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Innovation / Technology - Computer Science / Telecom - 28.11.2018
Evaluating the Use of Automated Facial Recognition Technology in Major Policing Operations
The project by the Universities' Police Science Institute evaluated South Wales Police's deployment of Automated Facial Recognition across several major sporting and entertainment events in Cardiff city over more than a year, including the UEFA Champion's League Final and the Autumn Rugby Internationals.

Computer Science / Telecom - Life Sciences - 27.11.2018
Helping the Blind to Navigate
Picture yourself going to an unfamiliar supermarket for the first time. If you are a person who can see, you can simply look around to guide yourself and identify objects and obstacles. However, blind people must use other senses to find their way through a new space. Soon, the blind might have some navigational help, thanks to Caltech researchers who have combined augmented reality hardware and computer vision algorithms to develop software that enables objects to "talk." Worn as a portable headset, the technology translates the optical world into plain English audio.

Health - Computer Science / Telecom - 27.11.2018
AI system may accelerate search for cancer discoveries
AI system may accelerate search for cancer discoveries
Searching through the mountains of published cancer research could be made easier for scientists, thanks to a new AI system.  As a cancer researcher, even if you knew what you were looking for, there are literally thousands of papers appearing every day Anna Korhonen The system, called LION LBD and developed by computer scientists and cancer researchers at the University of Cambridge, has been designed to assist scientists in the search for cancer-related discoveries.

Computer Science / Telecom - Veterinary Science - 21.11.2018
A hydrogel that adheres firmly to cartilage and meniscus
EPFL researchers have developed a hydrogel - made up of nearly 90% water - that naturally adheres to soft tissue like cartilage and the meniscus. If the hydrogel carries repair cells, it could help damaged tissue to heal. Some types of body tissue, like cartilage and meniscus, have little or no blood supply and are unable to heal if damaged.

Environment - Computer Science / Telecom - 14.11.2018
Harnessing artificial intelligence for sustainability goals
Harnessing artificial intelligence for sustainability goals
ESA Observing the Earth Understanding Our Planet Securing Our Environment Benefiting Our Economy 14 November 2018 As ESA's -week continues to provoke and inspire participants on new ways of using Earth observation for monitoring our world to benefit the citizens of today and of the future, it is clear that artificial intelligence is set to play an important role.

Physics - Computer Science / Telecom - 07.11.2018
A burst of
A burst of "synchronous" light
Excited photo-emitters can cooperate and radiate simultaneously, a phenomenon called superfluorescence. Researchers from Empa and ETH Zurich, together with colleagues from IBM Research Zurich, have recently been able to create this effect with long-range ordered nanocrystal superlattices. This discovery could enable future developments in LED lighting, quantum sensing, quantum communication and future quantum computing.

Chemistry - Computer Science / Telecom - 07.11.2018
Engineers Use Machine Learning To Help Find Renewable Energy Sources
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are paving the way to total reliance on renewable energy as they study both largeand small-scale ways to replace fossil fuels. One promising avenue is converting simple chemicals into valuable ones using renewable electricity, including processes such as carbon dioxide reduction or water splitting.

Computer Science / Telecom - 06.11.2018
Why some Wikipedia disputes go unresolved
Why some Wikipedia disputes go unresolved
Study identifies reasons for unsettled editing disagreements and offers predictive tools that could improve deliberation. Wikipedia has enabled large-scale, open collaboration on the internet's largest general-reference resource. But, as with many collaborative writing projects, crafting the content can be a contentious subject.

Computer Science / Telecom - 05.11.2018
VRTIGO lets you test your nerves in virtual reality
VRTIGO lets you test your nerves in virtual reality
EPFL researchers have developed a virtual-reality program that examines how users - equipped with a headset and sensors - react to a vertiginous stroll. The system will be presented at the Geneva International Film Festival on 5-10 November. Why do some people react more strongly than others when faced with the unknown? Researchers at EPFL's Laboratory of Behavioral Genetics, headed by Professor Carmen Sandi, have set out to learn more with a new virtual reality program.

