12 Waterloo researchers make Highly Cited Researchers 2023 list

Each researcher selected has authored multiple papers which rank in the top 1 per cent by citations for their field(s) Office of Research Ten University of Waterloo faculty members have been named on the annual Highly Cited Researchers(TM) 2023 list from Clarivate.

In addition, one former postdoctoral researcher and a PhD candidate also made the list.

Highly Cited Researchers(TM) are influential researchers at universities, research institutes and commercial organizations around the world who have demonstrated significant and broad influence in their field(s) of research.

The evaluation and selection process draws on data from the Web of Science(TM) citation index, together with analysis performed by bibliometric experts and data scientists at the ISI at Clarivate(TM).

Of the world’s population of scientists and social scientists, Highly Cited Researchers(TM) are 1 in 1,000.

Zhongwei Chen

Dr. Zhongwei Chen is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, professor in advanced materials for clean energy at the University of Waterloo; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, director of Waterloo Center for Electrochemical Energy, associate editor of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, and vice-president of International Academy of Electrochemical Energy Science (IAoeES). 

Geoffrey T. Fong

Dr. Fong is the founder and chief principal investigator of the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project ( the ITC Project ), which is the first-ever international cohort study of tobacco use. A central objective of the ITC Project is to evaluate the psychosocial and behavioural impact of key national level policies of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), thw world’s first health treaty.

Michael Fowler

Dr. Fowler’s research focuses on electrochemical power sources in vehicles, specifically degradation analysis and control of batteries in hybrid and plug-in hybrid power trains. His interest takes him into the modelling of fuel cells and requires simulating the performance and reliability of fuel cells and batteries.

Sharon I. Kirkpatrick

Dr. Kirkpatrick is a Registered Dietitian with training in community and public health nutrition. Her research focuses on the intersections between nutrition, human and planetary health, equity, and policy, using a systems thinking lens.

Juewen Liu

Dr. Liu’s research group applies the fundamental principles of chemistry, physics and biology to produce nanoscale materials, devices and systems to understand basic sciences, advance technology, and impact medicine. In particular, they are interested in using DNA and lipids as functional polymers and building blocks to interface with metal nanoparticles, nanoclusters, carbon-based materials and hydrogels.

Linda F. Nazar

Dr. Linda Nazar carries out research in inorganic materials chemistry, solid state chemistry and electrochemistry. Her research is focused on the development of electrochemical energy storage devices and materials.

Will Percival

Dr. Percival’s research interests focus on the properties of the Universe on the largest scales. Surveys of three-dimensional galaxy positions provide a wealth of data both on the physics just after the Big-Bang when the seed fluctuations that will grow through gravity to become galaxies were created, and on the physics driving the evolution of the Universe today.

Daniel Scott

Dr. Daniel Scott has worked extensively on sustainable tourism for 25 years, with a focus on the transition to a low carbon tourism economy and adaptation to the complex impacts of a changing climate. He has advised and led projects for a wide range of government agencies and tourism organizations around the world, including the United Nations World Tourism Organization, United Nations Environment Programme, World Bank, European Tourism Commission.

Xuemin (Sherman) Shen

Dr. Shen’s research focuses on network resource management, wireless network security, Internet of Things, AI for networks and vehicular networks. Dr. Shen is a registered Professional Engineer of Ontario, Canada, an Engineering Institute of Canada Fellow, a Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellow, a Royal Society of Canada Fellow, a Chinese Academy of Engineering Foreign Member, and a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society and Communications Society.

Aiping Yu

Dr. Yu is primarily interested in materials development for energy storage and conversion, photocatylsts, and nano composites. She is an expert in carbon nanotubes and graphene, allowing her to design the proper porosity and polarity of nanomaterials for high energy storage supercapacitors and ultra-strong nanocomposites. Her previous work in the plastics and carbon solutions industries has led her to dedicate her research toward developing nanomaterials for practical applications.

PhD Candidate  Quanquan Pang , and Gaoran Li , a former postdoctoral researcher, were also included on the list.