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Environment - Earth Sciences - 25.10.2012
A scholar and a steward of the North
A scholar and a steward of the North
As the University of Alberta's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences celebrates its 100th year , one of its longest-serving professors is looking back at his 47 years of Arctic research.

Environment - 24.10.2012
Trade-offs highlighted at UN conference on biodiversity
Despite best efforts, trade-offs will remain between carbon, biodiversity and social and economic costs.

Economics / Business - Environment - 24.10.2012

Environment - Computer Science - 23.10.2012
Taking the UK's Victorian waterworks into the digital era
Taking the UK’s Victorian waterworks into the digital era
Improving ageing Victorian water systems so that they can meet the UK's growing needs will be the focus of a new £1.7 million partnership, announced today.

Architecture - Environment - 22.10.2012
Occupant comfort is critical to green building design
Occupant comfort is critical to green building design
Green design does not necessarily mean comfortable design, reports a study by Cornell and Ithaca College ergonomists.

Environment - 22.10.2012
Reconsidering the Global Thermostat
Reconsidering the Global Thermostat
From making clouds whiter and injecting aerosols into the stratosphere, to building enormous sunshades in space, people have floated many ideas about how the planet's climate could be manipulated to counteract the effects of global warming-a concept known as geoengineering. Many of the ideas involve deflecting incoming sunlight before it has a chance to further warm the earth.

Environment - Architecture - 19.10.2012
International pioneers of zero carbon housing share ideas for the future
An international symposium on the future of sustainable development will offer professionals in the construction industry a unique insight into the latest innovations, policies and legislation which are driving zero/low carbon housing creation throughout the UK and Europe.

Environment - Continuing Education - 19.10.2012
Berkeley Lab Breaks Ground on New Solar Energy Research Facility
Berkeley Lab Breaks Ground on New Solar Energy Research Facility
Berkeley, Calif., Oct. 19, 2012 -Efforts to find alternative fuels from sunlight will be getting some needed help soon as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( Berkeley Lab ) broke ground on its latest research facility, the Solar Energy Research Center (SERC). The three-story structure will be nearly 40,000 sq.

Environment - Social Sciences - 18.10.2012
Stanford experts pose five foreign policy questions to candidates
Mitt Romney and President Obama speak during the second presidential debate on Oct. 16, 2012. Their third and final debate will focus on foreign policy.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 18.10.2012
University of Glasgow helps sharpen focus of radiocarbon dating
Scientists at the University of Glasgow have used sediment from the bottom of a Japanese lake to calibrate more effectively the tools used to determine the age of ancient materials. Charlotte Bryant, head of the Natural Environment Research Council Radiocarbon Facility at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC) was part of a team of researchers who examined samples from the bed of Lake Suigetsu for a paper published in the journal Science .

Environment - 18.10.2012
Extreme ’housework’ cuts the life span of female Komodo Dragons
18 Oct 2012 An international team of researchers has found that female Komodo Dragons live half as long as males on average, seemingly due to their physically demanding 'housework' such as building huge nests and guarding eggs for up to six months. The results provide important information on the endangered lizards' growth rate, lifestyle and population differences, which may help plan conservation efforts.

Environment - 17.10.2012
Researchers use solar power to study wild elephants in Africa
Researchers use solar power to study wild elephants in Africa
Stanford Report, October 18, 2012 Researchers in Namibia are using solar-powered cameras and audio equipment to monitor the behavior of wild elephants.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 17.10.2012
Cornell plays big role in Northeast biofuel project
Cornell plays big role in Northeast biofuel project
With climate change and high oil prices, alternate fuel sources are more important than ever for a more sustainable future.

Environment - Mathematics - 17.10.2012
Applied Mathematics Professor Tiffany Shaw Named Packard Fellow
The figure above is of the weather-in-a-tank apparatus, which Tiffany Shaw (pictured at right) uses to demonstrate atmospheric phenomena such as fronts, convection, the general circulation of the atmosphere, flow over a barrier and the flow in a hurricane. In the experiment illustrated here, Shaw has combined the two main ingredients that control the general circulation of the atmosphere, namely Earth's rotation and differential heating (warm equator, cold pole).

Environment - Economics / Business - 16.10.2012
$10M grant will fund research into biofuel-based economic development
$10M grant will fund research into biofuel-based economic development
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. The Northeast could help lead the way to a renewable-energy-based economy by utilizing marginal and abandoned land to grow energy crops such as perennial grasses and fast-growing woody plants.

