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Economics / Business - Career - 29.09.2015
Bluemercury founder Beck shares brand-building advice
Barry Beck '90, chief operating officer and founder of Bluemercury, a fast-growing luxury beauty products and retail spa chain, returned to Cornell Sept.

Career - Sport - 25.09.2015
Having the 'right' connections only gets you so far
Having the ’right’ connections only gets you so far
Working with a highly reputable corporate leader helps managers get promoted to senior positions in the short term, but such a career boost is balanced in the longer-term as competitive job markets, including professional sports, punish those managers who initially benefited.

Career - Economics / Business - 21.09.2015
Tech Transfer reports record year of performance
ANN ARBOR-The University of Michigan spurred a record 19 startups last year, up from 14 a year ago, reflecting the substantial activity connected to its faculty's rich array of research discoveries.

History / Archeology - Career - 08.09.2015
Gender, corporate culture at Boeing explored in new book 'Capitalist Family Values'
Gender, corporate culture at Boeing explored in new book ‘Capitalist Family Values’
Polly Myers is a lecturer in the University of Washington Department of History and author of the book " Capitalist Family Values: Gender, Work, and Corporate Culture at Boeing ,” published by University of Nebraska Press.

Health - Career - 08.09.2015
JLABS startup incubator selects University of Toronto, MaRS for first international expansion
The University of Toronto has joined forces with the Government of Ontario, the MaRS Discovery District and Johnson & Johnson Innovation to establish the first JLABS incubator in Canada.

Career - Mechanical Engineering - 07.09.2015
Slipping and sliding to major tennis success
Engineers at the University of Sheffield are working with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) on a device that can measure the effects of friction on tennis courts. Modern tennis players like Nadal, Murray and Djokovic don't just run around the court, they slide around it too. It's a move that wows audiences and amateurs, and can often give those players the edge over their opponents.

Mechanical Engineering - Career - 04.09.2015
UQ home to some of Queensland's best apprentices
Maintaining world-class research equipment at The University of Queensland is all part of a day's work for fitter and turner Ethan Park, who has been named MIGAS Queensland Apprentice of the Year.

Career - Economics / Business - 01.09.2015
Summer job makes a difference in classroom learning, Stanford scholar says
Stanford researcher Jacob Leos-Urbel found that summer jobs for young people have positive impacts on academic performance, especially for students who work jobs across multiple summers.

Career - Environment - 27.08.2015
Saving oysters' future by digging up their paleo past
Despite long odds in the struggle to restore oyster reefs and boost the bivalves' survival, marine restoration professionals may wish to add a tool: paleontological history.

Career - Health - 26.08.2015
More support needed for young adults with life-limiting conditions
A new report has called for improved training and ongoing support for young adults living with life-limiting conditions, their families and health and social care professionals.

Career - 24.08.2015
Million-dollar milliseconds
An online video game championship has paid out almost $20 million in prize money — placing it among some of the world's most lucrative sports tournaments.

Career - 24.08.2015
Maybe: Million-dollar milliseconds
An online video game championship has paid out almost $20 million in prize money — placing it among some of the world's most lucrative sports tournaments.

Career - 22.08.2015
UC police chief victim of auto burglary
The East Bay Regional Park District police department is investigating an auto burglary involving an unmarked UCPD vehicle driven by University of California Police Chief Margo Bennett.

Economics / Business - Career - 10.08.2015
Business undergrad catapulted into Adecco’s top job
University of Queensland Business School student James Kaluschke has surpassed 582 applicants to become the Adecco Australia and New Zealand “CEO for One Month”.

Law - Career - 06.08.2015
It would be a crime not to laugh
It would be a crime not to laugh
Failing an exam at The University of Queensland is no laughing matter. That is, unless the failed exam is being lampooned and parodied to a packed Schonell Theatre in the annual Corrs Chambers Westgarth UQ Law Revue .

