird diversity in agroforestry systems
Regional differences in bird diversity in agroforestry systems
International research team investigates benefits of forest proximity for cocoa cultivation   The diversity and ecological functionality of bird communities in tropical agroforestry systems are shaped by the surrounding landscape, in particular the extent and composition of the forest. An international research team led by the University of Göttingen has now investigated the composition and ecological traits of bird communities in 23 cocoa agroforestry systems in Peru.

Environment - 17.05.2024
Tropical forest resilience to seasonal drought linked to nutrient availability
Tropical forest resilience to seasonal drought linked to nutrient availability
International research team carry out Africa's first large-scale nutrient addition experiment with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium Tropical forests are highly productive ecosystems accounting for nearly half of the global forest carbon sink. If tropical forests can no longer remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the effects of climate change may become even more severe.

Life Sciences - 17.05.2024
Restrict Use of 'Tipp-Ex Proteins'
Restrict Use of ’Tipp-Ex Proteins’
University of Bonn study shows that molecules that modify copies of genes are only permitted in certain cell organelles Plants have special corrective molecules at their disposal that can make retrospective modifications to copies of genes. However, it would appear that these "Tipp-Ex proteins" do not have permission to work in all'areas of the cell, only being used in chloroplasts and mitochondria.

Social Sciences - 17.05.2024
Wastewater reveals socioeconomic link to alcohol consumption
People from a higher socioeconomic status drink more alcohol on average than those of lower socioeconomic background, according to new research from The University of Queensland. Dr Ben Tscharke from UQ's Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS) said the team analysed wastewater samples collected from 50 sites across Australia between 2016 and 2023, covering 50 per cent of the population.

Media - Linguistics / Literature - 17.05.2024
Orphan articles: the 'dark matter' of Wikipedia
Orphan articles: the ’dark matter’ of Wikipedia
Wikipedia is the largest platform for open and freely accessible knowledge online yet, in a new study, researchers have found that around 15% of the content is effectively invisible to readers browsing within Wikipedia. They have developed a new tool to help overcome this. With 60 million articles in more than 300 language versions, Wikipedia's available content grows continuously at a rate of around 200 thousand new articles each month.

History / Archeology - 17.05.2024
Pagan-Christian trade networks supplied horses from overseas for the last horse sacrifices in Europe
Pagan-Christian trade networks supplied horses from overseas for the last horse sacrifices in Europe
Horses crossed the Baltic Sea in ships during the Late Viking Age and were sacrificed for funeral rituals, according to research from Cardiff University. Published in the journal Science Advances , studies on the remains of horses found at ancient burial sites in Russia and Lithuania show that they were brought overseas from Scandinavia utilising expansive trade networks connecting the Viking world with the Byzantine and Arab Empires.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 17.05.2024
UW atmospheric scientist participating in field campaign to improve Western snowfall, drought forecasts
University of Washington atmospheric scientist Lynn McMurdie has led campaigns to measure rain and snowfall in places ranging from Washington's Olympic Peninsula to Argentina to the Eastern U.S. Now she's among the leaders of a field campaign in Colorado to better understand and forecast snowfall in the mountains of the Western U.S. A scientific expedition this coming winter in Colorado's Yampa Valley will improve forecasts of snowfall and estimates of how climate change will impact snowpack and water availability in mountainous regions of the West.

Chemistry - Environment - 17.05.2024
Sun, sustainability, and silicon: A double dose of Yale solar fuel research
Sun, sustainability, and silicon: A double dose of Yale solar fuel research
Two Yale-led studies indicate the promise of finding hybrid approaches to developing alternative solar fuels. The CHASE is on to develop a new generation of liquid fuels that are activated by sunlight, and Yale researchers are helping to lead the way. Over the past decade, basic research aimed at creating sustainable, solar-powered liquid fuel has reached a crossroads.

Materials Science - Chemistry - 17.05.2024
Detector for continuously monitoring toxic gases
The material could be made as a thin coating to analyze air quality in industrial or home settings over time. Most systems used to detect toxic gases in industrial or domestic settings can be used only once, or at best a few times. Now, researchers at MIT have developed a detector that could provide continuous monitoring for the presence of these gases, at low cost.

Astronomy / Space - 16.05.2024
Webb detects most distant black hole merger to date
An international team of astronomers, led by the University of Cambridge, has used the James Webb Space Telescope to find evidence for an ongoing merger of two galaxies and their massive black holes when the Universe was only 740 million years old. This marks the most distant detection of a black hole merger ever obtained and the first time that this phenomenon has been detected so early in the Universe.

Chemistry - Physics - 16.05.2024
New method for introducing fluorinated components into molecules
New method for introducing fluorinated components into molecules
A team of chemists at the University of Münster has developed a synthesis method for the site-selective integration of the biologically relevant difluoromethyl group into pyridines The difluoromethyl group often determines the properties of bioactive molecules and is therefore particularly interesting for drug research.

Health - Pharmacology - 16.05.2024
Pathoblockers, a Future Alternative to Antibiotics’
Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin and Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin "defanging" bacteria, rendering them harmless In most cases, antibiotics are a reliable form of protection against bacterial infections. They have saved billions of human lives since their introduction. This protection, however, is threatened by bacteria's resistance to classical antibiotics and by their aggressive pathogenicity.

Psychology - Sport - 16.05.2024
Movement Coordination Leads to Identification
When members of a group successfully coordinate their movements with one another, this leads to a stronger sense of togetherness. This was shown by a recent study by the Universities of Würzburg and Regensburg. People who feel connected to each other find it easier to coordinate their actions. They therefore perform better in tasks that require good coordination.

Life Sciences - 16.05.2024
Termite Symbiosis in Transition
Termite Symbiosis in Transition
Genetic analyses show how the metabolic capacities of symbiotic bacteria in the gut of termites have changed over the course of evolution Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg, Germany, have analysed the evolutionary development of symbiotic bacteria in the intestines of termites with regard to their metabolic capabilities.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 16.05.2024
Healthy Diets for People and the Planet
A study by researchers at the University of Bonn examines the ecological sustainability of children's and young people's diets Our diet puts a strain on planetary resources. Shifting to a sustainable diet that benefits both our health and that of the planet is therefore assuming increasing importance.

Health - Psychology - 16.05.2024
Study identifies 'hot-spots' of high rates of depression linked to deprivation
Study identifies ’hot-spots’ of high rates of depression linked to deprivation
Research led by the University of Southampton shows particular regions of England have suffered over a decade of increasing mental health inequalities, but finds the picture varies greatly across different parts of the country. The study, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, examines the relationship between socioeconomic conditions within local areas and the mental health of people who live there.

Linguistics / Literature - 16.05.2024
Risk perception influenced less by media than previously thought
Risk perception influenced less by media than previously thought
For decades, researchers have assumed that people overestimate the risk of dramatic causes of death, such as road traffic accidents. The reason given for this was that such deaths are the subject of far greater media attention than more significant but less spectacular mortality risks. However, a study at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now debunked this assumption.

Life Sciences - Physics - 16.05.2024
Beneath the Surface
Beneath the Surface
To grow their roots, plants feel gravity - ISTA scientists take a close look Using the force of gravity, roots weave their way through the soil to provide a plant with both structural support and essential nutrients. Anastasia Teplova from the Friml group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) investigates the mechanism behind this process.
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