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Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 17.12.2012

Earth Sciences - Continuing Education - 17.12.2012
Analysis of Marcellus flowback finds high levels of ancient brines
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Brine water that flows back from gas wells in the Marcellus Shale region after hydraulic fracturing is many times more salty than seawater, with high contents of various elements, including radium and barium. The chemistry is consistent with brines formed during the Paleozoic era, a study by an undergraduate student and two professors in Penn State's Department of Geosciences found.

Art and Design - Continuing Education - 16.12.2012
Checking in with the Chocolate Heads
Checking in with the Chocolate Heads “movement band”
Stanford Report, December 17, 2012 The Stanford movement-driven band readies for its Bing Concert Hall debut with William Parker.

Continuing Education - Administration - 14.12.2012

Health - Continuing Education - 13.12.2012

Continuing Education - 11.12.2012
New research lifts the lid on 'sexting' attitudes and practices amongst teenagers
A new study conducted by Plymouth University and UK Safer Internet Centre supported by the NSPCC, reveals new concerns and trends in Ďsextingí amongst teenagers. The qualitative study engaged with 120 13-14 year olds and 30 10-11 year olds and concluded that: • Sexting is considered almost routine for many 13-14 year olds.

Continuing Education - 11.12.2012
Reconsider lotto tickets as holiday gifts for minors
Results from recent studies show a growing number of high school students reportedly receive one or more lottery tickets or scratch cards as gifts.

Continuing Education - 11.12.2012
Documents that Changed the World: 'Robert's Rules of Order'
Documents that Changed the World: ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’
Joe Janes visits the arcane world of parliamentary procedure and its veritable bible, "Robert's Rules of Order,” in the latest entry to his Documents that Changed the World podcast series.

Continuing Education - Administration - 11.12.2012
Early reading, executive function skills key for homeless/highly mobile children to succeed
News Release MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (12/11/2012) —Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that early reading and executive function skills are key indicators of academic success for homeless and highly mobile (HHM) children. Both studies were published today in the journal Educational Researcher, as part of a special section that underscores the scope and significance of achievement problems related to residential and school instability, while also looking at factors of resilience among HHM children.

Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 10.12.2012

Health - Continuing Education - 10.12.2012
Global health focus for 2013 Australia At Large Rhodes Scholar
A University of Melbourne medical graduate has been awarded the prestigious 2013 Australia At Large Rhodes Scholarship, to study global health and improve clinical care.

Continuing Education - 07.12.2012
Personal statement system unfair for state pupils, finds research
07 Dec 2012 The research for the Trust by Steven Jones, from The University of Manchester, has uncovered a different approach to the process between students educated at state schools and colleges and those educated in the independent sector.

Continuing Education - 07.12.2012

Continuing Education - Electroengineering - 06.12.2012

Sport - Continuing Education - 04.12.2012
Chris Morris named Golden Bears football head coach
Three-time Grey Cup champion and University of Alberta alumnus Chris Morris has been chosen to turn around the Golden Bears football program.

Continuing Education - Administration - 03.12.2012
"Missing" 200,000 may lose out on Pupil Premium and Free School Meals
More than 200,000 of England's “super-deprived” secondary school children may be missing out on free school meals and the Pupil Premium because they don't show up on official figures, new research shows. A report published in the December issue of the British Educational Research Journal by Stephen Gorard, of the University of Birmingham's School of Education, found that there was “no FSM [free school meal] data” for 3.3% of pupils and that these pupils are likely to be among the very poorest in society.

Continuing Education - 01.12.2012
The vanishing voices of Nepal, Africa – and New York
The vanishing voices of Nepal, Africa – and New York
I have returned to the village to make good on the promise that I made all those years ago, I'm taking the book home.

Continuing Education - Linguistics / Literature - 30.11.2012
Sussex puts 'The Girls' on film to help schools understand disaffection
Sussex puts ’The Girls’ on film to help schools understand disaffection
A new play exploring why young people disengage from school will form the basis of an education resource created by University of Sussex psychologists, education experts and media and film students.

Continuing Education - 30.11.2012
University to test emergency alert system Dec. 5
UChicago officials will conduct a scheduled test of cAlert, the emergency notification system, at or around noon on Wednesday, Dec.

Linguistics / Literature - Continuing Education - 29.11.2012
Gift will make historic Greek manuscripts accessible to all
Gift will make historic Greek manuscripts accessible to all
A grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation will create an online digital library containing rare books and art works related to Greek history and culture which will be available to everyone, across the world.

Continuing Education - Business / Economics - 29.11.2012
Food for thought: a fresh approach to the world's hunger crisis
Food for thought: a fresh approach to the world’s hunger crisis
By Pristine Ong 29 November 2012 The global financial crisis was a product of the affluent West, but its effects have been felt the hardest in developing countries.

Continuing Education - 29.11.2012

Health - Continuing Education - 28.11.2012

Continuing Education - Computer Science / Telecom - 26.11.2012
Leading breakthroughs in speech recognition software at Microsoft, Google, IBM
Groundbreaking work on speech recognition software by the University of Toronto's Department of Computer Science (DCS) is transforming Microsoft, Google and IBM.

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 26.11.2012
NAPLAN leading to a ’teach to test’ culture: major study
Education :Catriona May: (03) 8344 3357 / 0435 960 030 / UoM : Katherine Smith (03) 8344 7263/ Whitlam Institute : Amy Sambrooke (02) 9685 9072/ 0421 784 253 / †† † NAPLAN is having the unintended side-effect of narrowing teaching strategies and the curriculum, according to the first national study into its impact.