Computer Science / Telecom - 01.11.2018
Fleets of drones could aid searches for lost hikers
Fleets of drones could aid searches for lost hikers
System allows drones to cooperatively explore terrain under thick forest canopies where GPS signals are unreliable. Recently, it's been proposed that autonomous drones, which can bob and weave through trees, could aid these searches. But the GPS signals used to guide the aircraft can be unreliable or nonexistent in forest environments.

Computer Science / Telecom - 01.11.2018
New way of keeping data private
Many devices that are now a part of our daily lives collect information about how we use them. Computer scientists Dan Boneh and Henry Corrigan-Gibbs have created a new method for keeping that collected data private. The people who design hardware and software for smartphones, internet browsers, high-tech cars and many other internet-enabled devices need to know how people use their products in order to make them better.

Computer Science / Telecom - Mathematics - 30.10.2018
Model paves way for faster, more efficient translations of more languages
Model paves way for faster, more efficient translations of more languages
New system may open up the world's roughly 7,000 spoken languages to computer-based translation. MIT researchers have developed a novel "unsupervised" language translation model - meaning it runs without the need for human annotations and guidance - that could lead to faster, more efficient computer-based translations of far more languages.

Physics - Computer Science / Telecom - 29.10.2018
Berkeley computer theorists show path to verifying that quantum beats classical
Berkeley computer theorists show path to verifying that quantum beats classical
Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to print (Opens in new window) As multiple research groups around the world race to build a scalable quantum computer questions remain about how the achievement of quantum supremacy will be verified.

Computer Science / Telecom - Chemistry - 29.10.2018
Next generation of watch springs
Next generation of watch springs
What happens when something keeps getting smaller and smaller? This is the type of question Empa researcher Johann Michler and his team are investigating. As a by-product of their research completely novel watch springs could soon be used in Swiss timepieces. Applied research is not always initiated by industry - but oftentimes it yields results that can swiftly be implemented by companies.

Computer Science / Telecom - 29.10.2018
Against the grain: soil constraints holding back Australian wheat
A model developed by researchers at The University of Queensland could address soil problems, which cost Australia's wheat producers almost $2 billion a year. Dr Yash Dang , from UQ's School of Agriculture and Food Sciences , said the model measures the economic impact of soil problems and could help guide investment decisions on remediation and minimise productivity losses.

Computer Science / Telecom - Transport - 28.10.2018
Machine Learning to Help Optimize Traffic and Reduce Pollution
Machine Learning to Help Optimize Traffic and Reduce Pollution
Applying artificial intelligence to self-driving cars to smooth traffic, reduce fuel consumption, and improve air quality predictions may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but researchers at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have launched two research projects to do just that.

Computer Science / Telecom - 26.10.2018
Scientists develop lie detector test for written text
Scientists have developed a computer tool that can spot if somebody has filed a fake police statement based purely on the text included in the document. Using a combination of automatic text analysis and advanced machine learning techniques, the tool has been able to successfully identify false robbery reports with over 80 per cent accuracy.

Physics - Computer Science / Telecom - 25.10.2018
Expert Q&A: Safeguarding the Nation's Energy Infrastructure
Expert Q&A: Safeguarding the Nation’s Energy Infrastructure
Nearly every aspect of our daily lives - from shopping for groceries through a smartphone app to keeping up with friends and family on social media, or relying on smart grid technology to power homes and businesses - is connected to the vast world of the internet.

Transport - Computer Science / Telecom - 25.10.2018
A fine-tuned laser welds more effectively
Using laser technology Empa scientists optimized a technique to weld the electronics of implantable pacemakers and defibrillators into a titanium case. The medtech company Medtronic is now using the method worldwide to produce these devices. In Tolochenaz (Canton of Vaud) the US medtech company Medtronic produces one out of five heart pacemakers available on the global market and one out of four defibrillators.

Health - Computer Science / Telecom - 22.10.2018
AI doctor could boost chance of survival for sepsis patients
Scientists have created an artificial intelligence system that could help treat patients with sepsis. The technology, developed by researchers from Imperial College London , was found to predict the best treatment strategy for patients. Our new AI system was able to analyse a patient's data - such as blood pressure and heart rate - and decide the best treatment strategy.