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Economics / Business - 19.05.2020
Will coronavirus-related job losses eventually return?
The numbers are finally capturing the full magnitude of the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Health - Politics - 19.05.2020
Why female leaders are proving to be so effective in responding to the pandemic
1. norms make it easier for female leaders to deal with COVID-19 appropriately. Male leaders face tough trade-offs governing during a time of pandemic.

Veterinary - Life Sciences - 19.05.2020
Why cats have more lives than dogs when it comes to snakebite
Cats are twice as likely to survive a venomous snakebite than dogs, and the reasons behind this phenomenon have been revealed by University of Queensland research. The research team, led by PhD student Christina Zdenek and Associate Professor Bryan Fry , compared the effects of snake venoms on the blood clotting agents in dogs and cats, hoping to help save the lives of our furry friends.

Media - 19.05.2020
How journalism is covering the COVID-19 pandemic around the world
USI European Journalism Observatory (EJO) has been mapping the impact of the pandemic on journalism in various countries around the world since March with a series of articles on this issue, all available here and constantly updated.

History / Archeology - Politics - 18.05.2020

History / Archeology - 18.05.2020
Bradbury Science Museum launches online archives with Manhattan Project science and history
Bradbury Science Museum launches online archives with Manhattan Project science and history
Images provide a glimpse of the workforce, technology and events that led to the development of the first atomic bombs at Los Alamos The online site provides a combination of objects, archives and photos that may help people gain surprising insights into an important time in our nation's history.

Event - Health - 18.05.2020

Health - Pharmacology - 18.05.2020
Global trial in healthcare workers tests if malaria drug can prevent COVID-19
Up to 30,000 healthcare workers from across the globe will be recruited to participate in a clinical trial co-led by UCL, which aims to establish whether chloroquine, a widely prescribed anti-malaria drug, could also prevent people from getting COVID-19.

Health - Computer Science - 18.05.2020
UCLA machine-learning model is helping CDC predict spread of COVID-19
A machine-learning model developed at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering is helping the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predict the spread of COVID-19. The model was created by a team led by Quanquan Gu, a UCLA assistant professor of computer science, and it is now one of 13 models that feed into a COVID-19 Forecast Hub at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Life Sciences - 18.05.2020
Introducing the Caltech Science Exchange
Caltech has launched a new web resource, the Caltech Science Exchange , dedicated to clear and credible explanations of high-profile science and engineering topics.

Innovation - Environment - 18.05.2020
How fungi are becoming the future
How fungi are becoming the future
How will we be able to feed 10 billion people in the not too distant future without causing widespread environmental damage? How can we stop using petroleum and still be able to manufacture chemical industry products? These are just some of the questions which humankind is facing today.

Health - Pharmacology - 18.05.2020
Clinical trials test blood pressure drug losartan
University of Minnesota Medical School researchers have launched two new clinical trials to test whether the blood pressure medication losartan can prevent lung injury in people recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

Earth Sciences - 18.05.2020
Researchers to study ’DNA’ of Earth’s interior
An ambitious project set-up to map conditions underneath the surface of the Earth in unprecedented detail has been launched by scientists. Combining state-of-the-art technology with the latest high-performance computing, a UK team led by researchers at Cardiff University are aiming to create the very first 4D maps of the Earth's mantle - a huge layer of slowly moving rock that sits beneath our surface.

Health - Economics / Business - 18.05.2020
COVID-19: UW study reports 'staggering' death rate in US among those infected who show symptoms
COVID-19: UW study reports ’staggering’ death rate in US among those infected who show symptoms
Is COVID-19 more deadly than the flu? It's a lot more deadly, concludes a new study by the University of Washington published May 7 in the journal Health Affairs. The study's results also project a grim future if the U.S. doesn't put up a strong fight against the spread of the virus. The national rate of death among people infected with the novel coronavirus - SARS-CoV-2 - that causes COVID-19 and who show symptoms is 1.3%, the study found.

Mathematics - 18.05.2020
Early Bird uses 10 times less energy to train deep neural networks
Early Bird uses 10 times less energy to train deep neural networks
Novel training method could shrink carbon footprint for greener deep learning Rice University's Early Bird could care less about the worm; it's looking for megatons of greenhouse gas emissions. Early Bird is an energy-efficient method for training deep neural networks (DNNs), the form of artificial intelligence (AI) behind self-driving cars, intelligent assistants, facial recognition and dozens more high-tech applications.

Health - 18.05.2020
Serological tests in Ticino: the first results
A project was launched to test on a voluntary basis those who are potentially more exposed to SARS-CoV-2: healthcare workers. From 16 April volunteers have been tested in Ticino for antibodies generated by the new coronavirus infection. Coordinated by the Clinical Trial Unit EOC (CTU-EOC), the project is carried out in collaboration with hospitals, COVID-19 centres in Ticino (Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale EOC and Moncucco Clinic), the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB, affiliated to USI) and Humabs BioMed (a subsidiary of Vir Biotechnology).

Economics / Business - Health - 18.05.2020
Economic scenarios for a post-Covid recovery
As we enter a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the gradual reopening of productive and commercial activities, many people are wondering if and how we will return to normal and, above all, if there will be an effective economic recovery ahead.

Career - Economics / Business - 18.05.2020

Health - 18.05.2020
Who chooses the path that data takes?
The Internet in its current form is outdated, believes Adrian Perrig. He's set on creating an Internet where society would regain more control.

Pedagogy - 18.05.2020

Architecture - Environment - 18.05.2020
Experiments in the kitchen and architectural models in the sandpit
Experiments in the kitchen and architectural models in the sandpit
What happens when COVID-19 means architecture students have to get by without a workshop, electrical engineers without high-voltage laboratories and environmental scientists without field trips.

Economics / Business - 18.05.2020
Academics set out financial challenges for Higher Education (HE) sector in Wales due to Covid-19
Welsh universities face a serious threat to their financial position because of the Covid-19 crisis, according to analysis from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre.

Psychology - 18.05.2020
Explores COVID-19's psychological impact
Explores COVID-19’s psychological impact
An international consortium of researchers is exploring COVID-19's psychological effects in 18 countries, and how compassion can help reduce pandemic-related stress.

Social Sciences - Law - 18.05.2020
A call for an end to solitary confinement
A call for an end to solitary confinement
New research from The University of Queensland has called for an end to solitary confinement in Queensland prisons because of the impact on the mental and physical health of prisoners. The multidisciplinary report was co-authored by Law School researcher Professor Tamara Walsh , Director and Principal Solicitor of Prisoners' Legal Service (PLS) Helen Blaber and a team of UQ students and PLS volunteers.

Social Sciences - 18.05.2020

Health - Administration - 17.05.2020

Civil Engineering - 15.05.2020

Health - 15.05.2020
Most Californians blame China for COVID-19, but reject ’racialized’ labels, poll finds
President Donald Trump (right) has caused controversy by using the term "Chinese Virus” or "China Virus” to describe the coronavirus.

Environment - 15.05.2020
Durham academic selected as New Generation Thinker
Durham academic selected as New Generation Thinker
Dr Noreen Masud has taken up the prestigious role as one of this year's New Generation Thinkers (NGT) which will see her working with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and BBC Radio 3.
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