Health - Continuing Education - 26.11.2012
Imperial College media mentions
Imperial College media mentions
Financial Times - (6.11.2012) Some business schools have been wary of emerging technologies in the past but it appears that the tables may be turning, the Financial Times reported.

Health - Continuing Education - 24.11.2012
Fifteen-year milestone, new facilities for Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health
The University of Sydney joins with community, government, and rural health organisations in congratulating Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health (BHUDRH) on 15 years dedication to improving the health and lives of people in far west NSW.

Pedagogy - Continuing Education - 22.11.2012
Innovative teaching not technology alone has ’greatest impact’ in the classroom
Digital technologies in the classroom must go hand in hand with innovative teaching to have a true impact on educational achievements, research involving academics at The University of Nottingham has shown. The academics from Nottingham's Learning Sciences Research Institute , in collaboration with the London Knowledge Lab , say that — just like traditional school resources — the key to success is the way in which digital technologies like interactive whiteboards, laptops and tablets are used.

Continuing Education - Pedagogy - 22.11.2012
Star Trek Classroom: the next generation of school desks
Researchers designing and testing the 'classroom of the future' have found that multi-touch, multi-user desks can boost skills in mathematics.

Continuing Education - 22.11.2012

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 22.11.2012
Tackling poverty one small step at time
Tackling poverty one small step at time
By Neena Bhandari 22 November 2012 Over the past half century, a system of microfinance developed in India has provided small loans, savings accounts and business training for people unable to access regular banking services.

Health - Continuing Education - 22.11.2012
Dermot Kelleher: Principal aims
Dermot Kelleher: Principal aims
Looking back on Dermot Kelleher's career as a gastroenterologist, an eminent researcher in immunology and latterly Head of the School of Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, it might appear that he was always destined to be a medical leader.

Pedagogy - Continuing Education - 21.11.2012
Older siblings both help and hinder their younger brothers and sisters
Older siblings both help and hinder their younger brothers and sisters
Big brothers and sisters have long been said to torment their younger counterparts but new research by the University of Sheffield shows they can actually increase the chances of their siblings living to adulthood.

Continuing Education - 21.11.2012

Pedagogy - Continuing Education - 20.11.2012
Design degree exceeds whole family's expectations
Design degree exceeds whole family’s expectations
Charles Poon got his first taste of education with an international flavour when he left his native Hong Kong to check out potential schools in Australia.

Continuing Education - Law - 20.11.2012

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 19.11.2012
Risky business
Risky business
Why are women underpaid in comparison to men? And what's the solution? Academic and author Alison Booth thinks finding the answer may mean revisiting our past.

Continuing Education - Life Sciences - 19.11.2012
At Stanford, 'The Science of MythBusters' teaches the scientific method
At Stanford, ’The Science of MythBusters’ teaches the scientific method
Stanford Report, November 19, 2012 In the new Thinking Matters course 'The Science of MythBusters ,' Stanford freshmen learn the scientific method by studying exploding chicken manure and the mathematical probabilities of winning game shows.

Business / Economics - Continuing Education - 19.11.2012
Ingenious entrepreneurs showcase pitch perfect skills
Budding business executives of the future put their entrepreneurial expertise and pitching skills to the test at the Student Apprentice competition (16 November 2012) hosted by the University of Sheffield.

Law - Continuing Education - 19.11.2012
Social media court in session at Twitter Moot
Social media court in session at Twitter Moot
If you're a Twitter user, you're likely used to defining your thoughts in 140 characters or less. But what if you had to wage an important argument or debate that way? That's what two University of Alberta law students are facing Nov.

Continuing Education - 18.11.2012
A touch of glass
A touch of glass
One of the world's foremost glass maestros, Lino Tagliapietra, recently shared the secrets of his craft with students at the ANU School of Art.

Health - Continuing Education - 17.11.2012
Smoking in pregnancy tied to lower reading scores
Smoking in pregnancy tied to lower reading scores
Yale School of Medicine researchers have found that children born to mothers who smoked more than one pack per day during pregnancy struggled on tests designed to measure how accurately a child reads aloud and comprehends what they read. The findings are published in the current issue of The Journal of Pediatrics.

Continuing Education - Health - 16.11.2012
When real-world exercise makes your avatar stronger
Only seven per cent of Canadian kids get the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity but U of'T researchers say video games could help change that - particularly for sedentary girls.

Astronomy / Space Science - Continuing Education - 15.11.2012
Middle schoolers to explore sky with robotic telescopes
Approximately 1,400 middle schoolers will explore the universe with research-grade robotic telescopes over the next three years, thanks to a $1.6 million program funded by the National Science Foundation.

Continuing Education - Social Sciences - 14.11.2012
School Exclusion Policies Stigmatize Arrested Teens and Contribute to Educational Failure, New Study Shows
AUSTIN, Texas — "Zerotolerance" policies that rely heavily on suspensions and expulsions hinder teens who have been arrested from completing high school or pursuing a college degree, according to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin.

Continuing Education - Administration - 13.11.2012

Continuing Education - Administration - 13.11.2012
UT Researchers Receive $25 Million Grant from USAID to Increase Global Aid Transparency
AUSTIN, Texas — The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has selected The University of Texas at Austin to be a key partner in a five-year, $25 million grant to develop tools to more effectively target, monitor and evaluate foreign aid globally.

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