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Campus - 21.01.2021
UCL-led Mandarin programme putting thousands of pupils ’on path to fluency’
Nearly 7,000 pupils are now benefitting from a national Mandarin learning initiative delivered by UCL Institute of Education, in partnership with the British Council, according to a new Department for Education report.

Campus - Social Sciences - 21.01.2021

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 21.01.2021

Campus - 19.01.2021

Campus - 19.01.2021

Computer Science - Campus - 19.01.2021
Four McGill researchers awarded prestigious AI chairs
By Meaghan Thurston Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) program provides long-term, dedicated research funding to support and train the next generation of AI leaders.

Campus - Environment - 18.01.2021

Campus - 18.01.2021
Using artificial intelligence to manage extreme weather events
Can combining deep learning (DL)- a subfield of artificial intelligence- with social network analysis (SNA), make social media contributions about extreme weather events a useful tool for crisis managers, first responders and government scientists?

Campus - Social Sciences - 14.01.2021

Campus - Health - 14.01.2021
CMU Expands Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing with High-Volume, On-Campus Lab
Robotics systems will help process thousands of weekly tests for campus community After months of planning, Carnegie Mellon University is unveiling a new testing strategy, including the opening of it

Campus - Health - 13.01.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 13.01.2021
UChicago undergrads discover bright lensed galaxy in the early Universe
The night sky is a natural time machine, used by cosmologists to explore the origins and evolution of the universe.

History / Archeology - Campus - 12.01.2021
Norman Golb, renowned scholar of medieval Jewish history, 1928-2020
Prof. Emeritus Norman Golb, a multilingual scholar renowned for his pioneering research about medieval Jewish history and the Dead Sea Scrolls, died on Dec.

Campus - Computer Science - 12.01.2021
EPFL student creates a new language-analysis program
Jonathan Besomi, a Master's student at EPFL, has developed a program called Texthero that lets users generate representations of textual data with just a few lines of code, thereby simplifying the analysis of natural languages.

Campus - Pedagogy - 12.01.2021

Pedagogy - Campus - 12.01.2021
Mothers, but not fathers, with multiple children report more fragmented sleep
Mothers with multiple children report more fragmented sleep than mothers of a single child, but the number of children in a family doesn't seem to affect the quality of sleep for fathers, according to a study from McGill University.

Campus - Social Sciences - 11.01.2021

Campus - Economics / Business - 08.01.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 07.01.2021
Pioneering a way to keep very small satellites in orbit
Pioneering a way to keep very small satellites in orbit
More than 250 students had a hand in building a small satellite that will test the concept of harnessing Earth's magnetic field for propulsion A cubesat, largely built by undergraduate students and s
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