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Religions - Linguistics / Literature - 25.04.2013
Letters of
Letters of “Hark the Herald” composer published
25 Apr 2013 The private letters of the composer of some of the world's most popular hymns have been published, providing a rare glimpse into the birth of Methodism. The collection of Charles Wesley's letters are edited by Dr Gareth Lloyd of The University of Manchester's John Rylands Library and Professor Kenneth Newport of Liverpool Hope University.

Religions - 11.02.2013
Landmark Buddhist catalogue provides new insights into India's ancient traditions
Landmark Buddhist catalogue provides new insights into India’s ancient traditions
By Pristine Ong 11 February 2013 A landmark catalogue of Kharosthi Buddhist manuscripts put together by Mark Allon may provide important insights into India's ancient traditions. Allon, a world expert in Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit and early Buddhist literature, heads the University's Indian and Buddhist Studies programs.

Life Sciences - Religions - 04.02.2013
Christianity influencing biodiversity in the Amazon, Stanford scientists find
Christianity influencing biodiversity in the Amazon, Stanford scientists find
Stanford Report, February 5, 2013 The introduction of Christianity has changed the hunting habits of indigenous people in the Amazon. While some new practices could benefit animals, others could put populations at risk. Religious missionaries have been transforming the belief systems of indigenous peoples deep within the Amazon since the 1700s, but the outsiders might be influencing more than just prayer.

Religions - Economics - 30.01.2013
Investing in mutual funds? Beware broker fees, study says
Brokers are supposed to recommend investments that are in the best interests of their clients. But a new study from University of Toronto professor Susan Christoffersen sheds light on which is more important to a broker: the performance of the fund or the fee it pays the broker? The study, published in the February 2013 issue of the Journal of Finance , found that mutual funds offering higher broker fees attract the most investments, especially when the broker is not affiliated with the mutual fund company.

Religions - 13.12.2012
Blue cheese gets its distinctive smell
As the nation prepares to tuck into mounds of Stilton this Christmas, researchers have pinpointed for the first time the yeast which helps give blue cheese its distinctive aroma. A study undertaken by academics at the Universities of Nottingham and Northampton has discovered a particular 'secondary microflora' component' is responsible for boosting the smell of blue cheese.