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Mathematics - Computer Science / Telecom - 16.08.2018
New research predicts landslide boundaries two weeks before they happen
University of Melbourne researchers have  developed a software tool  that uses applied mathematics and big data analytics to predict the boundary of where a landslide will occur, two weeks in advance.

Mathematics - Computer Science / Telecom - 15.08.2018
"Moments of true insight make all the apparently fruitless hours worthwhile": Münster mathematicians Dr. Franziska Jahnke and Dr. Mira Schedensack talk about their work
Hours of contemplation, approaching a solution in small steps, and a healthy scepticism towards computer-generated results. In these guest articles, two mathematicians at the University of Münster, Dr. Franziska Jahnke und Dr. Mira Schedensack , explain what mathematical research means to them and what the aim of this research is.

Computer Science / Telecom - Mathematics - 15.08.2018
Design tool reveals a product's many possible performance tradeoffs
Design tool reveals a product’s many possible performance tradeoffs
Users can quickly visualize designs that optimize multiple parameters at once. MIT researchers have developed a tool that makes it much easier and more efficient to explore the many compromises that come with designing new products. Designing any product - from complex car parts down to workaday objects such as wrenches and lamp stands - is a balancing act with conflicting performance tradeoffs.

Computer Science / Telecom - Career - 14.08.2018
Carnegie Mellon Joins Meltwater To Advance Data Science
Students and faculty at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science are collaborating with the digital media intelligence firm Meltwater to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence education and research using the company's AI platform.

Computer Science / Telecom - 10.08.2018

Health - Computer Science / Telecom - 10.08.2018
New centre uses apps to raise health in Sydney's west
New centre uses apps to raise health in Sydney’s west
Text messaging to control blood pressure in diabetics and mobile phone apps to support medication use are among the digital health programs led by a new University of Sydney research centre launched today in Westmead.

Physics - Computer Science / Telecom - 09.08.2018
UChicago to help lead effort to build first practical quantum computer
The race to turn the vision of quantum computing into reality today involves multiple contenders, exploring different technologies that they hope will open up a new era of science and engineering. Now a new collaboration of seven universities, including the University of Chicago, will join that competition, working together to create the pioneering hardware, software and applications needed to realize the world's first practical quantum computer.

Career - Computer Science / Telecom - 09.08.2018
Four Million Euros Awarded to Three UZH Researchers
Three scientists of the University of Zurich have been awarded the EU's coveted ERC Starting Grants.

Sport - Computer Science / Telecom - 07.08.2018
How a Computer Learns To Dribble: Practice, Practice, Practice
Basketball players need lots of practice before they master the dribble, and it turns out that's true for computer-animated players as well.

Computer Science / Telecom - 06.08.2018
Engineers Taught a Drone to Herd Birds Away From Airports
Engineers Taught a Drone to Herd Birds Away From Airports
Engineers at Caltech have developed a new control algorithm that enables a single drone to herd an entire flock of birds away from the airspace of an airport.

History / Archeology - Computer Science / Telecom - 06.08.2018
ANU archaeologist releases app for Angkor Wat temples
ANU archaeologist releases app for Angkor Wat temples
An archaeologist from The Australian National University (ANU) has released a new app that acts as a virtual tour guide for one of the world's most popular tourist attractions - the temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

Mathematics - Computer Science / Telecom - 06.08.2018
Realistic sounds for computer animation
By computing pressure waves cast off by rapidly moving and vibrating surfaces - such as a cymbal - a new sound synthesis system developed by Stanford researchers can automatically render realistic sound for computer animations.

Computer Science / Telecom - Administration - 03.08.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Event - 03.08.2018

Career - Computer Science / Telecom - 02.08.2018
EU funding for young engineering researchers
EU funding for young engineering researchers
The Technical University of Munich (TUM) receives special recognition for excellent research in the engineering sciences: The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded future funding to three proje

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 31.07.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Electroengineering - 30.07.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Environment - 27.07.2018

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 26.07.2018
Teams Take Top Spots in Microsoft Localization Competition
Carnegie Mellon University alumni and students found their way to a firstand second-place finish in the fifth annual Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition , held this year in the Palácio da Bolsa in Porto, Portugal.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 25.07.2018
Smart Internet Lab welcomes the UK Government’s targets for the Future Telecoms Infrastructure
The University of Bristol's Smart Internet Lab welcomes the Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review, published this week, and particularly the new spectrum policy that will focus on securing a diverse set of innovative 5G services.

