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Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 30.07.2013
Q&A: Stanford researcher on learning English in today’s multiethnic classrooms
Education Professor Claude Goldenberg urges scholars to put aside ideological debates about English language learning and seek approaches to help students succeed.

Continuing Education - Psychology - 16.07.2013
Iowa schools to use U of M-developed early literacy and reading assessment tools
MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (07/16/2013) —The University of Minnesota has signed an agreement with the Iowa Department of Education to provide universal screening and progress monitoring assessments for reading achievement from pre-kindergarten through grade six.

Continuing Education - Life Sciences - 16.07.2013
Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video, Stanford researchers say
Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video, Stanford researchers say
A study from the Stanford Graduate School of Education of how students best learned a neuroscience lesson showed a distinct benefit to starting out by working with an interactive 3D model of the brain. A new study from the Stanford Graduate School of Education flips upside down the notion that students learn best by first independently reading texts or watching online videos before coming to class to engage in hands-on projects.

Law - Continuing Education - 13.07.2013

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 11.07.2013

Health - Continuing Education - 08.07.2013
Manchester Medical School graduate to be first doctor in his village in Nepal
08 Jul 2013 A University of Manchester medical student graduating this week is to become the first ever doctor in his rural village in Nepal.

Mathematics - Continuing Education - 04.07.2013
All young people should do maths to age 18 to prepare for today’s workplace
All young people should continue to study maths at least until they are 18, even if they have already gained a good GCSE in the subject, the Sutton Trust said today, because the GCSE curriculum fails to give them the practical skills they need in the modern workplace.

Continuing Education - 27.06.2013
Assistant Treasurer launches Tax and Transfer Institute
Assistant Treasurer launches Tax and Transfer Institute
The new Tax and Transfer Policy Institute will play an essential role in public debate about tax reform, Assistant Treasurer the Hon David Bradbury said today.

Administration - Continuing Education - 20.06.2013
UmeŚ University again top-ranked among world’s best young universities
Two respected international ranking systems have placed UmeŚ University among the world's best under the age of 50 years, at #29 and #34.

Life Sciences - Continuing Education - 19.06.2013
Snail trail reveals ancient human migration
Geneticists from The University of Nottingham have used snails to uncover evidence of an ancient human migration from the Pyrenean region of France to Ireland.

Continuing Education - Linguistics / Literature - 14.06.2013

Health - Continuing Education - 12.06.2013
A bright IDEA to improve dementia care
A new free to use website has been launched at The University of Nottingham to improve care for people with dementia.

Chemistry - Continuing Education - 05.06.2013

Chemistry - Continuing Education - 04.06.2013
Science video by Everest trekkers is University’s latest YouTube hit
Film-makers at The University of Nottingham trekked to Everest base camp… to boil a kettle.

Continuing Education - Health - 31.05.2013
Mother’s education impacts depression in her children
Children of women who did not finish high school were twice as likely to experience a major episode of depression in early adulthood as children whose mothers obtained a high school diploma, according to a new study by researchers at McGill University.

Health - Continuing Education - 30.05.2013
Research Helps Explain Patient Knowledge of Vaccines, Providing Insight for Health Care Providers and Educational Campaigns
AUSTIN, Texas — Health care providers face a communication challenge when†seeing patients who have formed negative or ambivalent opinions on vaccinations through Twitter.

Health - Continuing Education - 17.05.2013
Playing doctor in the digital age
Playing doctor in the digital age
Computer game uses real hospital situations to teach medical students the importance of communicating as a team.

Continuing Education - 10.05.2013

Continuing Education - Physics - 09.05.2013
Building the Future for Big Data
Campus expanding network uplink capacity by adding 100 Gbps research connection What does it mean to have 100G connectivity? Just how much data is a 100G connection capable of transmitting? The answer, it turns out, is quite a bit.

Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 08.05.2013
Proposed exam reforms 'unlikely to drive up standards'
A report by Oxford University's Centre for Educational Assessment says there is little evidence to support government claims that standards of examinations have fallen in England, and argues that the government's proposed reforms in today's Queen's Speech are unlikely to drive up standards.

Continuing Education - Administration - 08.05.2013
New Centre to research science of learning
University of Melbourne education researchers will help shape the new Science of Learning Research Centre which will use scientific methods including neuroscience and psychology to improve our understanding of learning.

Administration - Continuing Education - 08.05.2013

Social Sciences - Continuing Education - 07.05.2013
Live and Learn: Most GenXers are continuing their education
ANN ARBOR-More than one in every 10 members of Generation X are enrolled in classes to continue their formal educations, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Continuing Education - Administration - 06.05.2013

Health - Continuing Education - 29.04.2013
Growing new arteries, bypassing blocked ones
Scientific collaborators from Yale School of Medicine and University College London (UCL) have uncovered the molecular pathway by which new arteries may form after heart attacks, strokes and other acute illnesses - bypassing arteries that are blocked.

Social Sciences - Continuing Education - 23.04.2013
Lemann Foundation Makes Commitment to Brazilian Studies at Columbia
With the primary goal of building capacity to recruit and fund scholars and students dedicated to social and civic engagement in Brazil, the Lemann Foundation has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Columbia University for the benefit of several related initiatives.

