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Social Sciences - Continuing Education - 20.03.2013
Stanford Report’s popularity increases over the past three years
A recent readership survey showed that the majority of people who read the daily email found it "useful," "easy to read," "engaging" and "inclusive.

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 19.03.2013
Origins of teamwork in our nearest relative the chimpanzee
Our Location Where is WBS? ' The University of Warwick ' How to get here ' Download a campus map ' Our People The Dean, Professor Mark Taylor ' The Board of WBS ' The Senior Management Team at WBS '

Continuing Education - 19.03.2013

Social Sciences - Continuing Education - 18.03.2013
Like! Facebook assures us we're good enough, smart enough
Like! Facebook assures us we’re good enough, smart enough
Stirring an inner Stuart Smalley, Facebook profiles reassure our self-worth, because they offer a place where we can display the personal characteristics and relationships we value most, says a Cornell communication expert in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (March 2013).

Continuing Education - Agronomy / Food Science - 18.03.2013
Soft drinks present in the home drive up consumption in school children
Primary and secondary school students are five times as likely to be high consumers of sugar-sweetened drinks, such as soft drinks, if these drinks are available in their homes, according to a University of Sydney study published in the journal Preventive Medicine today.

Continuing Education - 14.03.2013

Continuing Education - 14.03.2013
Global failure to close the maths gender gap
Boys continue to outperform girls in maths, despite attempts to close the gap, according to a study from the University of Leeds and the University of Missouri. Significantly, the gap is largest at the higher end of the academic scale; twice as many boys than girls are in the top 1% of maths students across the globe.

Life Sciences - Continuing Education - 13.03.2013
Innocence Project Northwest wins right of DNA testing for felons serving time in community
Innocence Project Northwest wins right of DNA testing for felons serving time in community
Felons who serve part of their prison sentence in the community may now have the right to publicly funded DNA testing, thanks to a court victory won by a student representing the University of Washington School of Law's Innocence Project Northwest.

Law - Continuing Education - 13.03.2013
Argo tore open a wound, says former hostage in Iran during visit to Stanford Law School
Argo tore open a wound, says former hostage in Iran during visit to Stanford Law School
Stanford Report, March 13, 2013 Argo tore open a wound, says former hostage in Iran during visit to Stanford Law School John Limbert tells Stanford Law students what it was like to be a hostage in Ir

History / Archeology - Continuing Education - 13.03.2013
Richards Center trains next generation of Civil War scholars
At 4:30 a.m. on a Friday in April 1861, a shell from a 10-inch rebel mortar burst 100 feet over Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, beginning a bombardment that lasted nearly 34 hours.

Continuing Education - Social Sciences - 11.03.2013
Researchers report on 'lad culture' at British universities
Researchers report on ’lad culture’ at British universities
New research carried out by Sussex academics suggests that ‘lad culture' is widespread at universities in England and Scotland.

Earth Sciences - Continuing Education - 07.03.2013
Tracking sediments' fate in largest-ever dam removal
Tracking sediments’ fate in largest-ever dam removal
Salmon are beginning to swim up the Elwha River for the first time in more than a century. But University of Washington marine geologists are watching what's beginning to flow downstream — sediments from the largest dam-removal project ever undertaken.

Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 05.03.2013
Raise the legal dropout age, study says
Raising the age at which students can legally drop out of school could determine their future earning power and quality of life, according to a new paper by U of'T Mississauga economics professor Philip Oreopoulos .

Health - Continuing Education - 05.03.2013
Medical Center Establishes Initiative to Improve LGBT Health
New Program Brings Together Research, Clinical Care, Education and Policy to Fight Stigma and Promote Resilience among LGBT People As the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Ameri

Administration - Continuing Education - 05.03.2013

Life Sciences - Continuing Education - 04.03.2013
Reducing effects of traumatic events
Reducing fear and stress following a traumatic event could be as simple as providing a protein synthesis blocker to the brain, report a team of researchers from McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, McGill University, and Massachusetts General Hospital in a paper published in the March 4 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Continuing Education - Mechanical Engineering - 03.03.2013
Stanford 'Makers-in-Residence' program gives teens taste of real-world engineering
Stanford ’Makers-in-Residence’ program gives teens taste of real-world engineering
Stanford Report, March 4, 2013 New research aims to shed light on how "FabLabs" may enhance the way high school students learn science, technology, engineering and math.

