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Transport - Environment - 01.12.2022
Most nitrogen deposition from aviation comes from high altitude
Aircraft emit nitrogen oxides and other emissions during both the LTO-phase (taxiing, take-off and landing) and when flying at high altitudes. These emissions return to the ground, resulting in nitrogen deposited over land and water bodies. Using an atmospheric model, researchers at TU Delft have quantified - for the first time - that in 2019 aviation was responsible for just under 1.2% of total global nitrogen deposition from all sources (anthropogenic and natural).

Transport - Environment - 24.11.2022
A prototype system which warns of natural phenomena dangerous for aviation developed
A prototype system which warns of natural phenomena dangerous for aviation developed
The ALARM research team, a European scientific project coordinated by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), has developed a new prototype early warning system to monitor natural phenomena that threaten the safety and efficiency of aviation. This system, currently capable of predicting the dispersion of volcanic ash or the progress of certain thunderstorms, also identifies the areas where the passage of aircraft has the greatest impact on climate change.

Transport - 22.11.2022
New test facility: How cold can fuel for diesel engines get?
In extreme cold, fuels can no longer be used - but how do you measure the possible minimum temperature? A test facility has now been developed for this purpose at the Vienna University of Technology . When it gets too cold, the car won't start. Certain components of fuels can precipitate at low temperatures, the fuel becomes cloudy and can no longer be used.

Environment - Transport - 16.11.2022
Lake Geneva consumers surveyed as part of a study on climate change
Lake Geneva consumers surveyed as part of a study on climate change
Over 10,000 people in both the French and Swiss parts of the Lake Geneva region have been surveyed on their transportation habits, as the first element of a broader EPFL study on consumer lifestyles and behavior. The study is being spearheaded by EPFL's School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC), working in association with the Canton of Vaud, the Canton of Geneva and Greater Geneva.

Transport - Mechanical Engineering - 02.11.2022
UT improves wind tunnel measurements for low noise aircraft design
Aircraft noise is an irritating source of ambient noise and a significant cause of stress for local residents and animals in the vicinity of airports. Reducing aircraft noise is a major social issue in the Netherlands, as evidenced by the discussions on the permitted number of flight movements at Schiphol.

Transport - 19.10.2022
Playing Nice: How Self-driving Cars and Human-driven Cars Could Share the Road
Akin to when Model Ts traveled alongside horses and buggies, autonomous vehicles (AVs) and human-driven vehicles (HVs) will someday share the road. How to best manage the rise of AVs is the topic of a new Carnegie Mellon University policy brief, " Mixed-Autonomy Era of Transportation: Resilience & Autonomous Fleet Management." Debate continues as to when AVs will dominate the streets, but one of the brief's authors, Carlee Joe-Wong , said, "Once AVs begin to deploy, there's probably not going to be any going back.

Innovation - Transport - 13.10.2022
Discovery of exciton pairs could enable next-gen technology
Discovery of exciton pairs could enable next-gen technology
Electrical engineers from The Australian National University (ANU) have demonstrated how to create exciton pairs in a new type of semiconductor structure, paving the way for next generation technologies required for high speed computing, information processing and data communication. The research could lay the foundations for a new generation of smartphones and computers that are blisteringly fast but also consume significantly less energy than current devices.

Environment - Transport - 10.10.2022
Swarms of advanced UAVs to collect key environment data
Swarms of advanced unmanned aircraft are set to carry out aerial surveys of Antarctica - gathering crucial data on changes to the region's environment and wildlife - as part of new research with engineers from the University of Sheffield.

Transport - Environment - 05.10.2022
Less noise and better fuel efficiency during approach
Less noise and better fuel efficiency during approach
The approach and landing of passenger jets is often a burden for people and the environment. The DYNCAT project, in which researchers are working with partners in Switzerland, Germany and France, is aiming at approaches that cause less noise and CO2 emissions - thanks to intelligent assistance systems for the pilots.

Transport - 30.09.2022
Drivers of partially automated vehicles are blamed for crashes that they cannot reasonably avoid
People seem to hold the human driver to be primarily responsible when their partially automated vehicle crashes.