Health - Computer Science / Telecom - 25.07.2018
Experts explain how big data and AI will help patients
Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping doctors make better treatment decisions and improve the delivery of care, say Imperial experts.

Computer Science / Telecom - Environment - 24.07.2018
Cambridge to appoint DeepMind Chair of Machine Learning
The University of Cambridge will establish a DeepMind Chair of Machine Learning, thanks to a benefaction from the world-leading British AI company.   This gift will not only enhance Cambridge's streng

Computer Science / Telecom - Psychology - 24.07.2018
Helping computers perceive human emotions
Helping computers perceive human emotions
MIT Media Lab researchers have developed a machine-learning model that takes computers a step closer to interpreting our emotions as naturally as humans do. In the growing field of "affective computing," robots and computers are being developed to analyze facial expressions, interpret our emotions, and respond accordingly.

Computer Science / Telecom - Electroengineering - 24.07.2018
UC San Diego Selected to Lead Development of Open-Source Tools for Hardware Design Automation
The University of California San Diego has been awarded $11.3 million over four years from DARPA to lead a multi-institution project which aims to develop electronic design automation tools for 24-hour, no-human-in-the-loop hardware layout generation.

Life Sciences - Computer Science / Telecom - 23.07.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Physics - 19.07.2018
Eagle-eyed machine learning algorithm outdoes human experts
Artificial intelligence is now so smart that silicon brains frequently outthink people. Computers operate self-driving cars, pick friends' faces out of photos on Facebook, and are learning to take on jobs typically entrusted only to human experts. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have trained computers to quickly and consistently detect and analyze microscopic radiation damage to materials under consideration for nuclear reactors.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 18.07.2018
Carnegie Mellon Partners with Bossa Nova To Bring Best-in-class Artificial Intelligence to its Data and Analytics for Retailers
Carnegie Mellon University announces a research partnership with Bossa Nova , the leading provider of real-time, on-shelf product data for the global retail industry, to develop and integrate artificial intelligence into service robots in retail stores nationwide.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 17.07.2018
The pros and cons of artificial intelligence
AI is set to trigger a major transformation in society. As soon as algorithms influence our voting habits or design school curricula, it is up to politics to limit the damage. A new study on the opportunities and risks of AI is now being conducted on behalf of TA-Swiss. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just about the irritatingly charming face of a "humanoid robot" gazing inquisitively at us.

Life Sciences - Computer Science / Telecom - 17.07.2018
Data Science Initiative supports faculty research at UW-Madison
Ten highly innovative projects ranging from creation of a data pipeline for freshwater science data repositories to characterizing the variations of gut microbial composition with age and age-related

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 12.07.2018
Artificial intelligence helps design an ultra-aerodynamic bike
Thanks to software developed by Neural Concept, an EPFL spin-off, bicycle engineers can quickly calculate the most aerodynamic shape for a bike. The software - which is being presented in Stockholm today at the International Conference on Machine Learning - applies artificial intelligence to a set of user-defined specifications.

Computer Science / Telecom - Physics - 06.07.2018
Team Wins Data-Driven Scavenger Hunt for Simulated Nuclear Materials
Team Wins Data-Driven Scavenger Hunt for Simulated Nuclear Materials
Competing in a fictitious high-stakes scenario, a group of scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) bested two dozen other teams in a months-long, data-driven scavenger hunt for simulated radioactive materials in a virtual urban environment. The goal of this hackathon-styled event was both to improve the detection methods that could be applied to actual threats involving nuclear materials, and to create a platform to virtually vet out these methods.

