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Career - Sport - 03.10.2023
Reflecting on one's values increases success in job search
Reflecting on one’s values increases success in job search
Researchers show in a new study that a short reflection exercise to boost self confidence increases job search success. This holds true even for the long-term unemployed and people over 50. For many people, losing their job is not only a financial burden but also a psychological one. They are stressed, worry about their social status and begin to doubt themselves.

Sport - Health - 27.09.2023
Concussed, me? It’s nothing
If they've already had a concussion before, university athletes are less likely to report symptoms of a new one when the symptoms are less severe, an UdeM study suggests. University athletes who have already suffered a sport-related concussion are less likely to report symptoms of a new concussion if they consider them to be less serious than their previous ones.

Physics - Sport - 21.09.2023
Unexpected curveball in miniature
Unexpected curveball in miniature
Team of researchers including Göttingen University detect Magnus effect at microscopic level Whether you are familiar with the term -Magnus effect- or not, you have certainly seen it in action. It is when a spinning ball - for instance in football, cricket or baseball - bends away from its expected trajectory, often to the surprise of the opposing team.

Sport - Psychology - 20.09.2023
When is the right time to start playing again after a concussion?
Physical, behavioural, psychological and social - the factors that make athletes ready (or not) to get back in the game are more complex than you might think. Nearly 20 per cent of people who play contact sports like hockey or rugby will suffer a concussion in the course of a season. Concussions account for up to 44 per cent of all injuries in these sports.

Sport - Health - 12.09.2023
Novel insights: How muscles change during endurance training
Novel insights: How muscles change during endurance training
The more we exercise our endurance, the fitter we become - and so do our muscles. They adapt to the load and are able to perform better for a longer period of time. A research team at the University of Basel has now uncovered fresh insights into these muscle adaptations through experiments conducted on mice.

Sport - Psychology - 06.09.2023
Does this number make me look fat?
Does this number make me look fat?
UCLA psychologists confirm that lower jersey numbers make football players look thinner Health + Behavior UCLA psychologists confirm that lower jersey numbers make football players look thinner September 6, 2023 Key takeaways Football players sometimes choose jerseys with lower numbers thinking that they'll look slimmer and faster.

Social Sciences - Sport - 04.09.2023
Sporty Aussie kids kick goals for mental health
A study led by University of Queensland researchers has found children who regularly participate in sport s from an early age will have better long term mental health. Associate Professor Asad Khan from UQ's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences led the study, which analysed the data of more than 4,200 Australian children over an eight-year period from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

Health - Sport - 25.08.2023
Online training shows positive effect after surgery for cancer patients
Positive effects of physical activity are fundamentally known for cardiovascular, metabolic and cancer diseases. However, the physical distance to physical activity centers is often a barrier. That's why researchers at the University of Leipzig have now tested whether app-based home exercise, including digital activity feedback via a smartwatch, works well for cancer patients after surgery.

Sport - Health - 11.08.2023
Don’t ban headers: teach kids to master the ball instead
World Cup fever is peaking and many hope it will encourage more young players into the game. Dr Kerry Peek is leading the way in promoting education and preparation around heading as young players learn to play and love football. Heading in football is a hotly contested issue. Dr Kerry Peek from the University of Sydney says it's time we made moves to ensure the safety of the game for Australian kids - but a blanket ban for young players isn't the answer.

Health - Sport - 09.08.2023
Wearables will transform health, but change brings challenges say researchers
Wearables will transform health, but change brings challenges say researchers
Exploring the potential of wearables for chronic disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment Wearable technology presents immense opportunities to improve the way we live our lives, but a group of international researchers say the rapidly developing field also brings big challenges. In a series of three editorials published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine , the international team of scientists discuss issues facing the wearables field including lack of standardisation of devices and data, disconnects between research and industry and the impact of inequality in ownership.

