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Environment - Social Sciences - 16.12.2019

Environment - 16.12.2019

Environment - Computer Science - 16.12.2019
A million reasons to visit the world's coral reefs
A million reasons to visit the world’s coral reefs
More than one million high-resolution images from 860 of the world's coral reefs have been made available to scientists by The University of Queensland and ocean conservation non-profit, Underwater Earth. Project leader UQ's Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg said the research and images were integral to better protecting the world's reefs.

Innovation - Environment - 13.12.2019

Environment - Economics / Business - 13.12.2019

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 13.12.2019

Environment - 13.12.2019
Expedition finds tallest tree in the Amazon
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Politics - Environment - 12.12.2019
What’s the point of impeachment in hyper-polarized America?
Because Congress and the public are locked in extreme partisan polarization, the impeachment process will not change many minds, according to a panel of experts.

Environment - Life Sciences - 11.12.2019
Azteca ant colonies move the same way leopards' spots form
Azteca ant colonies move the same way leopards’ spots form
oe中文 हिन्दी Portugus Español Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn What could Azteca ants in coffee farms in Mexico have in common with leopards' spots and zebras' stripes? After two decades of analyzing the rise, spread and collapse of Azteca ant colonies in a coffee farm in Mexico, University of Michigan researchers have proven that the ant distributions follow a pattern named after chemist Alan Turing, who first described it in 1952, that is said to explain leopards' spots and other patterns in nature.

Environment - 10.12.2019
Swiss TPH Symposium on Climate Change and Health
Swiss TPH Symposium on Climate Change and Health
Climate change not only has an impact on the environment, but also significant effects on global health.

Environment - Health - 10.12.2019
Medics and environmental policy experts rank parties on climate pledges
Conservative, SNP and Brexit Party pledges are worse for tackling climate change than those of the Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

Environment - 10.12.2019
Researchers launch a 21st century conservation plan
Researchers at the University of Oxford and their collaborators have launched a new approach called the "Conservation Hierarchy" to support governments, businesses, individuals, communities and local authorities in their efforts to tackle the loss of nature in a coordinated way.

Environment - Innovation - 09.12.2019

Materials Science - Environment - 09.12.2019
Birmingham and BAM extend partnership and launch joint research centre
The University of Birmingham today extended an agreement with Germany's Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Bundesanstalt fr Materialforschung und -prfung - BAM) that will see the partners create a joint research centre for Chemistry and Materials Science.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 09.12.2019
Scientists call for urgent action to protect global groundwater
Governments and international committees must recognise the crucial contribution of groundwater to climate resilience and sustainable development, urges a group of international scientists and practitioners including from UCL.

Environment - Materials Science - 09.12.2019
Rice University launches bold climate change initiative with Shell
Rice University launches bold climate change initiative with Shell
'Game-changing' idea: Don't burn hydrocarbons, split them into hydrogen energy and valuable carbon materials Rice University has launched Carbon Hub, a major research initiative to create a zero-emis

Environment - Computer Science - 09.12.2019
World’s most detailed database maps characteristics of Earth’s rivers and catchments
Channels McGill University News and Events Two researchers and friends from opposite ends of the Earth have created a world-first high spatial resolution atlas that maps the environmental characteristics of all the globe's rivers and catchments. HydroATLAS was co-developed by Bernhard Lehner and his team from McGill University's Department of Geography and Simon Linke from Griffith University's Australian Rivers Institute.

Environment - 08.12.2019
Water polo wins NCAA championship
STOCKTON, Calif. No. 1 Stanford jumped in front early and never looked back, cruising past No. 5 Pacific 13-8 on Sunday afternoon to capture its first NCAA championship since 2002.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 06.12.2019
Flatten Greenland, and the Atlantic jet stream goes with it
Building off previous research showing the Atlantic jet stream hovers between three preferred latitudes, researchers found the topography of Greenland is responsible for its northernmost position.

Environment - 05.12.2019
Opinion: Time to ditch the harmful myth of the ’noble’ hunter-gatherer
Instead of fetishising them, we should be listening to how environmental destruction is acutely damaging the lives of hunter-gatherer communities, writes Dr Alice Rudge (UCL Institute for Advanced Studies). A boatload of tourists arrives at the homes of Batek hunter-gatherers in Malaysia. At the request of the non-Batek tour guides, Batek people hurriedly hide their televisions, radios and mobile phones.

Linguistics / Literature - Environment - 05.12.2019

Environment - Law - 05.12.2019
Switzerland’s influence on European energy policy continues to decline
What would be the consequences of failed negotiations over an electricity agreement between Switzerland and the EU?

Environment - Chemistry - 05.12.2019
Women in STEM: Dr Jenny Zhang
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Environment - 05.12.2019
Marine parks face uncertain fate in changing oceans
Marine parks face uncertain fate in changing oceans
Climate change is not being taken into account in the design and management of marine parks, according to research featuring University of Queensland scientists. UQ School of Earth and Environmental Sciences ' Dr Daniel Dunn said there was no repository of information showing which of the world's marine protection plans have been adapted for climate change.

Environment - Computer Science - 05.12.2019
Rainforest preservation through machine learning
Rainforest preservation through machine learning
Computer scientist David Dao develops intelligent algorithms that use satellite and drone images of rainforests to predict where the next sites of deforestation will be.

Environment - Social Sciences - 05.12.2019
As rural China rapidly adopts clean energy, use of traditional wood and coal stoves persists
Channels McGill University News and Events Old habits are hard to break.

Environment - Life Sciences - 04.12.2019
Outlook for the polar regions in a 2 degrees warmer world
Four male polar bears standing on a floating whale carcass shortly after it drifted to shore on the island of Svalbard. Daniel J. Cox/Arctic Documentary Project With 2019 on pace as one of the warmest years on record, a new international study reveals how rapidly the Arctic is warming and examines global consequences of continued polar warming.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 04.12.2019
Atmospheric River Storms Create $1 Billion-a-Year Flood Damage
Atmospheric rivers pose a $1 billion-a-year flood risk in the West, according to a study released today.

Environment - 04.12.2019
Storyline approach to the construction of regional climate-change information
13:30 - 15:00 VeranstalterIn Doktoratskolleg Klimawandel Veranstaltungshomepage: Web: Veranstaltungsort Ort: [0056010002] Seminarraum SR 56.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 04.12.2019
Expedition on Antarctic plateau to better gauge sea level rise
Expedition on Antarctic plateau to better gauge sea level rise
From 7 December 2019 to 25 January 2020, a team of scientists from France (CNRS and Universit Grenoble Alpes ) and Italy ( Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche , Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcano

Environment - Physics - 04.12.2019
Sewer technology passes the sniff test
Sewer technology passes the sniff test
University of Queensland monitoring technology to identify potential odour and corrosion hotspots in urban sewerage networks has been adopted by ASX-listed environmental management technology firm Envirosuite.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 04.12.2019

Environment - 03.12.2019
Global carbon emissions increase
Global carbon emissions increase
Coal use is down dramatically in the United States and the European Union, and renewable energy is gaining traction.

Environment - Health - 03.12.2019
"Climate Change is Becoming One of the Biggest Global Health Threats"
Climate change not only affects the environment, but also has significant consequences on global health.

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