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Social Sciences - Career - 10.06.2024
Italian Moms Work far Fewer Years than Dads, while Finland Shows Equality
Italian Moms Work far Fewer Years than Dads, while Finland Shows Equality
Significant differences in the working lives of mothers and fathers in Italy - Finland, on the other hand, balanced A study by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research shows that, in contrast to Finland, from midlife mothers in Italy and the US work significantly fewer years than fathers, especially if they have two and more children.

Career - 06.06.2024
Report proposes new rights to protect workers from 'unfair, unaccountable and uncaring' algorithms
Report proposes new rights to protect workers from ’unfair, unaccountable and uncaring’ algorithms
A report published today [6 June] calls for a new generation of rights to protect workers from the rise of 'management by algorithm'. The report published by the Institute of Employment Rights says that algorithmic management threatens to degrade workers' rights and conditions and that current protections in the law are inadequate in the face of technological change.

Career - 03.06.2024
Q&A: Microinclusions improve women’s workplace belonging and commitment
Imagine your first day at a new job. You' probably feel nervous, wondering how you'll fit in with the team. It's natural to worry if your co-workers will be supportive, or if they'll take your contributions seriously. This experience is amplified for women in technology companies, who often face underrepresentation and negative stereotypes about their abilities to contribute.

Career - Campus - 31.05.2024
Motivation profiles linked to perseverance during the doctorate
Motivation profiles linked to perseverance during the doctorate
A study analyzes the motivations for pursuing a doctorate to determine the factors conducive to a high rate of doctoral success . Around 50% of doctoral candidates drop out before graduation. David Litalien and Frédéric Guay, professors in the Faculty of Education at Université Laval, have identified four motivational profiles linked to perseverance in postgraduate studies.

Career - Economics - 29.05.2024
Tepper School Economist Examines Impact of Noncompete Agreements
Liyan Shi , an assistant professor of economics in the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, argued in a study published in Econometrica that noncompete agreements harm the economy. She suggested that a near ban of these noncompete agreements may be the best policy. In April, the Federal Trade Commission issued a final rule aimed at promoting competition by banning noncompetes nationwide, to protect the fundamental freedom of workers to change jobs, increasing innovation and fostering new business formation.

Career - Economics - 29.05.2024
New U-M studies challenge widely held beliefs, published research on women in the workplace
The effect of flatter hierarchy on applicant pool gender diversity: Evidence from experiments Frake's co-authors were Reuben Hurst of University of Maryland's Smith School of Business and Saerom (Ronnie) Lee of University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. Collider bias in strategy and management research: An illustration using women CEO's effect on other women's career outcomes Frake's co-authors were Andreas Hagemann of U-M's Ross School of Business and Jose Uribe of Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

Media - Career - 28.05.2024
Motivating experts to contribute to open content
Study: Motivating Experts to Contribute to Digital Public Goods: A Personalized Field Experiment on Wikipedia ( Getting experts to contribute to open content, such as Wikipedia, is not an easy task as experts often have high demands on their time. But one way to increase expert contributions is to understand what motivates them to contribute, a University of Michigan study shows.

Event - Career - 27.05.2024
How virtual meetings can be improved
How virtual meetings can be improved
Almost one in three is more passive in virtual meetings than in physical meetings There is still room for improvement in virtual meetings - this is the conclusion of the interdisciplinary research project COME - Cooperative Meetings at the University of Vienna. A successful meeting requires more than just the right technical equipment.

Career - Media - 22.05.2024
Nearly a third of Welsh journalists are considering leaving the sector
A higher proportion of Welsh journalists are considering leaving the profession compared to those from across the UK, new analysis from Cardiff University shows. The study by researchers at the Centre for the Creative Economy, reveals the scale of challenge ahead for the survival and integrity of public interest journalism in Wales.

Health - Career - 21.05.2024
Study offers ways to boost participation in program promoting healthy pregnancies, infant growth
Home visiting programs are effective in promoting healthy pregnancies, birth outcomes and infant growth and development-and new University of Michigan research offers ways to increase participation among eligible families. Michigan's Maternal and Infant Health Program-the largest evidence-based home visiting program in the state-reaches just 30% of the roughly 41,000 Medicaid-eligible pregnant people in the state qualified to participate.