Sport - 03.08.2023
Current data on cycling behaviour neglects equity-deserving groups
Recognizing the diversity of cycling travel behaviour will improve participation and infrastructure investments The limitations of Statistics Canada's cycling data are having a real-world impact on women and marginalized people participating in cycling, a new study finds. The long-form census bike-to-work data is currently the primary evidence transportation engineers and planners use to make a case for spending on cycling infrastructure.

Health - Sport - 28.07.2023
Short bursts of daily activity linked to reduced cancer risk
Short bursts of daily activity linked to reduced cancer risk
Promising new research suggests a total of just 4.5 minutes of vigorous activity that makes you huff and puff during daily tasks could reduce the risk of some cancers by up to 32 percent. Published in JAMA Oncology and led by the University of Sydney, Australia, the study used data from wearable devices to track the daily activity of over 22,000 'non-exercisers'.

Sport - 17.07.2023
KU Leuven monitors fitness of Soudal Quick-Step riders during the Tour
KU Leuven monitors fitness of Soudal Quick-Step riders during the Tour
Sports scientists from KU Leuven are attending the Tour de France on the second rest day. They will test the Soudal Quick-Step riders and analyse the physical impact of the efforts exerted over the past few weeks. Using blood and urine samples, they gain insight into how the riders' metabolism adapts during the Tour and which protein fluctuations are or aren't beneficial for sustained performance.

Health - Sport - 14.07.2023
Exercise during dialysis has positive health impact
Exercise during dialysis has positive health impact
Study at 21 dialysis centers: Kidney patients benefit from physical exercises Patients who engage in light exercise while undergoing dialysis are physically fitter and are admitted to hospital less frequently than those who do not. These are the findings of a large-scale study conducted by a consortium led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Sport - Economics - 13.07.2023
Women’s soccer rated just as highly as men’s soccer
With the start of the Women's World Cup on July 20, the quality of women's football is once again in the spotlight. In this discourse, a new study provides interesting insights: According to the study, men's soccer is only rated significantly better when the gender of the players is clearly identifiable.

Sport - Psychology - 11.07.2023
Field hockey: psychological characteristics help identify latent talent
Field hockey: psychological characteristics help identify latent talent
It would be possible to predict the future performance of young players using variables other than on-ice performance. Martin Saint-Louis: never drafted. Jonathan Marchessault: never drafted. Tom Brady: drafted 199th . The cases of these three athletes, who rose to the top of their sport after being grossly underestimated by scouts, illustrate just how perilous an exercise it can be to identify promising youngsters.

Social Sciences - Sport - 03.07.2023
Report: Cricket inequalities in England and Wales are untenable
Writing in The Conversation, Dr Michael Collins (UCL History) shares the report he co-led which recommended ways to address the ongoing and historic racism, elitism and sexism prevalent in English and Welsh cricket. After more than two years of research, interviews and evidence gathering, a landmark report by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) was published on June 27 2023.

Health - Sport - 14.06.2023
Exercise is medicine: Get moving after a concussion to heal faster
People who did light exercise within 48 hours after a concussion saw their symptoms resolve in about half the time as those who waited more than a week to exercise, a new University of Michigan study found. Study: Early Exercise is Associated with Faster Concussion Recovery Among Collegiate Athletes: Findings from the NCAA-DoD CARE Consortium The study adds to the growing body of science that suggests that "cocoon therapy”-bed rest in the dark with minimal mental stimulation after concussion-isn't good for patients.

Health - Sport - 13.06.2023
Ergometer with landscape and fresh air
Ergometer with landscape and fresh air
The e-bike is not considered the first choice of sports equipment. In some cases, however, it can be just the thing: An app that enables controlled training is designed to give people with heart problems the necessary security and make it easier for athletic beginners to get started.

Health - Sport - 08.06.2023
Ingestion of taurine delays aging
Ingestion of taurine delays aging
Treatment with amino acid extends lifespan in animal experiment Study: Ingestion of taurine delays aging Taurine deficiency is one of the driving forces in the aging process of humans and animals. This is one of the results of a study which has now been published in the prestigious journal Science. Treatment with taurine extends the lifespan of mice by 10 percent.