Continuing Education - Linguistics / Literature - 01.03.2013
Using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning, panelists at Stanford event say
Using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning, panelists at Stanford event say
Stanford Report, March 1, 2013 Interaction and opportunities to make choices are among the virtues of the new generation of educational games, experts say.

Mathematics - Continuing Education - 28.02.2013

Continuing Education - 27.02.2013
CCSR report examines effects of closing low-performing Chicago schools
The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research has released a full version of the report, “Turning around Low-Performing Schools in Chicago,” which shows that in about th

Continuing Education - Electroengineering - 27.02.2013
Cross-cultural engineering projects empower communities abroad
Cross-cultural engineering projects empower communities abroad
Harvard student chapter of Engineers Without Borders works with villages in the Dominican Republic to find clean water By Bonnie Lei '15 Manuel Ramos '14, Leah Gaffney '15, Tunde Demuren '15, and Dip

Philosophy - Continuing Education - 27.02.2013
Birmingham and Yale to establish global justice programme in India
The University of Birmingham is joining forces with Yale to support the development of a pioneering global justice programme at the University of Delhi.

Continuing Education - 26.02.2013
Maths and girls
The percentage of girls studying no maths for their HSC has more than doubled in the past decade, a report co-authored by University of Sydney researchers shows.

Health - Continuing Education - 25.02.2013
Out of harm’s way -- does injury prevention education in schools really work?
PA 55/13 A team of researchers are to examine whether learning about injury prevention in school really can help to prevent a distressing trip to the A&E department for children and their parents.

Health - Continuing Education - 25.02.2013
Lead exposure negatively impacts MEAP scores of Detroit schoolchildren
ANN ARBOR-Lead exposure in early childhood has been linked to lower performance on state achievement tests for many Detroit Public School students in several grades, researchers from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and colleagues report. The researchers also found lower scores for children who had been exposed to lead at levels below the federal threshold.

Continuing Education - Administration - 25.02.2013
University success takes more than IQ
Lea Waters: 0432 689 547 / Education : Catriona May (03) 8344 3357 0435 960 030 catriona.may [a] (p) au Academic achievement is as much about hope, self-regulation and curio

Philosophy - Continuing Education - 24.02.2013
New course brings 'The Art of Living' to Stanford and to the airwaves
New course brings ’The Art of Living’ to Stanford and to the airwaves
Stanford Report, February 25, 2013 Philosophy Talk and Stanford Continuing Studies team up to create a unique course that combines philosophical wisdom with a radio broadcast experience.

Continuing Education - Psychology - 22.02.2013
Save your teens, save your marriage: Stanford's brief interventions
Save your teens, save your marriage: Stanford’s brief interventions
Stanford Report, February 22, 2013 Short psychological interventions can change preconceptions, altering how people interact with their world.

Continuing Education - Physics - 22.02.2013
Lightyear foundation brings practical science to schools in Ghana
Lightyear foundation brings practical science to schools in Ghana
In October 2012 PhD students Naomi Nickerson and Adam Billing (both Physics) travelled to Accra, Ghana, with 16 other volunteers from the Lightyear Foundation, an organisation bringing practical science to schools there.

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 21.02.2013
New project will transform city's talent into resource for young people in Bristol
New project will transform city’s talent into resource for young people in Bristol
An ambitious new project compiled by the people and institutions of Bristol to help young people thrive and flourish in the context of changing environmental, technological and economic times will launch its online call for ideas this week [Thursday 21 February 2013].

Continuing Education - 21.02.2013
Children learn better when they figure things out for themselves
MEDIA, Pa. Research conducted by Penn State Brandywine Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies Jennifer Zosh has discovered that toddlers learn new words more effectively by using their knowledge about the world to infer the label of an object, rather than by simply being instructed and told which word goes with which object.

