25 years more practical relevance with PEAK

In autumn 1993, Eawag launched a series of courses under the "PEAK" brand (practice-oriented Eawag courses). After rather critical grading from practice - "too elitist", "working in an ivory tower" - and a federal initiative for more continuing education, Eawag wanted to show that the exchange with people from practice that had already been cultivated is really important to the institute, parallel to the increasingly heated race in the international research pot. The occasion of the 25th anniversary on Tuesday, 18 September 2018, proved that PEAK was and is successful. The more than 60 guests, including the leaders of the very first courses, the participants with the most attended courses and those responsible for the programme today, experienced an evening with the character of a class meeting. Both the small discussion on stage and the discussions at the aperitif made it clear that the network between the researchers and the professionals at public offices, engineering and ecological offices and other places is what counts. The experience cannot really be conveyed through thick folders, PowerPoint slides or Youtube videos. This requires an exchange between people.

To the photo gallery (Photos: Peter Penicka)

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