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Pharmacology - Health - 28.03.2020
Novartis new analysis further shows durable and potent LDL-C reduction with inclisiran, an investigational first-in-class siRNA cholesterol-lowering treatment
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG Prespecified analysis of pooled data from ORION-9, -10 and -11 Phase III clinical trials shows inclisiran reduced low-density lipo

Health - Pharmacology - 28.03.2020
How can I treat myself if I’ve got - or think I’ve got - coronavirus?
By David King , The University of Queensland New cases of the coronavirus are reported every day, and as yet there's no vaccine.

Health - Social Sciences - 27.03.2020

Health - Administration - 27.03.2020

Health - Pharmacology - 27.03.2020
UK oncologists launch joint project to track cancer patients with COVID-19
A team of oncologists from the Universities of Birmingham, Oxford and Leeds have joined forces to launch the first cancer coronavirus registry in the world to track how cancer patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be impacted. The UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Scheme is a national project which will pioneer the use of clinician-led reporting to track cancer patients and inform treatment pathways.

Health - Social Sciences - 27.03.2020
What the Ebola outbreak could teach us about how to contain coronavirus
A new research paper examining the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Africa could hold crucial insights for policymakers grappling with the coronavirus pandemic-namely, the importance of public trust in institutions during health crises.

Pharmacology - Health - 27.03.2020
Novartis Cosentyx gains positive CHMP opinion for new indication in the axial spondyloarthritis spectrum
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG EMA CHMP positive opinion in non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA) paves way for fourth indication in Europe, and is

Health - 27.03.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 27.03.2020
Scientists Turn Research Toward Fighting Coronavirus Pandemic
Editor's note: This piece is the first in a series on Caltech scientists who are researching the COVID-19 pandemic, each according to their own specialty. From biology, to chemistry, to social sciences, and computing, the keys to fighting the disease may be just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.

Health - Politics - 27.03.2020
Opinion: Coronavirus derails Russia’s constitutional reform vote
Vladimir Putin has postponed the public vote on constitutional reform amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Environment - Health - 27.03.2020
Environmental impacts of the pandemic: U-M experts can discuss
As the coronavirus pandemic forces millions of Americans to stay home, traffic on roads and highways has fallen dramatically and large declines in air pollution have been observed over major metropolitan areas.

Health - 27.03.2020
Coronavirus recession: How deep and how long?
Consumer sentiment tumbled 11.9 index points in March, the fourth-largest one-month decline in nearly a half century, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Health - Materials Science - 27.03.2020
What coronavirus means for handling money, food and more
What coronavirus means for handling money, food and more
Researchers found SARS-CoV-2 remains infectious in airborne droplets for at least three hours. This doesn't mean infected humans produce enough virus in a cough to infect another person, but they might .

Health - 27.03.2020
DIY face masks during COVID-19
University of Minnesota alum Shannon Williamson (BS '11, apparel design ; MS '17, medical device innovation ) works as a user experience designer with the cardiovascular group Medtronic.

Health - 27.03.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 27.03.2020
FRQ to create a province-wide COVID-19 Biobank
McGill researchers to lead new task force designed to facilitate and coordinate collection of samples and data from COVID-19 patients across Quebec The Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) and Genome Q

Health - Psychology - 26.03.2020
Coping with Coronavirus Stress
T he COVID-19 pandemic is stressful. Emotions are running high.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 26.03.2020
UC San Diego Engineers and Doctors Team Up to Retrofit and Build Ventilators with 3D-Printing
Students, staff and faculty address one of the key challenges of COVID-19 outbreak Even as university campuses close across the nation in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, a team

Health - Social Sciences - 26.03.2020
Coronavirus skeptics, deniers: Why some of us stick to deadly beliefs
As health officials called for social distancing measures to slow the coronavirus pandemic, spring break revelers in Florida mingled on Pompano Beach.

Health - Environment - 26.03.2020

Health - Computer Science / Telecom - 26.03.2020
State-level data misses growing coronavirus hot spots in U.S., including in the South
Though urban areas like New York City are getting the lion's share of media attention for their coronavirus outbreaks, there are rapidly forming hot spots across the United States, including in southe

Health - Business / Economics - 26.03.2020
Coordinated response needed to fight coronavirus pandemic
Without coordination within and across countries, the novel coronavirus will endlessly reemerge, with devastating consequences for public health and the global economy, says Stanford scholar Matthew Jackson.

Health - Pharmacology - 26.03.2020
"In a crisis like this, an antiviral drug could buy us some time"
Francesco Stellacci, a professor in EPFL's School of Engineering, discusses his research in the field of nanomedicine and how it could help us get past the coronavirus crisis.

Health - Business / Economics - 26.03.2020
Staying safe during the coronavirus crisis
In recent weeks, we have seen the whole of the UK come together in support of each other during the coronavirus crisis.

Environment - Health - 26.03.2020
Case studies provide in-depth lessons about sustainability
Well before COVID-19 forced faculty to figure out how to teach their courses online, a multidisciplinary project to develop online case studies for sustainability was being developed across the University of Michigan.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 26.03.2020
MIT-based team works on rapid deployment of open-source, low-cost ventilator
MIT-based team works on rapid deployment of open-source, low-cost ventilator
Clinical and design considerations will be published online; goal is to support rapid scale-up of device production to alleviate hospital shortages.

Health - 26.03.2020
Vital support for Swiss hospitals
The expected surge in coronavirus patients is pushing Swiss hospitals to the very limits of their capacity. Equipment, consumables and other resources are desperately needed. Researchers right across Switzerland can provide valuable support through pooled resources. The ETH Domain has set up a dedicated platform "Academic Resources for COVID" to coordinate their efforts.

Health - 26.03.2020
J-IDEA's Neil Ferguson tells MPs lockdown can help NHS manage coronavirus
J-IDEA’s Neil Ferguson tells MPs lockdown can help NHS manage coronavirus
Imperial's Neil Ferguson, Director of J-IDEA, has told MPs that the current UK lockdown could keep the coronavirus outbreak at manageable levels.

Health - Administration - 26.03.2020
David Nabarro says coronavirus challenges can be averted with rapid action
David Nabarro says coronavirus challenges can be averted with rapid action
The WHO's coronavirus special envoy and Imperial academic David Nabarro says the challenges faced by Italy and Iran can be avoided with rapid action.

Health - Pharmacology - 25.03.2020
MIT-affiliated companies take on Covid-19
MIT-affiliated companies take on Covid-19
A variety of companies with MIT ties are working to address aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Several of those initiatives are being led by companies that were founded by MIT alumni, professors, students, and researchers.
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