Transport - 30.09.2022
Latest Issue on Smart Mobility
Latest Issue on Smart Mobility
TUM Science Magazine ,,Faszination Forschung" Mobility and goods transport have to become more climate-friendly, low-noise, low-emitting, intelligent and connected in the future. In addition, it is vital that we embed new forms of mobility into existing infrastructures and integrate them into highly livable urban design.

Transport - 30.09.2022
Drivers of automated vehicles are blamed for crashes that they cannot reasonably avoid
People seem to hold the human driver to be primarily responsible when their partially automated vehicle crashes. But is this reasonable? In a paper recently published in Nature Scientific Reports , researchers from the AiTech Institute investigated the mismatch between the public's attribution of blame and finding from the human factors literature regarding human's ability to remain vigilant in partially automated driving.

Transport - 15.09.2022
1 in 4 four adults experience transportation insecurity
More than a quarter of adults age 25 and older in the United States experience transportation insecurity, meaning they are unable to move from place to place in a safe or timely manner. The Transportation Security Index , a novel measure of transportation insecurity recently developed by University of Michigan researchers, offers new insights into the experience of this form of material hardship.

Transport - 08.09.2022
Changes to Toronto's public transit system would eliminate barriers, retain riders
Changes to Toronto’s public transit system would eliminate barriers, retain riders
A reassessment of Toronto's travel networks is needed to improve transit equity People who rely on public transit in Toronto will eventually have to choose different means of transportation if they can afford it or risk isolation unless the current system improves, a new study found. The research from the University of Waterloo indicates that a lack of attention to core riders- meaning those dependent on public transportation-further marginalizes and creates mobility barriers that impede participation in public life.

Transport - Computer Science - 08.09.2022
Bird's'eye view improves safety of autonomous driving
Bird’s’eye view improves safety of autonomous driving
The expectations for autonomous driving are clear: "Cars have to travel safely not only at low speeds, but also in fast-moving traffic," says Jörg Schrepfer, the Head of Driving Advanced Research Germany at Valeo. For example, when objects fall off a truck, the "egocentric" perspective of a car will often be unable to detect the hazardous debris in time.

Materials Science - Transport - 23.08.2022
Machine learning algorithm predicts how to get the most out of electric vehicle batteries
Researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that could help reduce charging times and prolong battery life in electric vehicles by predicting how different driving patterns affect battery performance, improving safety and reliability.

Transport - Innovation - 17.08.2022
How do pedestrians react to automated vehicles?
How do pedestrians react to automated vehicles?
Empa, together with EBP and Fussverkehr Schweiz, analyzed in spring 2022 in Thalwil (ZH) how pedestrians react to automated vehicles. The automated parking assistant that had been used is the first system approved in Switzerland that moves a vehicle without a person sitting in it. The findings of the research project, which was co-financed by AXA's Foundation for Prevention, create an important basis for prevention measures and design principles for sustainable road spaces.

Transport - Health - 09.08.2022
Study challenges attitudes about young people and pandemic preventative measures, plus other stories
Top marks: Quebec university students score high with COVID-19 compliance A new study led by McGill researchers found that compliance with public health measures was high among university level students in Quebec during a critical period of the pandemic in 2021. They found 78% per cent of students observed in the study followed the proper mask-wearing and two-metre physical distancing rules, close to the 80 per cent threshold suggested as necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Transport - 03.08.2022
New study on expectations and reality of safe overtaking maneuvers in bicycle traffic
Subjective impressions of safety differs according to the type of road and speed limit Dangerous situations can develop when cyclists are overtaken by cars. How threatened or safe cyclists feel during an overtaking maneuver depends on the type of road. They expect to be safer on roads with a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour (kph), as well as on living streets, bike streets, and roads with cycle lanes.

Transport - 21.07.2022
More people opt for bus and rail travel
Digital data on mobility patterns in the Munich region The introduction of the nine-euro ticket led to changes in the mobility behavior of many people in the Munich region. A study conducted at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) shows that more than 20 percent of participants had not previously used public transportation and now take buses and trains.
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