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Health - 22.07.2019
Christian Guilleminault, researcher who coined ’obstructive sleep apnea syndrome,’ dies at 80
Christian Guilleminault, a prolific researcher who helped build Stanford's sleep disorders clinic into an influential, full-service sleep center, died July 9 of cancer.

Life Sciences - Health - 22.07.2019
Scientists map our underappreciated 'little brain'
Scientists map our underappreciated ’little brain’
Scientists at UC Berkeley and Western University in Canada have used brain imaging to map the cerebellum, a formerly underappreciated neural region that contains the vast majority of the brain's neurons, hence its Latin moniker "little brain.

Life Sciences - Health - 22.07.2019
Vampire algae killer's genetic diversity poses threat to biofuels
Vampire algae killer’s genetic diversity poses threat to biofuels
Multiple species of pathogen challenge commercial algae production DNA sequences show what are likely different species, suggesting a much larger diversity in this family than we originally assumed. Blake Hovde LOS ALAMOS, N.M., July 22, 2019-New DNA analysis has revealed surprising genetic diversity in a bacterium that poses a persistent threat to the algae biofuels industry.

Life Sciences - Health - 21.07.2019
150 years of DNA
150 years of DNA
DNA has become the icon of modern bioscience but few people realize that it was Friedrich Miescher, who - almost a century before Watson and Crick - laid the chemical groundwork for the molecular breakthroughs that followed. Today, 150 years after Miescher's first ‘discovery' of DNA, we want to highlight his remarkable work.

Health - 20.07.2019
EPFLoop ready to roll in Los Angeles
EPFLoop ready to roll in Los Angeles
The finals of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition will take place this Sunday. The crowning race will play out in an airless tube, and EPFL's student team is among the top three contenders.

Health - Electroengineering - 19.07.2019
Berkeley Talks: The health risks of cell phone radiation
Read a transcript. When the first cell phone went on the market in the U.S. in 1984, it was big, clunky and very expensive. The Motorola DynaTAC sold for a whopping $3,995. That's almost $10,000 today. And, to make it even less worth the investment, it got bad reception because there were very few cell towers in the country at the time.

Environment - Health - 19.07.2019
A miserably hot, humid, and potentially fatal weekend looms
The National Weather Service predicts the heat index, which combines temperature with humidity, will be well above 100 degrees in many places across the United States through Monday.

Health - Business / Economics - 19.07.2019
Big Sugar and neglect by global health community fuel oral health crisis
Channels McGill University News and Events Oral health has been isolated from traditional healthcare and health policy for too long, despite the major global public health burden of oral diseases, according to a Lancet Series on Oral Health, published today in The Lancet.

Health - Career - 18.07.2019
Stanford’s resilient researcher
Noel Vest, PhD, hasn't let his past experiences with addiction and incarceration keep him from a science career.

Event - Health - 18.07.2019

Health - 18.07.2019

Life Sciences - Health - 18.07.2019
A rocky road to success for UQ researcher
Years of hard work have led Dr Alessandra Donato to the cusp of a discovery that could result in new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. After moving to Australia from Italy in 2013, she completed her PhD in Neuroscience in the Hilliard laboratory at the Queensland Brain Institute in March, 2019.

Innovation / Technology - Health - 17.07.2019
Polsky Center supports UChicago scholar in founding immunotherapy startup
Pyxis Oncology , a newly formed immuno-oncology company founded by leading cancer researcher Thomas Gajewski of the University of Chicago, is the sixth recipient of a venture investment from the UChicago Startup Investment Program.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 17.07.2019

Event - Health - 17.07.2019
Engineering, medicine, and science combine at the 2019 Blast Injury Conference
Engineering, medicine, and science combine at the 2019 Blast Injury Conference
Imperial's Centre for Blast Injury Studies hosted engaging research, lively debate, and a Royal visit at the Blast Injury Conference 2019.

Health - 17.07.2019
People with diabetes sought for e-health exercise study
University of Queensland researchers are exploring the effect of an e-health exercise program for managing type 2 diabetes.