Health - Career - 04.08.2015
Employees endorse workplace 'Health Code of Conduct'
Workplace dress codes can be irksome: "What, no Hawaiian shirts on Mondays?" Employee codes of conduct may be fraught with ethical and legal landmines. But a hypothetical "health code of conduct?" That's something workers can sink their teeth into, according to a Cornell workplace wellness study. "Adoption of health codes of conduct in workplaces is a feasible way for managers to effectively engage employees in wellness activities," says Rebecca S. Robbins, Ph.D.

Health - Career - 03.08.2015
LGBT perspectives on academia could foster inclusivity
One in five lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender health care trainees and professionals believes their academic medical center doesn't provide a supportive environment to facilitate a successful career, according to a study led by a Weill Cornell Medical College investigator.

Economics / Business - Career - 29.07.2015
Start-ups lose faith in London after just 12 months
Start-ups lose faith in London after just 12 months
Start-ups lose faith in London after just 12 months Start-up firms fall out of love with London after just 12 months, according to research from Sussex Innovation Croydon, the business incubation network wholly owned by the University of Sussex. The study into the attitudes of 500 small business leaders across London and South East [1] reveals a startling change in attitudes after a year of operation.

Architecture - Career - 28.07.2015
Women architects debate future ways to work
The University of Sydney in collaboration with Parlour Inc will host a panel of four powerhouse women architects for a robust debate on changes needed in architecture to create a more equitable and sustainable profession in the future.

Career - 24.07.2015
Higher Education still not fully accessible to all
Higher Education is still not fully accessible to all - but institutions can make a difference More work is needed to make universities and higher education institutions fully accessible to everyone

Career - 23.07.2015
Marcel’s struggles become his salvation
As the Salvation Army celebrates its 150 th anniversary this month, Salvos employee and UQ graduate Marcel Noronha has reflected on how he found his own redemption.

Health - Career - 23.07.2015
School of Nursing Partnerships to Improve Health Disparities
AUSTIN, Texas - The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing and community partners Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman (MSVW) and the Alliance for African American Health in Central Texas (AAAHCT) will c

Health - Career - 22.07.2015
University’s think tank calls for greater support for 7m older workers with chronic illnesses
The government must overhaul policies and help employers support the health needs of the 7.2m older workers in the UK who have chronic illnesses.

Career - 20.07.2015
Explainer: why doesn’t work always offer a safe escape route from poverty?
Jason Heyes, Professor of Employment Relations at the University of Sheffield, explains why work doesn't always offer a safe escape route from poverty.

Career - 14.07.2015
Creating a racket undermines tennis greats
Tennis players with a “me against the world” attitude are hampering their own success, says a University of Queensland sports coaching expert.

Social Sciences - Career - 13.07.2015
Get Ready to See More Social Workers at Private Companies
Social work has evolved from a profession focusing on people living in poverty to one associated with governmental programming to one offering counseling and health-related services in nonprofit and private-practice settings.

Career - Economics / Business - 08.07.2015
NBA’s Ben Gordon signs on to U of’T wearable tech sports coaching startup, Onyx Motion
Onyx Motion is partnering with NBA shooting guard Ben Gordon in a bid to raise the calibre of digital basketball coaching offered by the company's first-of-its-kind-tech, a smartwatch app that offers on-court skills guidance.

Economics / Business - Career - 02.07.2015
Reliefwatch earns $100,000 vote of confidence from UChicago Innovation Fund
The University of Chicago Innovation Fund announced today that it is investing $100,000 in Reliefwatch , a startup currently incubating at the Chicago Innovation Exchange.

Health - Career - 02.07.2015

Career - Economics / Business - 01.07.2015
Abington economist: Expanding overtime pay a win for workers, employers, economy
Lonnie Golden (right), professor of economics at Penn State Abington, thinks the new regulations expanding eligibility for overtime pay will benefit employers as well as employees and the economy as a whole.

