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Environment - Economics / Business - 18.09.2020
Analysis: It’s time to get real on nuclear
Professor Paul Dorfman (UCL Energy Institute) argues the market is clear that new large nuclear plants are a thing of the past.

Environment - Politics - 18.09.2020
To cut food waste, we may need to pay more for what we eat
How can we reduce food waste? Although the Swiss population are aware of the problem, they misjudge where most food waste is generated, ETH political scientists conclude.

Environment - Life Sciences - 17.09.2020
Watching over whales: Online tool detects whales and ships in California's Santa Barbara Channel in near real-time
Watching over whales: Online tool detects whales and ships in California’s Santa Barbara Channel in near real-time
As we try to take care of ourselves and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic, why not also check on our friends in the ocean as well?

Environment - 17.09.2020
Mapping our wasted heat
Have you ever thought about all the wasted heat that's released into our atmosphere from large factories and power stations?

Campus - Environment - 17.09.2020

Campus - Environment - 15.09.2020
CMU Completes Voluntary Review of Sustainable Development Goals
The report is a first-of-its kind by any university Carnegie Mellon University's commitment to equity, justice and the environment is reflected in a new report to be released this week that catalogues activities by students, faculty and staff to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Environment - Economics / Business - 14.09.2020
Sustainable Development Goals essential for the UK Government's pandemic recovery
Sustainable Development Goals essential for the UK Government’s pandemic recovery
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development cites evidence from the Sussex Sustainability Research Prog

Environment - Materials Science - 11.09.2020
Digital 3D models of London chart path to lower emissions
An interactive 3D map of London that grades the energy efficiency of more than 3.5 million properties has been built by UCL researchers for the Greater London Authority (GLA) to inform efforts in tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 11.09.2020
Systems and teams get ready for the launch of Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich
Today, after a comprehensive review, EUMETSAT and the other European and US partners of the Jason-CS/Sentinel-6 programme confirmed readiness of all systems and teams for the launch and operations of the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite.

Environment - Life Sciences - 11.09.2020
The cold memory of the earth
The cold memory of the earth
On September 14, an expedition within the framework of the international project Ice Memory is setting out to carry out ice core drilling on the glacier of the mountain massif Grand Combin in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Social Sciences - Environment - 11.09.2020

Social Sciences - Environment - 10.09.2020
Why Bay Area neighborhoods are still racially segregated
Piedmont, California is zoned for 100% single-family housing and is known as a segregated white community in the Bay Area, consisting of nearly 75% white residents.

Environment - Economics / Business - 10.09.2020
Millions of dollars to clean up tuna nets and flip flops from island state
Millions of dollars to clean up tuna nets and flip flops from island state
Following a five-week clean-up on Aldabra Atoll, one of Seychelles' UNESCO World Heritage Site, where 25 tonnes of marine plastic litter was removed, researchers at Oxford University have estimated t

Agronomy / Food Science - Environment - 10.09.2020

Environment - Life Sciences - 09.09.2020
Living Planet Report reveals 68% decline in global wildlife populations since 1970
Living Planet Report reveals 68% decline in global wildlife populations since 1970
Global populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish have declined by over two-thirds in less than half a century, due in large part to the same environmental destruction that is contributing to the emergence of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19, according to a World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) report released today.

Health - Environment - 09.09.2020
Mosquito-borne disease threat
Mosquito-borne disease threat
A warming climate and urbanization will likely lower rates of malaria, while increasing rates of other mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue fever, in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 09.09.2020
Climate change will ultimately cost humanity $100,000 per ton of carbon, scientists estimate
Economists frequently try to estimate the societal cost of releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but few of their projections go beyond the year 2100-far short of the millennia it takes for the climate changes from burning carbon to ultimately subside.

Environment - 09.09.2020
Why the Government should be using post-Brexit trade policy to deliver on the promise of net zero
The Government's current approach to negotiating post-Brexit trade deals is setting the UK up to fail its net zero targets, new analysis from trade law experts at the University of Sussex warns.

Environment - Economics / Business - 09.09.2020
Nobel prize-winning economics of climate change is misleading and dangerous - here’s why
Professor Steve Keen (UCL Office of the Vice-Provost: Research) disagrees with the assertions of Noble Prize winner William Nordhaus on climate change and asserts climate change will negatively affect industries and economies worldwide.

Environment - Materials Science - 08.09.2020
"Do microplastics belong in our environment? No!"
Process Engineer Adriano Joss from Eawag water research institute has been working for many years on wastewater treatment plants and the removal of micropollutants from water.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 08.09.2020

Environment - 08.09.2020
Help complete Australia's longest daily weather record
Help complete Australia’s longest daily weather record
Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) are launching a new citizen science project to create Australia's longest daily weather record beginning in 1838.     The researchers are lookin

Environment - 07.09.2020

Life Sciences - Environment - 07.09.2020
Protected areas can
Protected areas can "double" imperilled species populations
A University of Queensland-led research team has revealed that many endangered mammal species are dependent on protected areas, and would likely vanish without them. Professor James Watson , of UQ and the Wildlife Conservation Society , said despite the success of protected areas, their popularity as a go-to conservation tool has started to wane.

Environment - Life Sciences - 04.09.2020
A reason to track your backyard snails
A reason to track your backyard snails
Snails' small presence - physically and in our consciousness - belies their outsized predicament and significance to ecosystems.

Environment - Materials Science - 03.09.2020

Environment - Social Sciences - 03.09.2020

Environment - 03.09.2020
Australia leading the world in deploying renewable energy
Australia leading the world in deploying renewable energy
Australia continues to lead the world in the per capita roll out of energy generated by solar and wind, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and falling electricity prices, according to a new analysis from The Australian National University (ANU).

Life Sciences - Environment - 03.09.2020
Natural pest control saving billions
Natural pest control saving billions
Biological control of insect pests - where ‘natural enemies' keep pests at bay - is saving farmers in Asia and the Pacific billions of dollars, according to University of Queensland-led research.

Environment - Health - 02.09.2020
Fighting the health effects of climate change is the mission for new UCLA center
Anurak Ponapatimet One of the center's partnerships, already underway, is aimed at understanding the life expectancy benefits from increasing green space and parks.

Research Management - Environment - 02.09.2020

Environment - Chemistry - 02.09.2020

Environment - 02.09.2020
In a mite-y bit of trouble
In a mite-y bit of trouble
Mite extinctions are occurring at least 1,000 times the ‘natural' rate - a finding a University of Queensland researcher says is another warning that global biodiversity is in deep trouble.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 01.09.2020

Environment - Life Sciences - 01.09.2020
Uncovering the hidden life of 'dead' coral reefs
Uncovering the hidden life of ’dead’ coral reefs
‘Dead' coral rubble can support more animals than live coral, according to University of Queensland researchers trialling a high-tech sampling method. UQ's Dr Kenny Wolfe said that reef rubble habitat was often overlooked as desolate, unattractive and ‘dead', however reef rubble was very much alive.

Environment - Transport - 31.08.2020
First Arctic Survey Flights Since the Pandemic Began
First Arctic Survey Flights Since the Pandemic Began
Zu ?News Portal? German polar research aircraft start atmospheric surveys over the Arctic Ocean Following a five-month mandatory delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, yesterday (30 August) the two Ge

Environment - Life Sciences - 31.08.2020
Searching for stress-resistant potatoes
Searching for stress-resistant potatoes
EU-Project "ADAPT" studies potato's adaption mechanisms to multiple stresses Plant Biologist Markus Teige at the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna has received a ¤5 million grant f
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