Law - Environment - 16.10.2012
The Clean Power Plan: Let the Litigation Games Begin
Although a good, sound policy, the president's Clean Power Plan - the rule regulating greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants - will unleash a torrent of litigation rivaling that following the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Environment - Chemistry - 15.10.2012
City’s first hydrogen filling station opens at new ’green’ University research building
288/12 Drivers of hydrogen cars will be able to fill up their tanks in Nottingham for the first time later this week, following the launch of an innovative sustainable energy research facility at The University of Nottingham.

Environment - Economics / Business - 15.10.2012
Exploring links between sustainable transportation and livable communities
ANN ARBOR-Two research teams funded by the University of Michigan's Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute will spend the next 15 months investigating how different transportation policies, technologies and consumer travel choices can impact the sustainability and livability of communities.

Environment - 15.10.2012
U-M, other research institutions launch Great Lakes protection project
U-M, other research institutions launch Great Lakes protection project
ANN ARBOR-The University of Michigan and 20 other U.S. and Canadian research institutions will join forces to propose a set of long-term research and policy priorities to help protect a

Administration - Environment - 12.10.2012
University of Sussex Professor appointed to head research at UK Energy Research Centre
University of Sussex Professor appointed to head research at UK Energy Research Centre
University of Sussex Professor appointed to head research at UK Energy Research Centre University of Sussex energy researcher Professor Jim Watson has been appointed to the post of Research Director of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).

Event - Environment - 12.10.2012
UCL hosts a celebration of all things green
Between 16 and 18 October, the Quad and South Cloisters are hosting a vibrant celebration of all things green.

Environment - Life Sciences - 12.10.2012
True cost of conservation worldwide
True cost of conservation worldwide
Study reveals true cost of conservation worldwide The world's governments will need to invest billions annually to reduce the extinction risk for all known threatened species, a new study by University of Sussex biologist Jörn Scharlemann and an international team of scientists concludes.

Environment - Administration - 11.10.2012
Investing to save nature
Investing to save nature
This shows that a substantial increase in investment in conservation is urgently required, but the total needed is trivial in comparison to the economic benefits that nature provides.

Environment - Economics / Business - 11.10.2012
Making the most of marine surroundings
Marine scientists have launched an international collaboration which will aim to place direct values on the benefits for communities of being by the coast.

Life Sciences - Environment - 10.10.2012
To raise successful offspring
To raise successful offspring
What are the key ingredients to raising successful, self-sufficient offspring? A new life sciences study using 14 years of data on gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park indicates that cooperative group behavior and a mother's weight are crucial.

Environment - 10.10.2012
UW study proposes “swimways” to help save migratory fish
Brenda Pracheil, a postdoctoral fellow at the UW-Madison Center for Limnology, cradles a paddlefish, a fish that migrates long distances through freshwater systems and that would benefit from "swimwa

Environment - Earth Sciences - 10.10.2012
Poor UK summers may arise from global warming and Arctic ice loss
Britain's recent summer washout could become a regular occurrence warns a University of Sheffield climate expert who is part of an international team which has revealed climate change has shifted Arctic winds causing our extreme weather.

Environment - 08.10.2012
Government's Murray plan risky: academic
Government’s Murray plan risky: academic
New research challenges the water saving measures that form a key platform of the Australian Government's proposed Murray-Darling Basin Plan, says an academic from The Australian National University.

Environment - 08.10.2012
Spotlight on caring for country
Spotlight on caring for country
A new book being launched this week challenges policymakers to re-imagine the role of Indigenous people and practices in managing Australia's environment in the 21st century.

Environment - 08.10.2012
Stanford's planned energy facility will help it cut carbon emissions in half
Stanford’s planned energy facility will help it cut carbon emissions in half
The Stanford Energy System Innovations, four years in the making, will be among the most energy efficient systems of any major research university in the world.

Environment - History / Archeology - 08.10.2012
Oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo
Oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo
Demand for palm oil is driving the deforestation of forests in Borneo, as trees are cleared to make way for the planting of oil farm plantations, which will send carbon dioxide, a global-warming gas, into the atmosphere. Expanding production of palm oil, a common ingredient in processed foods, soaps and personal care products, is driving rainforest destruction and massive carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new study led by researchers at Stanford and Yale universities.

