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Health - May 22
Schools and society as a whole have a role to play in helping young people tackle numerous challenges around their health and wellbeing, researchers say. The School Health Research Network is led by Professor Simon Murphy at Cardiff University and is the largest network of its type in the world. The network includes every Welsh secondary school and conducts a biennial survey in partnership with Welsh Government and Public Health Wales.
Health - May 22

Cancerous tumors can be made to bioluminesce, like fireflies, according to the level of their glucose uptake, giving rise to a technique for quantifying metabolite absorption.

Physics - May 21

A high-gravity experiment has revealed how cells keep their shape under pressure. Scientists have probed how cells respond to high gravity with a technique that could transform how we look at cellular life.

Health - May 21

A new study led by the University of Bristol will help uncover risk factors and links between self-harm and eating disorders. New funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC) now allows for complex modelling and analysis of Bristol's Children of the 90s questionnaires and clinic data, to further our understanding of factors leading to self harm and eating disorders in children and teenagers.

Health - May 22

Researchers at UNIGE have carried out the first nationwide study on semen quality of young Swiss men.

Health - May 21

By understanding how day-night alternation affects the effect of insulin in tissues, researchers at UNIGE are highlighting the role of circadian rhythms in diabetes.

Health - May 21

Findings published today in the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme's 2018 annual report indicate ongoing concerns about the premature deaths of people with learning disabilities.


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Administration - Innovation / Technology - 10:35

Chemistry - Administration - 10:04

Pharmacology - Health - 08:00
Novartis phase II data for new inhaled combination treatment (QVM149) demonstrates significant improvements over current standard-of-care inhaled treatment
New inhaled combination for asthma treatment (indacaterol acetate, glycopyrronium bromide and mometasone furoate - IND/GLY/MF) was superior to the standard of care (long-acting beta-agonist/inhaled c

Social Sciences - Career - 22.05.2019
President and provost host community conversation at new Redwood City campus
President and provost host community conversation at new Redwood City campus
President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Provost Persis Drell answered questions about the long-range vision and other issues during a community meeting on Tuesday.

Business / Economics - Social Sciences - 22.05.2019

Law / Forensics - 21.05.2019
Chemerinsky sees dark days ahead for abortion rights proponents
Representative Judy Chu of California and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal speak to demonstrators outside of the Supreme Court on May 21, 2019.

Health - Pharmacology - 21.05.2019
Bern Center for Precision Medicine inaugurated
The Bern Center for Precision Medicine (BCPM) of the University of Bern and Inselspital, University hospital of Bern, were officially opened today in the presence of Director of Education Christine Häsler.

Life Sciences - 21.05.2019
Imperial named Leader in Openness on animal research
Imperial named Leader in Openness on animal research
Imperial has been recognised for its openness about the use of animals in research with a Leader in Openness Award from Understanding Animal Research.

Linguistics / Literature - 21.05.2019

Music - 21.05.2019
Another chance to hear a human history of sound and listening
Another chance to hear a human history of sound and listening
A BBC Radio series on the history of sound and listening, written and presented by a University of Sussex academic, is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra and BBC Sounds.

Health - Psychology - 21.05.2019
Curbing Miami’s AIDS epidemic with CHARM
The College of Arts and Sciences' Steven Safren, center, leads the new Center for HIV and Research in Mental Health, or CHARM, with the Miller School's Daniel Feaster and Deborah Jones Weiss.

Computer Science / Telecom - 21.05.2019
High-flying robot leaps through obstacles with ease
Topping out at less than a foot, Salto the robot looks like a Star Wars imperial walker in miniature.

Social Sciences - 21.05.2019
Lost since 1943 crash, WWII pilot returned to Alabama family
Mark Stone was on his way to the tractor supply store near Pensacola, Florida, in February when his father called and asked him if he was sitting down.

Administration - 21.05.2019
White Paper raises concerns about access to the nation’s digital past
People are struggling to access a treasure trove of the UK's modern digital archives due to physical, technological and legal barriers, academics have warned in a White Paper published today.

Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 21.05.2019
Treating muscular disease - Santhera and Biozentrum join forces
Treating muscular disease - Santhera and Biozentrum join forces
Santhera Pharmaceuticals and the University of Basel's Biozentrum announce their collaboration to advance gene therapy research for the treatment of congenital muscular dystrophy.

Pharmacology - 21.05.2019

Life Sciences - Health - 20.05.2019
Antibiotic treatment slows Alzheimer’s symptoms in male mice
Researchers at the University of Chicago have demonstrated that the type of bacteria living in the gut can influence the development of Alzheimer's disease symptoms in mice.

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 20.05.2019
Commencement speaker Wendy Kopp: ’Lead us forward differently’
Wendy Kopp, CEO and co-founder of Teach For All and founder of Teach For America, gave the following remarks to graduates during her keynote speech at Spring 2019 Commencement: Thank you, Jesse! Than

Environment - 20.05.2019
Resilience of Yellowstone’s forests tested by unprecedented fire
The Maple Fire burns at Yellowstone National Park in 2016. The fire affected forests recovering from the park's historic 1988 fires.

Business / Economics - 20.05.2019

Environment - Chemistry - 20.05.2019
Counterintuitive climate solution
A seemingly counterintuitive approach - converting one greenhouse gas into another - holds promise for returning the atmosphere to pre-industrial concentrations of methane, a powerful driver of global warming. A relatively simple process could help turn the tide of climate change while also turning a healthy profit.

Health - 20.05.2019
Multimillion pound project will see AI remixing radio to help people living with dementia
Multimillion pound project will see AI remixing radio to help people living with dementia
Radio listeners are used to getting information about the travel and weather - but now they could get personalised medical support, thanks to an innovative new scheme.

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 20.05.2019
Sydney experts advocate for inclusivity at the OECD
Sydney experts advocate for inclusivity at the OECD
Intergenerational inequality creating a new class system, the need to apply a gender lens on the future of work and women in STEMM are some of the key arguments University of Sydney academics will make at the 2019 OECD Forum.

Agronomy / Food Science - 20.05.2019
Improving the livelihoods of Timor-Leste livestock farmers
Improving the livelihoods of Timor-Leste livestock farmers
The lifeblood of Timor-Leste's agricultural sector - smallholder farming - is to be bolstered by collaborative University of Queensland-led research.

Social Sciences - 20.05.2019
Affordability Task Force digging into needs of various communities
Teams focusing on the needs of individual groups within the Stanford community have been hard at work collecting input and data.

Computer Science / Telecom - 20.05.2019
Dog-like robot jumps, flips and trots
Stanford students developed a dog-like robot that can navigate tough terrain ' and they want you to make one too.

Social Sciences - 20.05.2019

Social Sciences - Politics - 20.05.2019
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