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Life Sciences - Palaeontology - 19.05.2020
Ancient reptile had mammal-like tooth enamel
Priosphenodon specimens found in Argentina show the Late Cretaceous reptile evolved to have resilient tooth enamel similar to that in mammals A new study by McGill University and the University of Alberta (UofA) paleontologists shows that one type of ancient reptiles evolved a special type of tooth enamel, similar to that of mammals, with high resistance to wear and tear.

Pharmacology - 19.05.2020
Finds some reductions in community antibiotic resistant infections and dispensing
The researchers investigated the relationship between primary care antibiotic dispensing and resistance in community-acquired urinary Escherichia coli infections from Bristol and the surrounding areas between 2013 and 2016. This period was chosen because the NHS introduced an incentive scheme to reduce antibiotic dispensing from 2014 onwards.

Mechanical Engineering - Health - 19.05.2020
Testing ventilator systems
Testing ventilator systems
ETH researchers have set up a test rig to put newly developed ventilator systems through their paces. Around the world, the coronavirus crisis has seen the demand for ventilators soar. Many manufacturers are therefore working at full speed to develop new ventilator systems, primarily for those countries that cannot afford expensive high-tech equipment.

Economics / Business - Health - 19.05.2020
Divorce drives early withdrawal from retirement accounts
Divorce drives early withdrawal from retirement accounts
Divorce-not buying granite countertops for a remodel-is what drives people to withdraw from their retirement funds well before they actually retire, according to a University of Michigan researcher. And mortgage payment distress is also a major factor-leading families to withdraw funds. Americans were most likely to access cash from their retirement accounts before they were retired during a divorce or after they lost a job, according to a working paper by economists Frank Stafford of U-M and Thomas Bridges of the University of Delaware.

Social Sciences - Politics - 19.05.2020
Brexit changed people's perception of immigrants for the better
Brexit changed people’s perception of immigrants for the better
New research by academics from four Universities including the University of Birmingham has found that anti-immigrant attitudes in the UK softened immediately following the Brexit referendum of 2016, among both Leave and Remain supporters. The report, ‘ A Populist Paradox? How Brexit Softened Anti-Immigrant Attitudes ' concludes that attitudes towards anti-immigration and anti-refugees were significantly softer even several months after the referendum.

Environment - 19.05.2020
But it’s a dry heat: Climate change and the aridification of North America
Discussions of drought often center on the lack of precipitation. But among climate scientists, the focus is shifting to include the growing role that warming temperatures are playing as potent drivers of greater aridity and drought intensification.

Health - Psychology - 19.05.2020
Coronavirus infections may lead to delirium and potentially PTSD
Coronavirus infections may lead to delirium and potentially PTSD
People taken ill by coronavirus infections may experience psychiatric problems while hospitalised and potentially after they recover, suggests an analysis of past research led by the UCL Institute of Mental Health with King's College London collaborators. The systematic review paper, published in The Lancet Psychiatry , compiled results from shortand long-term studies of people hospitalised by recent coronaviruses, namely SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2002-2004, MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) in 2012, as well as COVID-19 this year.

Earth Sciences - Computer Science - 19.05.2020
New technique separates industrial noise from natural seismic signals
New technique separates industrial noise from natural seismic signals
A transformative, cloud-computing approach to analyzing data helps researchers better understand seismic activity For the first time, we were able to identify this noise from some large machines as a distinct signal and pull it from the dataset, allowing us to separate natural signals from anthropogenic ones.

Environment - Health - 19.05.2020
How does an increase in nitrogen application affect grasslands?
How does an increase in nitrogen application affect grasslands?
The "PaNDiv" experiment, established by researchers of the University of Bern on a 3000 m2 field site, is the largest biodiversity-ecosystem functioning experiment in Switzerland and aims to better understand how increases in nitrogen affect grasslands. The first article from this experiment has just been published in the scientific journal Functional Ecology after more than four years of work.

