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Francqui Prize 2019 goes to KU Leuven research into the impact of family decisions on individual well-being
This year's Francqui Prize, often dubbed 'the Belgian Nobel Prize', has been awarded to three KU Leuven economists: Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, and Frederic Vermeulen.

Health - Business / Economics - 10.05.2019
YSPH collaborating with China to develop new medical payment models
Improving China's medical payment models was the topic of discussion when Yale School of Public Health Dean Sten H. Vermund traveled to Beijing in January 2019 to meet with officials from China's National Health Commission as part of the country's ongoing healthcare reform efforts.

Environment - Business / Economics - 09.05.2019

Environment - Business / Economics - 07.05.2019
Campus energy advances can be optimized and replicated
Campus energy advances can be optimized and replicated
With a few changes to its existing energy operations, Stanford could further reduce its carbon footprint and costs in a model that other large campuses, towns and even cities can benefit from, a new study finds.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 07.05.2019
UCLA named home of DOE-sponsored Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute
UCLA is the new home of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, the $140 million national institute leading the transformation of the manufacturing industry for U.S. competitiveness and energy productivity through the power of data.

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Business / Economics - 02.05.2019
Berkeley economist wins prestigious John Bates Clark Medal
Macroeconomist Emi Nakamura is the fourth woman to receive the John Bates Clark Medal since it began in 1947.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 02.05.2019

Environment - Business / Economics - 02.05.2019
What happens when schools go solar?
Rooftop solar projects at schools could reduce harmful air pollution, help the environment and enhance student learning while cutting electricity costs, a new study finds.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 01.05.2019

Health - Business / Economics - 29.04.2019
Election campaign lesson #1: don’t mess with Medicare
Health has taken centre stage once again this election, with both sides trying to use "Mediscare" tactics to drive fear about cuts or shortfalls in the health system, writes Associate Professor Jim Gillespie.

Business / Economics - Health - 26.04.2019
High-Tech Innovation Campus to be ’Shipbuilding Industry of 21st Century’
The University of Glasgow is taking forward ambitious plans for a major investment in a new Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus on the south bank of the river in Govanin a move the Principal Professor

Career - Business / Economics - 25.04.2019
Corruption contagion: How legal and finance firms are at greater risk of corruption
Corruption contagion: How legal and finance firms are at greater risk of corruption
Companies with fewer levels of management such as legal, accountancy and investment banking firms could be up to five times more susceptible to corruption than similar sized organisations with a taller structure such as those in manufacturing, a new study by the University of Sussex and Imperial College has revealed.

Business / Economics - Innovation / Technology - 24.04.2019
Smart tech helps Indian farmers reduce foodwaste and boost income
Harnessing smartphone technology so that Indian farmers make better business decisions could help to tackle the sustainable cooling challenge facing India and the wider world, according to a new report launched today.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 24.04.2019
SEMI Partners with Powerhouses imec, CEA-Leti and Fraunhofer
SEMI partners with imec, CEA-Leti and Fraunhofer to drive innovation and deepen industry alignment on technology roadmaps and international.standards.

Environment - Business / Economics - 22.04.2019
Reassessing how to 'waste not'
Reassessing how to ’waste not’
Recycling is becoming harder and more expensive in the U.S. and policymakers are increasingly seeking solutions to mounting trash.

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Career - Business / Economics - 18.04.2019
Top jobs still lack diversity and equality
Privately educated, white, male graduates are more likely to be recruited to senior roles and be paid higher wages by elite multinational firms, new research shows.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 17.04.2019
Breaking Ground for the Innovation Centre in Bahrenfeld
Breaking Ground for the Innovation Centre in Bahrenfeld
Construction of the high-tech business incubator, a joint project of the City of Hamburg, DESY, and Universität Hamburg, is the first milestone for Science City Bahrenfeld.

Health - Business / Economics - 17.04.2019
New UCLA center focusing on disorders of the esophagus to be named for Robert Kardashian
The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has established a center for holistic, patient-centered treatment, research and education related to disorders of the esophagus.

Business / Economics - 17.04.2019
Platforms Are Letting Us Binge-Watch, But Maybe They Shouldn’t
One of the biggest draws of streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, is the ability to binge-watch massive amounts of content.

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Business / Economics - Health - 15.04.2019
Trying to protect teens against junk food marketing? Tap into their desire to rebel
In a bid to fight obesity, public health researchers have been trying for decades to find a way to convince teenagers to skip junk food and eat healthy-to little avail. One of the biggest obstacles is the enormous volume of food marketing kids are exposed to every day. That marketing is designed to foster strong positive associations with junk food in kids' minds and to drive overeating-and research has shown that it works.

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Health - Business / Economics - 11.04.2019

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