Environment - Astronomy / Space Science - 05.10.2012
ESA satellites looking deeper into sea ice
ESA satellites looking deeper into sea ice
ESA satellites looking deeper into sea ice This year, satellites saw the extent of Arctic sea ice hit a record low since measurements began in the 1970s. ESA's SMOS and CryoSat satellites are now taking a deeper look by measuring the volume of the sea-ice cover. Watch the animation in full resolution Measurements from ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission show that ice has thinned significantly in the seasonal ice zones, with extensive areas less than half a metre thick.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 05.10.2012
Give and take: the changing landscape of world aid
A book by Cambridge University geographer Emma Mawdsley provides a major analysis of the ways in which the 'rising powers' of the BRICS and others are changing the development landscape.

Environment - 04.10.2012
Research in the News: Yale researcher explores what makes some people resilient in the face of trauma
Individuals respond to stress, trauma, and abuse very differently. The study of resilience seeks to explain why some people suffer debilitating disabilities such as post traumatic stress disorder while others with the same experience have only mild psychological symptoms that quickly disappear.

Environment - Mathematics - 04.10.2012
The mathematics of leaf decay
A mathematical model reveals commonality within the diversity of leaf decay. The colorful leaves piling up in your backyard this fall can be thought of as natural stores of carbon. In the springtime, leaves soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, converting the gas into organic carbon compounds.

Environment - Life Sciences - 04.10.2012
Lakes react differently to warmer climate
04 October 2012 A future warmer climate will produce different effects in different lakes. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have now been able to explain that the effects of climate change depend on what organisms are dominant in the lake. Algal blooms will increase, especially of toxic blue-green algae.

Environment - 04.10.2012
New vehicle emissions show record improvement
ANN ARBOR, Mich.-Emissions from new vehicles are down a record 20 percent in the last five years, say researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

Environment - Administration - 04.10.2012
Conservation website brings real world into classroom
The problem that natural resources Professor Jim Lassoie and Ph.D.

Environment - Economics / Business - 03.10.2012
NSF awards $11.9 million for Sustainable Climate Risk Management
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. An interdisciplinary team of scholars received an $11.9 million award from the National Science Foundation to support the establishment of a multi-institution research network on Sustainable Climate Risk Management strategies.

Environment - Life Sciences - 03.10.2012
Modelling impacts of a warming world
Modelling impacts of a warming world
A community-driven modelling effort aims to quantify one of the gravest of global uncertainties: the impact of global warming on the world's food, health, vegetation and water.

Law - Environment - 03.10.2012
Apply fall lawn fertilizer by mid-October, U of M Extension says
MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (10/03/2012) —University of Minnesota Extension has adjusted long-standing recommendations on fall nitrogen fertility to turfgrass and now advocates for applications to be made no later than mid-October.

Life Sciences - Environment - 02.10.2012
New website calls for help from bat detectives
New website calls for help from bat detectives
Scientists are asking for the public's help to monitor bats across Europe and track changes in our environment by listening to their weirdly wonderful ultrasonic tweets on a new website.

Environment - Interdisciplinary / All Categories - 02.10.2012
Pioneering Solway Centre brings environment and cultural studies together
The University of Glasgow is launching a new interdisciplinary research centre that seeks to bring the study of environment and culture together.

Economics / Business - Environment - 01.10.2012
Crash, crisis, calamity: system shock in a globalised world
Threats that cause supply chains and other networks to break down can cascade through today's interconnected world of social, economic and financial interaction.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 01.10.2012
Climate change cripples forests
Climate change cripples forests
A team of scientists concluded that in the warmer and drier Southwest of the near future, widespread tree mortality will cause forest and species distributions to change substantially.

Environment - 28.09.2012
Documents that Changed the World: The Internet Protocol, 1981
Documents that Changed the World: The Internet Protocol, 1981
Global communication platform and nexus of social media to some and just "a series of tubes” to others, the Internet certainly revolutionized.

Environment - Economics / Business - 28.09.2012
Environmentalism is not about being rich or poor
Environmentalism is not about being rich or poor
Higher and lower incomes make little difference to people's concern about the natural environment, according to new research from the University of Bristol. A paper published today in the European Sociological Review shows that, rather than having more important things to worry about, poor people and poor countries prioritise protecting the environment as much as do richer people and richer countries.

Health - Environment - 28.09.2012
Ageing and the city: chronic diseases more prevalent in city-dwellers than country counterparts
Ageing Australian city-dwellers are more likely to suffer from non-infectious chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cancer and asthma than their rural counterparts, according to new research from the University of Sydney.

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