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Health - Environment - 22.09.2021
New WHO Air Quality Guidelines Aim to Save Millions of Lives from Air Pollution
Today, the World Health Organization launched their new Global Air Quality Guidelines, which aims to protect the health of populations by reducing key air pollutants.

Life Sciences - Environment - 22.09.2021
Sex and the symbiont: Can algae hookups help corals survive?
Sex and the symbiont: Can algae hookups help corals survive?
, Featured Stories Rice biologists' discovery can be used to help climate-challenged reefs survive for now A little more sexy time for symbionts could help coral reefs survive the trials of climate change.

Life Sciences - Environment - 21.09.2021

Innovation - Environment - 21.09.2021
Start-up to tackle plastic crisis with 'infinite recycling'
Start-up to tackle plastic crisis with ’infinite recycling’
A new Australian enviro-tech start-up backed by The Australian National University (ANU) will "infinitely" recycle plastic to help solve the global plastic pollution crisis.

Environment - Electroengineering - 21.09.2021

Environment - Innovation - 17.09.2021
Look great and do good: Manchester startup apparel brand Pirkani proves that British fashion can be environmentally sustainable and ethical
With environment and ethical sustainability to its core, Pirkani, a graduate startup apparel brand aims to lead the fashion industry from its founding city, Manchester.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 16.09.2021

Environment - 16.09.2021
Reforestation could help save coral reefs from catastrophe
Increasing reforestation efforts in coastal regions could substantially reduce the amount of sediment run-off reaching coral reefs and improve their resilience, a University of Queensland-led study has found.

Event - Environment - 15.09.2021

Environment - 15.09.2021
Municipal takeover in Michigan: A rational, apolitical response to financial distress, or something else?
Six of the 11 Michigan cities that have come under state emergency management since 1990 also saw changes to their municipal drinking water systems, the most common being rate increases, water shutoffs for nonpayment and the privatization of water services or infrastructure. That's one of the findings of a new study that used Michigan cases to assess the predictability and rationality of municipal takeovers by states, as well as the consequences for public services such as drinking water systems.

Environment - Chemistry - 15.09.2021
Sustainable water treatment system inspired by nature
Students from Monash Chemical Engineering have used the natural water treatment cycle found in nature as inspiration to develop a sustainable, stand-alone water treatment system that removes persistent organic pollutants from industrial wastewater.

Event - Environment - 14.09.2021

Campus - Environment - 14.09.2021

Life Sciences - Environment - 14.09.2021
We are less sceptical of genetic engineering than assumed
We often hear that Swiss consumers want their agriculture to be free from genetic engineering. But consumer acceptance of genetically modified crops is likely to be higher than the media leads us to believe, Angela Bearth says. The ban on growing genetically modified crops in Switzerland is set to expire at the end of this year.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 14.09.2021
Planet maven Shannon Curry takes over MAVEN mission to Mars
Planetary physicist Shannon Curry is the new principal investigator for the MAVEN mission to Mars, which has been studying the atmosphere and magnetic field of the planet since 2014.

Environment - Research Management - 14.09.2021
UW part of $25M NSF-funded effort to retrieve Earth's oldest ice core
UW part of $25M NSF-funded effort to retrieve Earth’s oldest ice core
University of Washington glaciologists will join colleagues from around the country in a new effort to discover Antarctica's oldest ice and learn more about the history of our planet's climate.

Computer Science - Environment - 13.09.2021
CEA-Leti Proposes Nine Research Tracks to Guide ICT Industry’s Quest to Reduce its Carbon Footprint
Pa per to Be Presented at IEEE ESSCIRC/ESSDERC Conference in September Warns of Unsustainable Increase in Power Use, Notes Potential Advantages for European Industry In Collaborative Response.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 13.09.2021

Health - Environment - 10.09.2021
Eco-efficient fertilization
Eco-efficient fertilization
Researchers calculate billions in environmental and health savings Urea is a valuable nitrogen fertilizer which is regularly used in agriculture to fertilize large areas of arable land.

Environment - Life Sciences - 10.09.2021
Landfills and meat industry: new food sources for the Medes Islands yellow-legged gull
Landfills and meat industry: new food sources for the Medes Islands yellow-legged gull
The diet of the yellow-legged gull in the Medes Islands has changed extremely over the last decades, according to a study that analyses the changes in the diet of this species over the last twenty years.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 10.09.2021
Search for the World’s Oldest Ice to be Initiated
Scientists hope ice samples as much as five million years old can preview what society will face in coming century Researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego will join colleagues from around the country in an effort to discover Antarctica's oldest ice and through it, learn more about how the earth's climate has changed throughout its history.

Environment - Materials Science - 10.09.2021

Environment - Mathematics - 10.09.2021
How to predict climate change from the comfort of your home
How to predict climate change from the comfort of your home
The causes of climate change can be demoed using a cheap home or school computer, thanks to a Python program developed by a team at the University of Bath.

Environment - 09.09.2021
Extensive new report aims to make climate change research accessible ahead of COP26
A new climate change report produced by the University of Birmingham intends to make academic expertise more available to global policy makers and to the public ahead of the COP26 climate change summit in November.

Environment - Economics / Business - 09.09.2021

Environment - Social Sciences - 08.09.2021
Government investment supports creative methods to connect young people with climate change research
A Glasgow-based project using zines produced by 14-18-year-olds to tell their climate change stories is among a series of new climate engagement projects supported by a UK government investment.

Economics / Business - Environment - 08.09.2021

Environment - Campus - 08.09.2021
A heating plant that combines renewable energy sources
A heating plant that combines renewable energy sources
EPFL has recently brought an innovative heating plant online and will soon connect it to a large data center.

Environment - 08.09.2021
The University of Birmingham partners with Siemens to create the smartest university campus in the world
The University of Birmingham, in partnership with Siemens , is combining digital sensor and analytics technologies, artificial intelligence, decentralised energy generation and storage, renewable ene

Environment - 08.09.2021
Opinion: Ditch 90% of world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C
Phasing out fossil fuel production requires a range of policy levers, such as banning petrol cars and promoting renewable electricity generation, argue PhD Candidate Daniel Welsby, James Price and Professor Steve Pye (all UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources).

Environment - Materials Science - 07.09.2021
21.4% record efficiency for flexible solar cells
21.4% record efficiency for flexible solar cells
A new efficiency record of 21.4% for flexible CIGS solar cell on polymer film has been achieved by scientists at Empa. Solar cells of this type are especially suited for applications on roofs, transport vehicles or mobile devices. A group of scientists at Empa has pushed the efficiency of flexible solar cells to a new limit.

Environment - Health - 07.09.2021
Strong air pollution policies lengthen life expectancy, new data shows
Falling short of WHO guidelines could cut more than two years from average lifespan The same clean air policies that can help reduce fossil fuel emissions can also add up to five years to people's li

Earth Sciences - Environment - 07.09.2021
Education hub on 'coastal resiliency' will focus on earthquakes, coastal erosion and climate change
Education hub on ’coastal resiliency’ will focus on earthquakes, coastal erosion and climate change
Hannah Hickey and Kim Eckart UW News The new Cascadia Coastlines and Peoples Hazards Research Hub will serve coastal communities in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

Environment - 06.09.2021
Leaders miss windows for climate change action
A window of opportunity to take action on climate change after a natural disaster is frequently being missed by leaders, according to University of Queensland researchers.