Health - Life Sciences - 19.05.2020
X-ray Experiments Zero in on COVID-19 Antibodies
X-ray Experiments Zero in on COVID-19 Antibodies
Scientists reveal potential coronavirus therapy using structural biology and the Advanced Light Source As scientists across the globe race to develop a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, an international team led by Davide Corti at Vir Biotechnology and David Veesler at the University of Washington has been working around the clock on a complementary approach - identifying neutralizing antibodies that could be used as a preventative treatment or as a post-exposure therapy.

Chemistry - Physics - 19.05.2020
Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science
Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science
Cutting-edge technology allows for real-time monitoring of biomineralisation as an important process of bone formation 21st century societal challenges such as demographic developments and an ageing population demand for new functional materials, such as for bone prostheses. Nature often serves as inspiration when designing these materials.

Life Sciences - 19.05.2020
Game Helps Neuroscientists Understand Second Language Learners
Research in the Holt Lab continues as the CMU community works remotely An alien ship appears on the left side of the screen. The player hears it coming and has a laser ready. With a quick tap of the space bar, the alien is toast. The player is safe for just a moment before hearing another alien approaching, this time from the right.

Social Sciences - Health - 19.05.2020
WHO report reveals UK adolescents experience mental health concerns
A new report, published today by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, on the health and social well-being of schoolchildren from 45 countries, including the UK, shows that adolescent mental well-being declined in many countries between 2014 and 2018.

Environment - 19.05.2020
Shows wildfires increasing in size and frequency
Shows wildfires increasing in size and frequency
A new study by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) has shown for the first time the full extent of the areas burned by Victorian bushfires over the past two decades.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 18.05.2020
Ocean circulation may hold the key to finding life on exoplanets
In search for alien life, planets exactly like Earth may not be best places to look, study finds Researchers across the globe have long tackled the question: Is there life on other planets, and if so, how do we find it? Faced with thousands of planets to explore beyond our solar system, scientists need a way to predict which exoplanets are most likely to host life.

Health - Pharmacology - 18.05.2020
Engineers propose a safer method for sharing ventilators
Engineers propose a safer method for sharing ventilators
Suggested design could make it easier to divide air flow for Covid-19 patients in emergencies when no other options are available. As more Covid-19 patients experience acute respiratory distress, there has been much debate over the idea of sharing ventilators, which involves splitting air tubes into multiple branches so that two or more patients can be connected to the same machine.

Earth Sciences - Astronomy / Space Science - 18.05.2020
Mars: where mud flows like lava
Mars: where mud flows like lava
The surface of the planet Mars bears probable traces of -sedimentary volcanism-, a geological phenomenon that leads to the eruption of mud from underground. But how does a mixture of sediment and water behave in the open air on the Red Planet? Conditions there are extremely different from those on Earth - atmospheric pressure is 150 times lower and temperatures are generally negative.

Life Sciences - Health - 18.05.2020
A deeper connection to hyaline fibromatosis syndrome
EPFL scientists have uncovered the molecular biology behind Hyaline Fibromatosis Syndrome, a severe genetic disease. Hyaline Fibromatosis Syndrome (HFS) is a rare but severe genetic disease that affects babies, children, and adults. Hyaline, a glassy substance, accumulates in the skin and various organs, and causes painful deformities that can lead to an early death.

Physics - Materials Science - 18.05.2020
Efficient, "green" quantum-dot solar cells exploit defects
Quantum-dot approach shows promise for a new type of toxic-element-free, inexpensive, defect-tolerant solar cells This quantum-dot approach shows great promise for a new type of toxic-element-free, inexpensive solar cells that exhibit remarkable defect tolerance. Victor Klimov LOS ALAMOS, N.M., May 18, 2020-Novel quantum dot solar cells developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory match the efficiency of existing quantum-dot based devices, but without lead or other toxic elements that most solar cells of this type rely on.

Physics - Materials Science - 18.05.2020
Quantum Hall effect 'reincarnated' in 3D topological materials
Quantum Hall effect ’reincarnated’ in 3D topological materials
2D order protects several entangled states that could be used in quantum computing U.S. and German physicists have found surprising evidence that one of the most famous phenomena in modern physics - the quantum Hall effect - is "reincarnated” in topological superconductors that could be used to build fault-tolerant quantum computers.

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