Continuing Education - Astronomy / Space Science - 21.02.2013

Continuing Education - Computer Science / Telecom - 20.02.2013
Playing devil's advocate
Students study maps in the Red Cell Analytics Lab at Penn State's Information Sciences and Technology Building on the University Park campus.

Continuing Education - Computer Science / Telecom - 20.02.2013
Red Cell Lab offers realistic terrorism lessons for future intelligence analysts
Students study maps in the Red Cell Analytics Lab at Penn State's Information Sciences and Technology Building on the University Park campus.

Continuing Education - 19.02.2013
University of Birmingham opens new Centre for Research in Race and Education
Twenty years after the death of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, his mother, Doreen Lawrence will help launch a new Centre for Research in Race and Education at the University of Birmingham.

Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 19.02.2013
Pacific Islands ignored under Australia's 'short attention span'
Australian foreign policy often overlooks the Pacific and the post of Minister for Pacific Island Affairs should be re-established, University of Melbourne research has determined.

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 14.02.2013
Teaching Teens That Bullies Can Change Reduces Aggression in School, Study Shows
AUSTIN, Texas — Teenagers who believe people can't change react more aggressively to peer conflicts than those who think people can change. And teaching them that people have the potential to change can reduce these aggressive reactions, according to a new psychology study from The University of Texas at Austin.

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 14.02.2013
Umeå researchers working with Bonnier and Harvard on the future of digital magazines
Press Release from Umeå University Scandinavian media giant Bonnier Corp. was among the first in the world to design a digital magazine specifically for the iPad.

Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 13.02.2013
Poverty passed down despite conditional cash transfer
Conditional cash transfer has become by far the most popular method of reducing poverty in Latin America.

Continuing Education - 08.02.2013

Health - Continuing Education - 07.02.2013
The bid to improve end of life care for LGBT people starts here
LGBT people have been identified as the most likely group to face discrimination when it comes to end of life care.

Continuing Education - 07.02.2013
Working Alone Won’t Get You Good Grades
A graph showing interactions between 82 students during the last week of a course. High performing students are in dark blue and form a core where the highest density of persistent interactions can be observed.

Continuing Education - 07.02.2013
Chaos inside Indonesia's parliament
Chaos inside Indonesia’s parliament
Significant decisions in the Indonesian Parliament are being made in an unclear and unaccountable way, according to a new study from The Australian National University.

Continuing Education - Linguistics / Literature - 06.02.2013
Probing Question: Can a shy person be an actor?
Probing Question: Can a shy person be an actor?
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. You're the type of person who stands back in a crowd, taking it all in. When out with a group of friends, you linger on the edges, contributing to the conversation only when you feel you have something worthwhile to share.

Continuing Education - 05.02.2013

Continuing Education - Social Sciences - 01.02.2013
Famous journalist decries feeble press
Famous journalist decries feeble press
One of the world's most celebrated foreign correspondents slammed the press for its failings, weaknesses and clichés—especially in its coverage of the Middle East—during his presentation Jan.

Astronomy / Space Science - Continuing Education - 31.01.2013
High-flying camera snaps sharpest shots of Milky Way ring
High-flying camera snaps sharpest shots of Milky Way ring
Cornell researchers have captured the sharpest mid-infrared images yet of a ring of gas and dust seven light-years wide orbiting the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 30.01.2013
Storks, cabbage patches, and the birds and the bees - our broken sex education system
By Spring Chenoa Cooper and Cristyn Davis. First published in The Conversation. 30 January 2013 In the fields of gender, sexuality, and sexual health research, it's a no-brainer that sex education should start early, and that sex should be discussed often - both in schools and at home.

Continuing Education - Social Sciences - 29.01.2013
Many heterosexual college males say ’That’s so gay,’ but why?
ANN ARBOR-"That's so gay" is a popular expression on campuses nationwide among heterosexual students, especially young men. But why do they say it? A new University of Michigan study sheds light on this question. "That's so gay," although not necessarily said to harm lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) students, can create a hostile environment, say U-M researchers.

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