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Computer Science - Pedagogy - 13.09.2023
Helping computer vision and language models understand what they see
Helping computer vision and language models understand what they see
Researchers use synthetic data to improve a model's ability to grasp conceptual information, which could enhance automatic captioning and question-answering systems. Powerful machine-learning algorithms known as vision and language models, which learn to match text with images, have shown remarkable results when asked to generate captions or summarize videos.

Environment - Pedagogy - 12.09.2023
Children help create circular futures
Children help create circular futures
When the children's creativity meets scientific expertise, new ideas are born - for example, about what the sustainable world of tomorrow might look like.

Pedagogy - Health - 05.09.2023
Parents' concerns about children's reading should not be ignored
Parents’ concerns about children’s reading should not be ignored
If you have concerns your child is having trouble reading, new research shows it's likely something that needs attention. As children across the country head back to class this week, a new study from Western researchers shows parental concern is often an accurate indicator of children's reading difficulty.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 04.09.2023
Education about domestic abuse improves knowledge and motivation to respond to victims
Education about domestic abuse equips and empowers friends, colleagues, and neighbours to respond in positive and helpful ways when someone discloses experiences of abuse, finds a new study by researchers from UCL and SafeLives. The study, published in the journal Trauma, Violence & Abuse , synthesised the findings of 11 existing studies from around the world that examined the effects of domestic abuse training for colleagues, neighbours, or faith leaders.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 01.09.2023
Deprived teens with poor learning skills at greatest risk from email scams
Disadvantaged teenagers are at greater risk of email scams and need better protection, according to an international study by a UCL researcher. The findings, published in the British Journal of Educational Studies , were based on more than 170,000 students aged 15 and show that one in five from low-income families or deprived areas could fall victim to phishing.

Psychology - Pedagogy - 30.08.2023
Surprising study results: Students are bored during exams
Surprising study results: Students are bored during exams
In the case of boredom, we think of many situations in life but intuitively not of exams. However, an international team of academics led by Thomas Götz from the University of Vienna has now studied exactly this phenomenon of test boredom for the first time and found remarkable results. According to the study, school students are actually very bored during exams.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 30.08.2023
Too few qualified employees in daycare centers
Too few qualified employees in daycare centers
Supplementary family childcare in Switzerland lacks qualified staff. This has a negative impact on both the development of the children and the well-being of the employees. This is shown by a study conducted by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In Switzerland, a considerable proportion of staff in supplementary family childcare work without formal qualifications.

Environment - Pedagogy - 08.08.2023
Classroom environmental education doesn't change attitudes
Classroom environmental education doesn’t change attitudes
Researchers at the Milner Centre for Evolution evaluated the effectiveness of conservation educational activities in the Cape Verde Island of Maio. Increasing understanding of conservation issues in schools doesn't necessarily translate into attitude change, says new research from the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath.

Pedagogy - Campus - 04.07.2023
5-minute brain break: refresh your mind (anywhere)
5-minute brain break: refresh your mind (anywhere)
Researchers from University of Sydney set out to discover which common attention hacks really work. They found a 5-minute break from thinking is all you need to get your concentration back. There is no need for a walk along a river, or a lengthy video of bamboo forests swaying in the wind (although that could be nice).

Pedagogy - Health - 03.07.2023
Greater emotional exhaustion among math teachers* in Corona pandemic
Greater emotional exhaustion among math teachers* in Corona pandemic
Long-term study by a team of researchers led by Thamar Voss, an educational scientist from Freiburg, examining the period from 2007-2022 As part of a long-term study, researchers were able to examine the significance of the Corona pandemic for the professional well-being of math teachers: On a scale of 1 to 4, teachers* mean emotional exhaustion increased from 1.89 in 2019 to 2.41 in 2021.

Health - Pedagogy - 13.06.2023
Experts recommend criteria to identify ethical pornography
A team of international experts led by the University of Sydney has identified six criteria that could be used to identify healthy and ethical pornography, with the aim of helping teachers and parents with consent education for young adults over 18. The University of Sydney-led research team brought together an international panel of experts including adolescent health experts, sexual health experts, sex educators, and pornography researchers to identify the criteria that could be used to find pornography that supports healthy sexual development.

Pedagogy - 05.06.2023
Scaling audio-visual learning without labels
A new multimodal technique blends major self-supervised learning methods to learn more similarly to humans. Researchers from MIT, the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, IBM Research, and elsewhere have developed a new technique for analyzing unlabeled audio and visual data that could improve the performance of machine-learning models used in applications like speech recognition and object detection.

Pedagogy - 31.05.2023
Learning a new language makes you forget other languages
Learning words in a new foreign language makes it more difficult to remember those same words in another foreign language. That is the conclusion of a research study by Kristin Lemhöfer, Psycholinguist at Radboud University and The Donders Institute, and her colleagues. For the first time, a situation for which there was only anecdotal evidence was replicated under controlled conditions.

Pedagogy - 19.04.2023
Bayesian optimization to improve WiFi performance
Publication of the LIP in the ACM MSWiM Conference proceedings on October 24, 2022. Communication of the CNRS-INS2I on April 14, 2023. "This site can't be reached, check your Internet connection".

Pedagogy - 18.04.2023
Improving learning and wellbeing for autistic children
The first evidence-based guide to creating a sensory room to support the well-being and learning of autistic people has been launched. The Wales Autism Research Centre at Cardiff University collaborated with teachers and psychologists who work with autistic children, autistic people and parents to develop the new sensory room guide.

Pedagogy - Health - 06.04.2023
Breast and mixed-fed babies are at lower risk of having special educational needs
Children who are exclusively breastfed or fed a mix of formula and breastmilk for the first six to eight weeks of life are at lower risk of having special educational need and learning disabilities, according to a new study. The research, led by the University of Glasgow and published in PLOS Medicine, studied data from more than 190,000 children to understand the impact of early life feeding on later development.

Pedagogy - Innovation - 31.03.2023
The Myth of the Fast Learner
Learning science experts from Carnegie Mellon University's  Human Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) wanted to know why some students learn faster than others. They hoped to identify fast learners, study them and develop techniques that could help students understand new concepts quickly. What they found was surprising: In the right conditions, people learn at a remarkably similar rate.

Pedagogy - Psychology - 15.03.2023
Children's drawings can help with early detection of giftedness
Children’s drawings can help with early detection of giftedness
Potential talents of children with characteristics of giftedness are not always seen in mainstream education. Children's drawings, however, can play a role in early detection of their needs and talents, argues psychologist Sven Mathijssen in his dissertation titled "Back to the drawing board: Potential indicators of giftedness in human figure drawings," which he defends on March 22, 2023 2:00 pm.

Pedagogy - 07.03.2023
Small support improves access to childcare and employment
Small support improves access to childcare and employment
Benefits for women with lower educational attainment Relatively minor support with the application process is enough to help families with lower educational attainment secure childcare places. A new study shows that mothers subsequently spend more working hours and that the earnings gap between mothers and fathers becomes narrower.

Pedagogy - 27.02.2023
Too much focus can impair certain types of learning, researchers find
Alexandra Decker  was breezing through her multiple-choice driving exam when she realized the correct answer was always the longest and most detailed - an insight she may have overlooked if her attention was trained on the questions themselves.