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Environment - Career - 01.08.2019
Two Berkeley Lab Researchers Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards
Two Berkeley Lab Researchers Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards
Two scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science to receive significant funding for research through its Early Career Research Program.

Environment - Chemistry - 31.07.2019
Toxic chemicals hindering the recovery of Britain’s rivers
Toxic chemicals from past decades could be hindering the recovery of Britain's urban rivers, concludes a recent study by scientists from Cardiff University, the University of Exeter, and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. During the 1970s, over 70% of the rivers in the South Wales valleys were classified as grossly polluted, by a combination of poor sewage treatment, colliery waste and industrial discharge.

Environment - 31.07.2019

Environment - Life Sciences - 30.07.2019

Environment - Life Sciences - 30.07.2019
Buzzing with life
The ETH Zurich Zentrum and Hönggerberg campuses are not just the study and office spaces of the 30,000 members of ETH: they are also home to a variety of animals and plants.

Environment - 24.07.2019
Building nature into cities for better mental health
Building nature into cities for better mental health
Spending time in nature can improve mental health, but people are increasingly removed from it. A new model proposes a way of bringing those benefits to more people by incorporating nature into urban design.

Environment - 24.07.2019
Partnering up for sustainable buildings
Partnering up for sustainable buildings
Empa and the Korean Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) are committed to working together for a sustainable and networked society.

Environment - Event - 23.07.2019

History / Archeology - Environment - 22.07.2019
Mapping Chicago’s 1919 race riots
On the afternoon of July 27, 1919, Eugene Williams drifted across an imaginary color line in the water at 29th Street Beach.

Environment - Life Sciences - 22.07.2019
Studying the biodiversity of the Solomon Islands
Undergraduate students Anastasiya Plotnikova, Alia Giolitti, Alexis Cambridge, Peter Aronson, Kathryn Doolittle, and Daniela Hojda take notes about birds while in the Solomon Islands as part of a field research course in tropical ecology.

Environment - Career - 19.07.2019
Carbon calculations and greener investments: News from the College
Carbon calculations and greener investments: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a new framework for carbon budget calculations, to a student startup aiming to help people make greener investments, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Environment - Health - 19.07.2019
A miserably hot, humid, and potentially fatal weekend looms
The National Weather Service predicts the heat index, which combines temperature with humidity, will be well above 100 degrees in many places across the United States through Monday.

Environment - Life Sciences - 18.07.2019
Researchers solve the mystery of the disappearing jumbo squid
Stanford-led research identifies a perfect storm of warming waters and reduced food to blame in the collapse of the once lucrative jumbo squid fishery off Baja California. The culprit responsible for the decline of Mexico's once lucrative jumbo squid fishery has remained a mystery, until now. A new Stanford-led study published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science identifies shifting weather patterns and ocean conditions as among the reasons for the collapse, which spells trouble for the Gulf of California's marine ecosystems and fishery-dependent economies.

Environment - 17.07.2019
Wild rice project sows seeds for university, tribal collaboration
The Ojibwe people tell of a prophecy that spurred their journey from the Atlantic coast of North America to the Great Lakes region more than 1,000 years ago - revelations that told them to travel west to a land where food grew on the water.

Environment - 16.07.2019

Environment - Business / Economics - 16.07.2019
An old dog learning new tricks
John Roles is a University of Queensland PhD candidate using his life's experience in the power industry to tackle the future of energy.

Environment - 15.07.2019
New doctoral programme will reinvigorate forest research
The Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) will introduce its new cohort of forest PhD researchers at its annual meeting today (30 January).

Electroengineering - Environment - 12.07.2019
"We want to bring the energy transition to the consumer"
Mr Hamacher, what is a microgrid? In the future, passive electric power distribution grids that supply consumers will be restructured into active distribution grids - microgrids.

Environment - 11.07.2019
Fuel surplus could cause another destructive wildfire season
Fire crews work on a wildfire in California. The 2019 fire season could be as destructive as earlier fire seasons.

Environment - Business / Economics - 11.07.2019
United Nations to hear how Bristol is making progress on tackling global challenges
United Nations to hear how Bristol is making progress on tackling global challenges
A new report from the University of Bristol, demonstrating Bristol's leadership in tackling global challenges through local action, will be presented at the United Nations (UN) in New York next week.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 10.07.2019
Cells synchronize to release toxins in unison
Observations of cellular life in a local marsh lead researchers to the discovery of a new type of intercellular communication. Crouching in the boot-sucking mud of the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto, Manu Prakash , associate professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, peered through his Foldscope - a $1.75 origami microscope of his own invention - scrutinizing the inhabitants of the marsh's brackish waters.

Environment - 10.07.2019
Shared e-cargo bikes: boom and barriers in Basel
Shared e-cargo bikes: boom and barriers in Basel
Sustainable means of mobility are becoming ever more popular. In Switzerland, around 15,000 people have registered with the online platform carvelo2go, which hires out electric cargo bikes.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 08.07.2019

Environment - 08.07.2019

Environment - Materials Science - 08.07.2019
Ways into the future of energy
Ways into the future of energy
A new Empa study shows how much work still lies ahead of us if Switzerland is to do without fossil fuels in the future. There are two possible solutions: storing large amounts of energy in summer and limiting our demand in winter, or generating energy in the "sunny south" or "windy north" of the world and transporting it here.

Materials Science - Environment - 05.07.2019
How to make Switzerland CO2-free
Switzerland is about to undergo a comprehensive transformation of its energy system if it plans to drastically curb its CO2 emissions.

Administration - Environment - 05.07.2019
Millions in ARC funding for successful UQ projects
Virtual reality pilot training and better monitoring of water pollution are among University of Queensland research funded in the latest round of Australian Research Council Linkage Projects.

Materials Science - Environment - 04.07.2019
New record for flexible thin-film solar cells
New record for flexible thin-film solar cells
Never before has such an efficient flexible CIGS solar cell been built. Empa researchers achieve an efficiency of 20.8% - breaking their own record.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 02.07.2019

Environment - Earth Sciences - 02.07.2019
Is wildfire management ’for the birds’?
Spotted owls, native to the old-growth forests of the West Coast, have already lost much of their former habitat to logging.

Event - Environment - 02.07.2019

Environment - 01.07.2019

Environment - 01.07.2019
Shows that management and evolution give hope to coral reefs facing the effects of climate change
Shows that management and evolution give hope to coral reefs facing the effects of climate change
A new study  released July 1 gives hope for coral reefs. Launched by the nonprofit Coral Reef Alliance , with lead and senior authors at the University of Washington, the study is one of the first to demonstrate that management that takes evolution and adaptation into account can help rescue coral reefs from the effects of climate change.
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