Career - Economics / Business - 30.06.2015
Expanding overtime pay a win for workers, employers, economy
Lonnie Golden (right), professor of economics at Penn State Abington, thinks the new regulations expanding eligibility for overtime pay will benefit employers as well as employees and the economy as a whole.

Economics / Business - Career - 30.06.2015
LiquiGlide slides into consumer space
LiquiGlide slides into consumer space
The days of wasting condiments - and other products - that stick stubbornly to the sides of their bottles may be gone, thanks to MIT spinout LiquiGlide, which has licensed its nonstick coating to a major consumer-goods company.

Career - 29.06.2015
UQ’s Holly Ferling sets sights on Ashes victory
University of Queensland student and international cricketer Holly Ferling is more determined than ever to don the green and gold for this year's Women's Ashes series, after a back injury forced her out of last year's season.

Health - Career - 26.06.2015
Employers should create happier and healthier workplaces
Research undertaken by Lancaster University's The Work Foundation has informed guidelines from England's health watchdog.

Health - Career - 26.06.2015
Being a professor at Karolinska Institutet
Being a professor at Karolinska Institutet
The SciLifeLab laboratories on the Solna campus stand adjacent to the offices, and only a few paces separate Anita Aperia's group's white lab coats from their desks.

Career - Economics / Business - 24.06.2015
How the new spending chief can tackle tax without being a prat
Wendy Bradley, PhD student of tax simplification and better regulation at the University of Sheffield, comments on the challenges Labour MP Meg Hillier will face in her new role as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee.

Administration - Career - 23.06.2015
UCLA faculty voice: Five ways to improve gender equity in the tech sector
The Luskin Center for Innovation recently held a conference to devise ways to bring more women into the field John Villasenor and Rebecca Sadwick John Villasenor is a professor of electrical engineer

Economics / Business - Career - 21.06.2015
Floating an Idea
Ask a bunch of kindergarteners if they're artists, and all of them will boom "YES!" Ask adults, though, and the story changes dramatically.

Career - History / Archeology - 16.06.2015
A real piece of work
In 2003, researchers embarked on a project to piece together a picture of changes in British working life over the course of 600 years.

Health - Career - 12.06.2015
Lambert donation puts Australia at forefront of medicinal cannabinoid research
A $33.7 million gift to the University of Sydney places Australia at the forefront of medicinal cannabinoid research.

Career - Economics / Business - 11.06.2015
Founders are important but 'joiners' strengthen startups
Growing interest in the startup culture has focused attention on company founders who often take great risks to launch new ventures.

Career - Social Sciences - 10.06.2015
Women more concerned with looming parenthood than men, Stanford scholar says
Stanford researcher Brooke Conroy Bass found that women were more likely than men to think and worry about how their career paths might align with future parenthood.

Career - Computer Science - 09.06.2015
Hands-On Approach Boosts Graduation Rates, STEM Retention
Students in the Freshman Research Initiative practice discovery from soon after they arrive on campus.

Career - 05.06.2015
On the Runway: Culturally Appropriate Active Wear for East African Girls
WHAT: Middle school girls from the Cedar-Riverside community will model active wear they designed with researchers from the College of Design and the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport.

Career - Economics / Business - 04.06.2015
Conservatives must now be taken seriously as an electoral force in the North of England, study finds
The next leader of the Labour Party cannot take the party's strength in the North of England for granted, says Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) report Research shows Conservative support increased significantly in the North-East - traditionally the party's weakest region - in the general election.

Pedagogy - Career - 01.06.2015
Professor receives $700,000 grant to investigate science achievement gaps
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -  Paul L. Morgan , associate professor of education and director of the Educational Risk Initiative , is the recent recipient of a $700,000 grant from the Institute of Education Sciences , U.S. Department of Education. The grant will fund research to identify the factors that may be resulting in science achievement gaps being experienced by students in U.S. elementary and middle schools.

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