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Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 03.07.2020
Agroscope Publishes Study on Environmental Impacts of Drinking-Water Initiative
In an in-depth study, Agroscope analysed the possible environmental impacts of implementing the Drinking-Water Initiative. The life-cycle assessment shows that pesticide and nutrient pollution of Swiss water bodies and groundwater could be reduced. In addition, inland biodiversity could be improved slightly.

Environment - Economics / Business - 03.07.2020
Warmer summers risk chilling energy bill rises at supermarkets
Warmer summers risk chilling energy bill rises at supermarkets
A new report from Imperial and Sainsbury's outlines how well-managed fridges can keep food cooler, be greener and cut costs.

Environment - Health - 02.07.2020
Learn from the pandemic to prevent environmental catastrophe, scientists argue
Learn from the pandemic to prevent environmental catastrophe, scientists argue
COVID-19 is comparable to climate and extinction emergencies, say scientists from the UK and US - all share features such as lagged impacts, feedback loops, and complex dynamics. The consequences of continued inaction in the face of catastrophic climate change and mass extinction are too grave to contemplate Andrew Balmford The dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic share "striking similarities" with the twin environmental crises of global heating and species extinction, argue a team of scientists and policy experts from the UK and US.

Environment - Social Sciences - 01.07.2020
‘Gatekeepers' of biodiversity hotspots facing COVID crisis
‘Gatekeepers’ of biodiversity hotspots facing COVID crisis
Due to historical inequalities, communities in the country's Andean lowlands are economically poorer and more vulnerable than those in the high Andes.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 30.06.2020
Mayotte: launch of a global study on this fragile and unique ecosystem
Mayotte: launch of a global study on this fragile and unique ecosystem
The CNRS and Mayotte's Centre Universitaire de Formation et de Recherche (CUFR) have just approved the creation of a global ecology study site on the Mahoran archipelago.

Health - Environment - 30.06.2020
Links between COVID-19 and air pollution
Links between COVID-19 and air pollution
A proposed change to federal regulations would give less consideration to the health benefits of air pollution rules.

Health - Environment - 29.06.2020

Environment - Social Sciences - 26.06.2020
UNESCO projects leads the way on sustainable development and creates values for local communities 
Published today by the UK National Commission for UNESCO, new research shows UNESCO projects can help build a greener, more equal and more peaceful world, while also creating financial value.

Environment - Economics / Business - 26.06.2020

Earth Sciences - Environment - 25.06.2020
Opinion: Why the Anthropocene began with European colonisation and mass slavery
Professor Mark Maslin and Professor Simon Lewis (both UCL Geography) write about how colonisation marks the beginning of the Anthropocene, and how the origins of racism and climate emergency share common causes.

Environment - Transport - 25.06.2020
Opinion: Five ways to kickstart a green recovery
As a worldwide recession is expected to follow in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor Raimund Bleischwitz (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources) discusses five ways for the UK to implement a green recovery plan to benefit its people and the planet.

Environment - 25.06.2020
The latest Scientists’ Warning (on affluence)
This Scientists' Warning, pre-COVID-19, prompts a re-think of affluence and growth. The explainer below pairs the new Nature Communications review that highlights the impacts of society's overconsumption.

Health - Environment - 24.06.2020
Mapping coronavirus in sewage could reveal disease hotspots
A new project to model SARS-CoV-2 virus in raw sewage could help efforts to map the prevalence of COVID-19 in humans and potential animal hosts.

Innovation - Environment - 24.06.2020
How to make copper mines emission free
A world first study by the University of Sydney's Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering, Zero Emission Copper Mine of the Future, lays out how Australian copper mining can be cleaner and smarter using emerging technologies.

Physics - Environment - 23.06.2020
Researchers Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards
Researchers Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards
Top scientists from Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley recognized for accelerating scientific advances in biosciences, earth and environmental sciences, physics, chemistry, and materials science Three scienti

Health - Environment - 22.06.2020
Opinion: Four potential consequences of wearing face masks we need to be wary of
Dr Olga Perski (UCL Behavioural Science and Health) and a colleague warn of four potential consequences facing the population and the environment from people wearing face masks. If healthcare workers wear surgical masks, there is good evidence that it limits the spread of respiratory viral infections in hospitals.