Health - Career - 17.07.2019
Juggling research and family - a funding boost eases pressure for UQ Mum
Juggling research and family - a funding boost eases pressure for UQ Mum
A grant from the Children's Hospital Foundation will help a working mother from The University of Queensland tackle childhood brain cancer treatments.

Life Sciences - Health - 16.07.2019
What it’s like to be a neuroscientist
In the second of a series on what the lives of Stanford researchers actually look like, neuroscientist Miriam Goodman and four members of her lab talk about their paths to neuroscience, how they handle failures, and the hopes and joys that keep them coming back for more.

Health - Pharmacology - 16.07.2019
FDA accepts file and accelerates review of Novartis sickle cell disease medicine crizanlizumab (SEG101)
FDA grants crizanlizumab Priority Review based on Phase II data showing prevention of vaso-occlusive crises (VOCs) in patients with sickle cell disease, shortening FDA review to six months from stand

Health - Business / Economics - 15.07.2019

Health - Event - 15.07.2019

Health - 12.07.2019
Discovers genetic changes linked to leukaemia in children with Down’s syndrome
Researchers at the University of Oxford, in collaboration with colleagues from Hannover Medical School and Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, have discovered the specific gene mutations that are required for the development of leukaemia in children with Down's syndrome.

Career - Health - 11.07.2019

Health - Innovation / Technology - 11.07.2019
New Stanford Hospital gets temporary certificate of occupancy
The new Stanford Hospital, which is scheduled to open to patients in the fall, has received the go-ahead to occupy the hospital while minor finishing work continues.

Health - Business / Economics - 10.07.2019

Health - Physics - 09.07.2019
UW professors to receive 2019 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
UW professors to receive 2019 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
Six University of Washington professors are to receive a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, according to an announcement July 2 from the White House.

Social Sciences - Health - 09.07.2019
Staffer’s search for birth mom reveals dark history of Guatemalan adoption
Gemma Givens was adopted from Guatemala in 1990 when she was 4 months old. As Gemma grew older, she began to feel a deep emptiness.

Transport - Health - 09.07.2019
Ride-hailing services may be driving up traffic deaths
While the era of app-based ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft has been credited with keeping more impaired drivers off the road, increasing job opportunities and offering new levels of convenience, it is also linked with more congestion and traffic deaths.

Pharmacology - Health - 09.07.2019
Roche presents a broad range of data for Hemlibra demonstrating continued benefits for people with haemophilia A at the ISTH 2019 Congress
New analyses from phase III HAVEN studies support Hemlibra's sustained efficacy, safety and quality of life benefit in people with haemophilia A, with and without factor VIII inhibitors First data of

Administration - Health - 09.07.2019

Health - Social Sciences - 08.07.2019
Imperial programme turning health staff into researchers celebrates 10 years
Imperial programme turning health staff into researchers celebrates 10 years
A programme to support and encourage more clinical staff to undertake research is entering its tenth year with twelve new fellows. Working in the fields of nursing, speech therapy and gynaecology, the twelve will undertake research over the next year as part of Imperial's Research Fellowship Scheme.

Electroengineering - Health - 08.07.2019
Wind power from the Sky
Wind power from the Sky
To harvest wind energy, you don't necessarily need rotors on steel masts - light kites on thin ropes can do the same. The Empa spin-off TwingTec has been researching this technology for some time now. Last autumn, it was possible for the first time to start, generate electrical energy while flying and then land again, all in the specified level of automation.

Social Sciences - Health - 05.07.2019
Berkeley Talks transcript: #SandraBlandMystery: Aaminah Norris on the transmedia story of police brutality
ABIGAIL DE KOSNIK: Today I'm going to be speaking with Aaminah Norris, who is an assistant professor at Sacramento State in the College of Education.

Health - 05.07.2019
Exploring the human side of medicine with comics
In a remarkably short time, comics have grown up, sloughing off their superhero chains to become a respected medium for adults.
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