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Electroengineering - Physics - 27.11.2020
TU Graz starts CD laboratory for multifunctional and highly integrated electronic components
TU Graz starts CD laboratory for multifunctional and highly integrated electronic components
The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Technology-Guided Electronic Component Design and Characterization investigates ways to better control electromagnetic interactions in smart networked devices, especially in the 5G frequency range.

Campus - Electroengineering - 12.11.2020

Electroengineering - Campus - 29.10.2020
Magic Cube: bringing electrical engineering to life
Magic Cube: bringing electrical engineering to life
Magic Cube is a new teaching tool developed by ETH Zurich, ABB and mint & pepper. It uses a playful approach to teach junior high and high school students the basics of electrical engineering and awaken their interest in the field.

Health - Electroengineering - 15.10.2020
New Device Powers Wearable Sensors Through Human Motion
The advent of inexpensive wearable sensors that can monitor heart rate and body temperature, as well as levels of blood sugar and metabolic byproducts, has allowed researchers and health professionals to monitor human health in ways never before possible. But like all electronic devices, these wearable sensors need a source of power.

Electroengineering - 13.10.2020
Five ways Americans can keep their vote secure and accurate
New voting options, a contentious race and a global pandemic have turned the 2020 presidential race into an election unlike any other in modern memory.

Physics - Electroengineering - 23.09.2020
The Return of the Spin Echo
The Return of the Spin Echo
A research team from Garching and Vienna discovered a remarkable echo effect - it offers exciting new possibilities for working with quantum information.

Physics - Electroengineering - 10.09.2020
Unlocking the mysteries of superconductivity
Unlocking the mysteries of superconductivity
For decades Z-X Shen has ridden a wave of curiosity about the strange behavior of electrons that can levitate magnets.

Chemistry - Electroengineering - 15.07.2020

Electroengineering - Materials Science - 06.07.2020
Making plastic more transparent while also adding electrical conductivity
Making plastic more transparent while also adding electrical conductivity
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn In an effort to improve large touchscreens, LED light panels and window-mounted infrared solar cells, researchers at the University of Michigan have made plastic conductive while also making it more transparent. They provide a recipe to help other researchers find the best balance between conductivity and transparency by creating a three-layer anti-reflection surface.

Electroengineering - Computer Science - 30.06.2020

Physics - Electroengineering - 18.06.2020
Federally funded upgrade reenergizes fusion experiment
For more than two decades, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have leveraged a unique experiment called Pegasus to advance the field of fusion energy.

Electroengineering - Career - 15.06.2020

Economics / Business - Electroengineering - 02.04.2020
Compact Model Developed at CEA-Leti for FD-SOI Technologies Designated as a Chip-Industry Standard
GRENOBLE, France - April 2, 2020 - L'UTSOI, a -compact model- dedicated to FD-SOI technologies and developed by CEA-Leti, has been selected as a standard model by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC), a

Physics - Electroengineering - 05.03.2020
Longest microwave quantum link
Longest microwave quantum link
Physicists at ETH Zurich have demonstrated a five-metre-long microwave quantum link, the longest of its kind date. It can be used both for future quantum computer networks and for experiments in basic quantum physics research. Collaboration is everything - also in the quantum world. To build powerful quantum computers in the future, it will be necessary to connect several smaller computers to form a kind of cluster or local network (LAN).

Astronomy / Space Science - Electroengineering - 28.02.2020
How to design for a move to Mars
How to design for a move to Mars
Academics, designers and students discussed the design challenges of moving to Mars and potential solutions during a symposium at the Design Museum.

Electroengineering - Environment - 12.02.2020

Electroengineering - 27.01.2020
British carbon tax leads to 93% drop in coal-fired electricity
A tax on carbon dioxide emissions in Great Britain, introduced in 2013, has led to the proportion of electricity generated from coal falling from 40% to 3% over six years, according to research led by UCL.

Electroengineering - Computer Science - 10.01.2020
First TU Graz-SAL Research Labs push top-level research in electronics-based systems
First TU Graz-SAL Research Labs push top-level research in electronics-based systems
TU Graz and Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) launch the first SAL research labs at an Austrian university and lay the foundation for groundbreaking digital products and processes with joint basic research in the field of electronics-based systems.

Art and Design - Electroengineering - 18.12.2019

Physics - Electroengineering - 12.12.2019

Economics / Business - Electroengineering - 10.12.2019

Computer Science - Electroengineering - 11.11.2019
What does the 'average engineer' look like according to AI?
What does the ’average engineer’ look like according to AI?
For This is Engineering day, an Imperial PhD student and the Royal Academy of Engineering found out what the average engineer means to search engines.

Electroengineering - Innovation - 04.11.2019

Electroengineering - Music - 14.10.2019
"I teach a subject that's notoriously hard to learn"
Romain Fleury, a tenure-track assistant professor who heads the Laboratory of Wave Engineering, has been named best teacher in electrical and electronic engineering.