Event - Environment - 22.06.2020

Environment - Physics - 22.06.2020

Transport - Environment - 21.06.2020
Pilot assistance system LNAS reduces noise in the approach path
Pilot assistance system LNAS reduces noise in the approach path
During more than 90 approaches to Zurich Airport conducted under the leadership of the Swiss SkyLab Foundation, researchers from Empa and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) tested an assistance system that supports pilots via a display during quiet and, at the same time, fuel-efficient approaches. The results show a measurable reduction in noise emissions and fuel consumption.

Environment - 19.06.2020
Analysis: COVID-19 shutdowns will give wildlife only short-term relief from climate change
With many questioning the impact of Covid-19 on global ecosystems, Research Fellow Dr Tim Newbold (UCL Biosciences), and his colleagues explain how while the pandemic has resulted in a lighter human footprint, human efforts must work toward reducing carbon emissions.

Environment - 19.06.2020
A call for better governance of climate engineering technologies
In a study for the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment EPFL's International Risk Governance Center (IRGC) has brought together a group of global experts to point the way forward for international policymakers grappling with the risks and benefits posed by Carbon Dioxide Removal and Solar Radiation Modification.

Environment - Administration - 19.06.2020
Why should universities pay attention to the SDGs?
The United Nations' goals provide a useful framework for institutions to demonstrate their impact and work in partnership, says DVCR Professor Duncan Ivison.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 19.06.2020
Who's evaluating Swiss landscapes?
Who’s evaluating Swiss landscapes?
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how do you define a beautiful landscape? Machine learning algorithms can be helpful here, says Adrienne Grêt-Regamey.

Health - Environment - 18.06.2020
Opinion: One metre or two? The science behind social distancing
With air currents, droplets and the environment to consider, Dr Lena Ciric (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) discusses the science behind what safe distance guidelines to avoid infection of Covid-19.

Health - Environment - 17.06.2020
UW partnering with state on COVID-19 population health studies

Environment - 17.06.2020
Slightly smaller-than-average 2020 ’dead zone’ predicted for Chesapeake Bay
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Researchers from the University of Michigan, the Chesapeake Bay Program and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science a

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 17.06.2020

Environment - Health - 16.06.2020
"Huge forest fires put our health at risk"
After Australia, Siberia is burning, indicating that the frequency of such events is on the rise, with myriad dire consequences: devastated ecosystems, risk of desertification, CO2 emissions, toxic particles, further climate impacts..

Health - Environment - 16.06.2020
Turning faces into thermostats: Autonomous HVAC system could provide more comfort with less energy
Turning faces into thermostats: Autonomous HVAC system could provide more comfort with less energy
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn As lockdown requirements ease, COVID-19 is changing the way we use indoor spaces.

Environment - Economics / Business - 16.06.2020
Is Switzerland ready for change?
Is Switzerland ready for change?
Climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation and the current pandemic crisis make it obvious. The need for a more sustainable world has never been as urgent as it is today. But how do we transition to a sustainable economy? The National Research Programme "Sustainable Economy: resource-friendly, future-oriented, innovative" (NRP 73) is creating knowledge that can support Switzerland in addressing this question.

Computer Science - Environment - 16.06.2020

Environment - 16.06.2020
When a free drink on vacation can save the environment
When a free drink on vacation can save the environment
It's not every week a researcher finds the actual answer to her academic challenge is to offer free drinks all round - then wins a global prize for the discovery.

Environment - Economics / Business - 15.06.2020
Could Africa have a sustainable palm industry?
Could Africa have a sustainable palm industry?
Palm plantations are associated with deforestation and ecological harm, but researchers are pointing to ways things can be done differently in Africa.

Environment - Health - 15.06.2020
From clickbait to transparency: Reimagining the online world
You're scrolling through your YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter feed when a video appears: a report on secret political deals, media conspiracies, or fake scientific studies.

Environment - Career - 12.06.2020

Environment - 12.06.2020
New species extinction target proposed for global nature rescue plan
The upcoming future strategy for conserving biodiversity must include a prominent target to lower extinction rates, according to group including UCL scientists. Biodiversity loss has continued unabated at an alarming rate, and so far, action to deliver on the global agreements in place has failed to prevent further declines.

Environment - Innovation - 11.06.2020
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