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Psychology - 18.07.2024
Narrative coherence boosts child development
Narrative coherence boosts child development
Researchers from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and the Autonomous University of Madrid have provided new evidence on the importance of narrative discourse for cognitive and linguistic development in childhood. The work, published in the journal Estudos da Linguagem , lays the groundwork for developing educational materials in Spanish-speaking classrooms.

Psychology - 17.07.2024
Mindfulness training may lead to altered states of consciousness
Mindfulness training may lead to altered states of consciousness
Mindfulness training may lead participants to experience disembodiment and unity - so-called altered states of consciousness - according to a new study from researchers at the University of Cambridge. I've benefited a lot personally from meditation and mindfulness and I've also had many of these experiences.

Health - Psychology - 17.07.2024
’Diabetes distress’ increases risk of mental health problems among young people living with type 1 diabetes
Children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are at significantly higher risk of a number of mental health issues, including mood and anxiety disorders, a study from a team in the UK and the Czech Republic has found. We know that people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can experience 'diabetes distress'. It's little wonder, then, that they are at risk of compounding mental health problems, spanning into their adult lives Benjamin Perry The findings highlight the urgent need for monitoring and support for the mental health of young people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Health - Psychology - 15.07.2024
How small lifestyle changes can improve teen mental health over time
A new study has revealed compelling evidence that small improvements in daily lifestyle choices can lead to improvements in high school students mental health. PhD candidate Scarlett Smout from the Matilda Centre writes about the results. Judging by  recent headlines  and  policy ideas , you might think screen time is the only lifestyle behaviour influencing teen wellbeing.

Health - Psychology - 12.07.2024
Artificial intelligence outperforms clinical tests at predicting progress of Alzheimer’s disease
Cambridge scientists have developed an artificially-intelligent tool capable of predicting in four cases out of five whether people with early signs of dementia will remain stable or develop Alzheimer's disease.

Psychology - Health - 08.07.2024
A new strategy to cope with emotional stress
A study by MIT scientists supports "social good" as a cognitive approach to dealing with highly stressful events. Some people, especially those in public service, perform admirable feats: Think of health-care workers fighting to keep patients alive or first responders arriving at the scene of a car crash.

Psychology - 05.07.2024
Smoking a key lifestyle factor linked to cognitive decline among older adults
Smoking a key lifestyle factor linked to cognitive decline among older adults
Smoking may be among the most important lifestyle factors affecting how quickly our cognitive skills decline as we age, suggests a new study led by UCL researchers. The study, published in Nature Communications , analysed data from 32,000 adults aged 50 or over from 14 European countries who responded to surveys over 10 years.

Psychology - Innovation - 02.07.2024
Is AI conscious? Most people say yes
Two-thirds of people surveyed think that artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT have some degree of consciousness and can have subjective experiences such as feelings and memories, according to a new study from the University of Waterloo. Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT often display a conversational style when outputting content.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 02.07.2024
Genetic study points to oxytocin as possible treatment for obesity and postnatal depression
Scientists have identified a gene which, when missing or impaired, can cause obesity, behavioural problems and, in mothers, postnatal depression. The discovery, reported today in Cell , may have wider implications for the treatment of postnatal depression, with a study in mice suggesting that oxytocin may alleviate symptoms.

Career - Psychology - 02.07.2024
Ivey research explores role of allies in shaping inclusive workplaces
Ivey research explores role of allies in shaping inclusive workplaces
In Canada, the concept of allyship has emerged as a pivotal strategy for firms striving to meet their equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) goals. In a new study , Not all'allies are created equal: An intersectional examination of relational allyship for women of color at work,   Barnini Bhattacharyya , a professor at Ivey Business School, investigated the power dynamics of allyship as it relates to women of colour in the workplace.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 27.06.2024
New research advances understanding of negative social contact
New research, by our Department of Psychology, has found that negative social contact among people of differing societal or cultural groups can have a disproportionate negative effect on broad social cohesion within communities. The research, led by Professor Stefania Paolini, analyses 70 years of research into the psychological effects of intergroup social contact.

Psychology - Pedagogy - 26.06.2024
A robot friend for vision treatment
A robot friend for vision treatment
It's a potentially life-altering medical condition typically diagnosed in childhood. The good news is treatment works well if followed properly. The bad news is the treatment is hard to stick to. An interdisciplinary team of University of Waterloo researchers is trying to improve treatment adherence through use of a social robot that can educate and motivate children and their caregivers.

Health - Psychology - 25.06.2024
Risk of Parkinson's more than double for people with anxiety
Risk of Parkinson’s more than double for people with anxiety
The risk of developing Parkinson's is at least twice as high in people with anxiety compared to those without, finds a new study by UCL researchers. The research, published in the British Journal of General Practice , investigated whether there was a link between people over the age of 50 who had recently developed anxiety and a later diagnosis of Parkinson's.

Pharmacology - Psychology - 25.06.2024
Psychoactive agents in psychotherapy: New MDMA variants identified for potentially safer use
The use of the active ingredient 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as "ecstasy", to support psychotherapy for mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder is being discussed worldwide. While the therapeutic potential of the substance has already been investigated in clinical trials, only Australia and New Zealand have so far decided to approve and restrict its controlled use by experts due to possible risks and side effects.

Health - Psychology - 25.06.2024
Nature time boosts children’s mental health, especially for those from low-income families
Children who spend more time in natural environments have significantly better mental health, according to new research led by the University of Glasgow. The innovative new study, which used GPS and accelerometer tracking, found that the benefits of spending time in nature were strongest for children from lower-income households.

Psychology - Health - 21.06.2024
Excessive social media use during pregnancy linked to depression
Intensive and problematic social media use during pregnancy can lead to depressive symptoms. This is evident from new doctoral research by Tilburg University. "More attention needs to be paid to these risk factors for mental health problems, which can have unfavorable outcomes for both mother and child." For the past 30 years, Tilburg University has conducted extensive research into the general well-being of women during pregnancy.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 19.06.2024
Teens with behavioural problems, particularly girls, more likely to sext
Teens with behavioural problems, particularly girls, more likely to sext
Researchers say it's important to recognize and support youth who are vulnerable to sexual victimization It's important that programs promoting safer sexting behaviours consider the specific needs of adolescents with behavioural problems, a new study by McGill researchers suggests. Adolescents with behavioural problems engage in elevated levels of sexting compared with their peers without such problems.

Psychology - 18.06.2024
Predicting problematic pornography use
Using pornography compulsively. Using it to cope with negative emotions. Being disturbed by one's own choice of pornographic material. Feeling ashamed of using pornography. According to a new international study led by Beáta Bothe , a professor in the Department of Psychology at Université de Montréal, these factors can predict problematic pornography use (PPU).

Life Sciences - Psychology - 17.06.2024
The role of brain connections in insomnia explained
The role of brain connections in insomnia explained
Insomnia is a common problem that also increases the risk of depression. Unfortunately, we do not yet sufficiently understand the underlying neurobiological mechanisms. Research by neuroscientist Tom Bresser shows that the white matter in the brain, which connects different brain areas, differs in people with insomnia compared to people without sleep problems.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 12.06.2024
Just thinking about a location activates mental maps in the brain
MIT neuroscientists have found that the brain uses the same cognitive representations whether navigating through space physically or mentally. As you travel your usual route to work or the grocery store, your brain engages cognitive maps stored in your hippocampus and entorhinal cortex. These maps store information about paths you have taken and locations you have been to before, so you can navigate whenever you go there.
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