Environment - Electroengineering - 11.10.2019
Our energy grid is vulnerable. Locally sourced power may be the answer
Solar-powered microgrids may be the key to energy resilience in the face of increasing wildfire risk and cybersecurity threats, says UC Berkeley energy expert Alexandra "Sascha” von Meier.

Electroengineering - Economics / Business - 07.10.2019
Built-in expiry date
Whether mobile phone or automatic toilets - electronic devices are becoming increasingly complex. And who hasn't heard stories of devices that fail precisely after the warranty has expired?

Materials Science - Electroengineering - 20.09.2019
Power-full Sound Waves
Trillions of sensors are in our future, and they will need energy. Batteries are routinely used to power tiny devices, but there are other options. Piezoelectricity, the technology that converts mechanical energy into electricity, is gaining attention these days because it can scavenge energy from movement or vibrations.

Electroengineering - 11.09.2019
Cable bacteria: Living electrical wires with record conductivity
Scientists UAntwerp, UHasselt and TU Delft discover 'electrified' bacteria Bacteria that power themselves using electricity and are able to send electrical currents over long distances through highly conductive power lines.

Electroengineering - 09.08.2019

Physics - Electroengineering - 06.08.2019
Jerome R. Singer, pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging, dies at 97
Jerome R. Singer, pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging, dies at 97
Jerome R. Singer, a UC Berkeley professor emeritus and a pioneer in the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), passed away July 30.

Electroengineering - Physics - 24.07.2019

Health - Electroengineering - 19.07.2019
Berkeley Talks: The health risks of cell phone radiation
Read a transcript. When the first cell phone went on the market in the U.S. in 1984, it was big, clunky and very expensive. The Motorola DynaTAC sold for a whopping $3,995. That's almost $10,000 today. And, to make it even less worth the investment, it got bad reception because there were very few cell towers in the country at the time.

Electroengineering - Environment - 12.07.2019
"We want to bring the energy transition to the consumer"
Mr Hamacher, what is a microgrid? In the future, passive electric power distribution grids that supply consumers will be restructured into active distribution grids - microgrids.

Astronomy / Space Science - Electroengineering - 12.07.2019
The next giant leap in space exploration
NASA wants to return humans to the moon by 2024. A University of Miami engineering graduate is part of a team that will help get them there.

Physics - Electroengineering - 10.07.2019

Electroengineering - Health - 08.07.2019
Wind power from the Sky
Wind power from the Sky
To harvest wind energy, you don't necessarily need rotors on steel masts - light kites on thin ropes can do the same. The Empa spin-off TwingTec has been researching this technology for some time now. Last autumn, it was possible for the first time to start, generate electrical energy while flying and then land again, all in the specified level of automation.

Astronomy / Space Science - Electroengineering - 02.07.2019
Scientists scramble to build payload for 2021 moon landing
Commercial landers like this will carry science and technology payloads, including one built by UC Berkeley, to the lunar surface, paving the way for NASA astronauts to land on the Moon by 2024.

Electroengineering - 29.05.2019
Nikola Tesla and the Graz Tech
Nikola Tesla and the Graz Tech
A new publication by TU Graz is dedicated to the "Graz years" of the inventor genius Nikola Tesla and spans from his student days in Graz to Tesla's traces in the present.

Electroengineering - 13.05.2019
Developing cheaper and more efficient solar power
Our scientists have helped to solve a puzzle that could lead to cheaper and more efficient solar power.

Physics - Electroengineering - 26.04.2019
Exploring New Ways to Control Thermal Radiation
Planck's Law, which describes electromagnetic radiation from heated bodies, forms the basis of quantum theory. However, with the advent of microand nanotechnology, it is easy to fabricate materials where Planck's Law will not hold. In a study published , researchers at Berkeley Lab set out to explore how deviations from Planck's Law could impact energy-related technologies based on nanoand micro-structured geometries.

Electroengineering - Mathematics - 18.04.2019

Electroengineering - Mathematics - 18.04.2019

Physics - Electroengineering - 15.04.2019
Richard Pantell, expert in fields ranging from lasers to the environment, dies at 91
Richard Pantell, expert in fields ranging from lasers to the environment, dies at 91
Electrical engineering professor wrote textbooks, taught tennis in East Palo Alto, helped homeless. Richard H. Pantell, professor emeritus of electrical engineering at Stanford University, died March 26, 2019, at his home in San Mateo, California.

Electroengineering - Administration - 12.03.2019
Cambridge spin-out starts producing graphene at commercial scale
A recent University of Cambridge spin-out company, Paragraf, has started producing graphene - a sheet of carbon just one atomic layer thick - at up to eight inches in diameter, large enough for commercial electronic devices.
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