Computer Science / Telecom - 05.07.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - 04.07.2018
"Blind" Cheetah 3 robot can climb stairs littered with obstacles
MIT's Cheetah 3 robot can now leap and gallop across rough terrain, climb a staircase littered with debris, and quickly recover its balance when suddenly yanked or shoved, all while essentially blind. The 90-pound mechanical beast - about the size of a full-grown Labrador - is intentionally designed to do all this without relying on cameras or any external environmental sensors.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 29.06.2018
EPFL uses blockchain technology to secure e-voting systems
EPFL uses blockchain technology to secure e-voting systems
An e-voting system based on blockchain technology has just been tested at EPFL. The system serves as a digital guarantee, ensuring that competing sides have faith in the voting process. This open-source technology will soon be available on the Center for Digital Trust's software platform. E-voting is becoming increasingly popular both in Switzerland and further afield.

Earth Sciences - Computer Science / Telecom - 28.06.2018
New Simulations Break Down Potential Impact of a Major Quake by Building Location and Size
New Simulations Break Down Potential Impact of a Major Quake by Building Location and Size
– By Christina Procopiou With unprecedented resolution, scientists and engineers are simulating precisely how a large-magnitude earthquake along the Hayward Fault would affect different locations and buildings across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Physics - Computer Science / Telecom - 27.06.2018
World record set in quantum computing simulation - equivalent to a billion laptops
University of Melbourne scientists have  set a world record  in simulating quantum power on a classical computer, demonstrating more quantum data crunching than any of the existing quantum computer prototypes.

Computer Science / Telecom - Health - 26.06.2018
London’s pioneering MedTech accelerator launches at Imperial
An Imperial-led programme to boost the commercialisation of new medical technologies by early career researchers has welcomed its first cohort.

Computer Science / Telecom - 21.06.2018

Environment - Computer Science / Telecom - 21.06.2018
New Model Shows Where to Improve Power Grids
New Model Shows Where to Improve Power Grids
The big question Energy generation from renewable, but fluctuating, resources like solar and wind can add stress to the grid infrastructure, and in particular on specific links within it that can fail and cause brownouts. But how can we know where these vulnerable links are before that happens? The new discovery Researchers from Caltech and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica national research center in Amsterdam created a mathematical framework that helps to predict where power line failures will occur.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 18.06.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Health - 18.06.2018
Faster analysis of medical images
Faster analysis of medical images
Medical image registration is a common technique that involves overlaying two images, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, to compare and analyze anatomical differences in great detail.

Computer Science / Telecom - Electroengineering - 15.06.2018
Engineers build smart power outlet
Engineers build smart power outlet
Have you ever plugged in a vacuum cleaner, only to have it turn off without warning before the job is done? Or perhaps your desk lamp works fine, until you turn on the air conditioner that's plugged into the same power strip. These interruptions are likely "nuisance trips," in which a detector installed behind the wall trips an outlet's electrical circuit when it senses something that could be an arc-fault - a potentially dangerous spark in the electric line.

Social Sciences - Computer Science / Telecom - 14.06.2018
Fake Facebook account reveals how we fall for fake news
A fictitious Facebook account set up by a team of researchers at the University of Nottingham to mirror the sort of news feed users might encounter on their own Facebook pages has highlighted the diff

Computer Science / Telecom - Business / Economics - 12.06.2018
Fair and Square
The concept of fairness in financial lending is thorny, with banks frequently accused of using deceptive or abusive practices.

Sport - Computer Science / Telecom - 11.06.2018
Building bridges on the Life Science Campus Freising-Weihenstephan
Research news How can success in soccer be measured? With the amount of positional data available in modern soccer, this question seems particularly interesting in the run-up to a World Cup.

Computer Science / Telecom - Life Sciences - 11.06.2018
MIT announces leadership of its Quest for Intelligence
MIT announces leadership of its Quest for Intelligence
Antonio Torralba has been named the inaugural director of the MIT Quest for Intelligence, effective immediately, Provost Martin Schmidt announced today in an email to the MIT community.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 06.06.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 06.06.2018
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