Career - 14.05.2024
How to reward employees fairly and improve team dynamics
A recent study by researchers from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University has shed light on how to reward employees more fairly and improve team dynamics. The study found that when less skilled employees report their performance voluntarily, they often exaggerate their achievements and ask for higher bonuses.

Career - 13.05.2024
Employment quality influences health through motivation and job insecurity
A study by the Institute for Research in Human Resources Psychology, Organisational Development and Quality of Working Life (IDOCAL) of the University of València (UV) concludes that both salary and type of contract (permanent or temporary) influence the occupational health of individuals through different explanatory mechanisms, while the type of work schedule (full-time or part-time) does not affect the health of employees.

Career - Innovation - 07.05.2024
How AI might shape LGBTQIA+ advocacy
New "AI Comes Out of the Closet" system seeks to merge artificial intelligence and LGBTQIA+ support. " AI Comes Out of the Closet " is a large learning model (LLM)-based online system that leverages artificial intelligence-generated dialog and virtual characters to create complex social interaction simulations.

Career - Psychology - 25.04.2024
New Meta-Analysis Shows That Having a Dialect or Accent May Disadvantage Applicants in Recruitment Processes
Researchers recommend the use of structured interviews to reduce potential biases People who speak a regional dialect or who have an accent may be at a disadvantage in personnel selection processes. This is the result of a new meta-analysis carried out by researchers at Freie Universität Berlin, the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, and Ulm University.

Career - 17.04.2024
Young adults taking longer to find work than preceding generation
The proportion of UK graduates who found work straight out of university fell by nearly 30% between those born in the late 70s to those a decade younger, finds a new study led by a UCL researcher. Additionally, people born in the late 1980s who did not attend university were almost twice as likely to experience a turbulent start to their working lives, characterised by periods of unemployment, part-time employment, and inactivity, compared to those born in the 70s.

Career - 10.04.2024
The evolving attitudes of Gen X toward evolution
Study: The acceptance of evolution: A developmental view of Generation X in the United States (DOI: 10. As the centennial of the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 approaches, a new study illustrates that the attitudes of Americans in Generation X toward evolution shifted as they aged.

Career - 08.04.2024
Prioritising your phone over your partner affects creativity in the workplace for women
Prioritising your phone over your partner affects creativity in the workplace for women
Digital distraction undermines partner support that fosters creativity at work. Published on Monday 8 April 2024 Last updated on Tuesday 9 April 2024 Focusing attention on your mobile phone instead of your partner doesn't just strain your relationship - it also affects women's creativity in the workplace, caution researchers from the Universities of Bath, Aston, and IESE Business School.

Career - Health - 04.04.2024
One-third of ride-share drivers have had a crash on the job, survey finds 
One-third of ride-share drivers surveyed in a new study reported being involved in a crash while working. Using a cellphone, driving while tired or driving on unfamiliar roads increased the likelihood of a crash, according to the study by University of Illinois Chicago researchers. The study, recently published in the Journal of Safety Research , is the first the authors know of to quantify the frequency of crashes among ride-share drivers, according to lead author Brett Shannon , a doctoral candidate at UIC's School of Public Health.

Innovation - Career - 01.04.2024
Does technology help or hurt employment?
Combing through 35,000 job categories in U.S. census data, economists found a new way to quantify technology's effects on job loss and creation. This is part 2 of a two-part feature examining new job creation in the U.S. since 1940, based on new research from Ford Professor of Economics David Autor.

Career - 26.03.2024
’You were the only one, from the beginning, who really talked to me.’
Independent guardians who support young survivors of child trafficking are crucial to their protection, safety and recovery in an increasingly difficult environment, analysis shows. Led by academics at Cardiff University and funded by the Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (Modern Slavery PEC), the research assesses the Independent Child Trafficking Guardianship (ICTG) service.
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