Event - Continuing Education - 22.04.2013
Can you guess what happened last?
We can often predict what people are going to do. But is it possible to guess what it was that made them do it?

Continuing Education - 16.04.2013
Beckhams 'getting posher'
Beckhams ‘getting posher’
16 Apr 2013 David and Victoria Beckham have changed the way they speak to sound less working class, according to a study by University of Manchester linguistics students.

Social Sciences - Continuing Education - 15.04.2013
The bigger the group, the smaller the chance of interracial friendship
ANN ARBOR-The larger the group, the smaller the chance of forming interracial friendships, a new University of Michigan study shows.

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 15.04.2013

Continuing Education - Health - 12.04.2013
Delivering dental education via television
A new project coordinated by the University of Melbourne and funded by the State Government will transform the delivery of dental education in Victoria.

Career - Continuing Education - 11.04.2013
Science needs more women
Science needs more women
By Professor Bryan Gaensler. First published in The Australian. 11 April 2013 Scientists strive always to be fair and impartial in their research.

Health - Continuing Education - 09.04.2013
UCLA Nursing research on women and heart disease among key topics at nursing conference
New findings on the role gender plays in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease will be among the research topics highlighted by faculty members and students from the UCLA School of

Administration - Continuing Education - 09.04.2013
Statement from University of Minnesota in response to recent budget and capital investment bills
MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (04/09/2013) —University of Minnesota Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Richard Pfutzenreuter released the following statement today in response to the House and Senate higher education budget and capital investment bills.

Religions - Continuing Education - 09.04.2013
Hidden Perspectives: Bringing the Bible Out of the Closet
A ground-breaking project at the University of Sheffield is tackling the fraught relationship between religion and homosexuality by challenging traditional readings of the Bible.

Computer Science / Telecom - Continuing Education - 08.04.2013
UC San Diego Computer Scientists Develop First-person Player Video Game that Teaches How to Program
Children learn some of the basic of Java after just one hour of play Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego, have developed an immersive, first-person player video game design

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 07.04.2013
Preschool program bridges the achievement gap, Stanford study shows
Low-income elementary school students who participated in a San Mateo County preschool program in California performed as well as - and at times better than - their peers who, for the most part, attended private preschool, a new Stanford study reveals.

Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 05.04.2013
Education can offset impact of low fertility trap
Education can offset impact of low fertility trap
A smarter, better educated population may help offset the impacts of declining fertility rates in East Asia, and provide lessons for Australia, according to a new report from the Australian National University's Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute.

Continuing Education - Health - 04.04.2013
Want to See the Future? Attend Research Expo
Time machines? Not yet. But at Research Expo on April 18, you can talk to Jacobs School of Engineering graduate students who are working on the future.

Continuing Education - 28.03.2013
’Urgent need to improve international access to autism resources and training’, say Birmingham experts
As World Autism Day approaches (2 April) the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at the University of Birmingham plans to extend its work to provide international training resources, strategies and programmes for practitioners and carers in different countries around the world.

Continuing Education - 27.03.2013
Admission results now out for autumn 2013
To find out if you have been offered admission to a programme or course starting in autumn 2013, log in to your page at to see your result.

Continuing Education - Astronomy / Space Science - 27.03.2013
Hunting high-mass stars with Herschel
In this new view of a vast star-forming cloud called W3, ESA's Herschel space observatory tells the story of how massive stars are born.

Astronomy / Space Science - Continuing Education - 27.03.2013
How to build a really, really big star
Stars ten times as massive as the Sun, or more, should not exist: as they grow, they tend to push away the gas they feed on, starving their own growth. Scientists have been struggling to figure out how some stars overcome this hurdle. Now, a group of researchers led by two astronomers at the University of Toronto suggests that baby stars may grow to great mass if they happen to be born within a corral of older stars -with these surrounding stars favorably arranged to confine and feed gas to the younger ones in their midst.

Continuing Education - Physics - 26.03.2013
California Research and Education Network Traffic Doubles
One of the World's Most Advanced Networks Moves 18 Petabytes in February 2013 Soon after the conclusion of its conference on the University of California, San Diego campus about the future of researc

Continuing Education - Administration - 25.03.2013
Probing Question: Why do we waste so much food?
Chalk it up to one of the many contradictions of modern life in developed nations: we cajole our kids into eating all the food on their plates "because children in poorer countries are starving" at the same time as we face a growing obesity epidemic worldwide.

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 22.03.2013
Melbourne signs Australia-first agreements in Latin America
The University of Melbourne has become the first Australian university to partner with one of Brazil's leading research bodies, The State of S„o Paulo Research Foundation .

Physics - Continuing Education - 21.03.2013
Capitol gains
Capitol gains
Graduate student Benjamin Franta visited Washington to advocate for research in photonics Benjamin Franta, a graduate student in applied physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, recently traveled to Washington, D.C.

Social Sciences - Continuing Education - 21.03.2013
Harvard, York, and Oxford talk social innovation
Harvard, York, and Oxford talk social innovation
Leaders from Harvard University, York University, and the University of Oxford met on March 4 and 5 to articulate a shared vision of the role of higher education institutions in supporting social innovation and social enterprise.

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