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Pharmacology - Health - 12.09.2019
Roche’s satralizumab significantly reduced relapse risk in second positive phase III study for neuromyelitis optica spectrum
Roche's satralizumab significantly reduced relapse risk in second positive phase III study for neuromyelitis optica spectrum Pivotal phase III SAkuraStar study shows 55% reduction in the risk of rela

Pharmacology - Health - 12.09.2019
Roche’s Tecentriq as a first-line monotherapy helped certain people with advanced non-small cell lung cancer live longer compared with chemotherapy
Data will be shared with health authorities globally, including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA)Bullet Roche today announced positive data from the Phase

Health - Administration - 11.09.2019
Top doctors release new guidance on how to stay fit and healthy
The UK's top doctors are recommending over-65s take up dancing, bowls or even activities like tai chi to help stave off injury and illness in old age.

Health - 11.09.2019
Support for voice-hearers goes online
Support for voice-hearers goes online
People who hear voices, their families and mental health professionals will benefit from a new information and support website based on research by Durham University.

Pharmacology - Health - 11.09.2019
FDA Phase 1 Trial Shows Hydrogel to Repair Heart Is Safe to Inject in Humans-A First
Ventrix, a University of California San Diego spin-off company, has successfully conducted a first-in-human, FDA-approved Phase 1 clinical trial of an injectable hydrogel that aims to repair damage and restore cardiac function in heart failure patients who previously suffered a heart attack. The trial is the first to test a hydrogel designed to repair cardiac tissue.

Life Sciences - Health - 11.09.2019
Saving the Tasmanian devil: crowdfunded mission raises new hope
Saving the Tasmanian devil: crowdfunded mission raises new hope
Extinction once seemed inevitable for the Tasmanian devil, but on an expedition to the state's remote southwest, researchers made a discovery that could help protect the species.

Health - Event - 11.09.2019

Health - Life Sciences - 10.09.2019

Life Sciences - Health - 10.09.2019
Wyss Center and Osypka announce collaboration
Wyss Center and Osypka announce collaboration
Today the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, Geneva, Switzerland and OSYPKA AG/OSYPKA Medtec, Rheinfelden, Germany and Longmont, Colorado, USA, announced a collaboration to develop and integrate innovative technologies into implantable neuro-devices.

Life Sciences - Health - 10.09.2019

Social Sciences - Health - 10.09.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 10.09.2019
Roche presents new OCREVUS (ocrelizumab) biomarker data that increase understanding of disease progression in multiple sclerosis at ECTRIMS
Blood neurofilament light chain (NfL) levels were significantly lowered following OCREVUS treatment in analyses of Phase III studies in RMS and PPMS New data show NfL may be a biomarker for predicting future disability outcomes Separate analyses presented from one of the first studies to demonstrate NfL levels are correlated with active MRI lesions in PPMS Roche today announced new data from OCREVUS (ocrelizumab) trials in relapsing and primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS).

Health - Life Sciences - 09.09.2019
Tiny capsules packed with gene-editing tools offer alternative to viral delivery of gene therapy
New tools for editing genetic code offer hope for new treatments for inherited diseases, some cancers, and even stubborn viral infections. But the typical method for delivering gene therapies to specific tissues in the body can be complicated and may cause troubling side effects. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have addressed many of those problems by packing a gene-editing payload into a tiny, customizable, synthetic nanocapsule.

Pharmacology - Health - 09.09.2019
Novartis data confirm long-term efficacy and safety of Aimovig for majority of patients with episodic migraine
The 5-year open-label treatment period (OLTP) examines sustained efficacy and long-term safety of Aimovig (erenumab) in patients with episodic migraine, starting on 70mg and switched after two years

Pharmacology - Health - 09.09.2019
Validates guidelines on treating patients with an underactive thyroid
A study led by the University of Birmingham provides strong support for current recommendations on treating patients with an underactive thyroid and validates latest UK and US guidelines, say researchers. The retrospective cohort study , published in The BMJ , analysed anonymous GP records of over 162,000 patients who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism - a highly prevalent condition more commonly known as an underactive thyroid.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 09.09.2019

Health - 09.09.2019
Glass down, FASD awareness turned up
Most Australians know it is unsafe to drink during pregnancy, but researchers say the number of children with lifelong impacts from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) remains far too high.

Health - 07.09.2019
Researchers lead new national guidance on how to stay fit and healthy
Researchers lead new national guidance on how to stay fit and healthy
Guidance on how the UK population can stay fit and healthy has been updated thanks to a major review led by the University of Bristol. The physical activity guidelines issued today by the four Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, offer advice to all age groups and - for the first time - pregnant women, new mums and disabled adults.

Pharmacology - Health - 06.09.2019
European Commission approves Roche’s Tecentriq in combination with chemotherapy for the initial treatment of people with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer
Tecentriq in combination with chemotherapy (carboplatin and etoposide) is the first and only cancer immunotherapy approved by the European Medicines Agency for the initial treatment of extensive-stag

Health - 05.09.2019
Vontobel Award: Systematic Remembering and Similar Surgical Consequences
This year's Vontobel Award for Research on Age(ing) goes to Burcu Demiray Batur from the University of Zurich, Jonathan Rychen from the University Hospital of Basel and Sarah Stricker from the Hôpital Necker in Paris.

Innovation / Technology - Health - 04.09.2019
UCLA and Theseus AI announce license agreement for technology that interprets spine MRIs
UCLA signed a license agreement with Theseus AI for technology developed at UCLA that uses artificial intelligence to interpret MRI scans of patients' spines.

Pharmacology - Health - 04.09.2019
Roche to present pivotal data for satralizumab in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder and six-year OCREVUS data in multiple sclerosis at ECTRIMS
Investigational medicine satralizumab significantly reduces the risk of relapse in pivotal SAkuraStar monotherapy study for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder New data provide insights into neurofilament light chain levels as a potential biomarker for predicting MS disability progression; new longer-term OCREVUS (ocrelizumab) data of more than six years show reduction of disability progression in relapsing and primary progressive MS Breadth

Health - Physics - 03.09.2019
EU Funding for Research at TUM
EU Funding for Research at TUM
The European Research Council (ERC) has announced that seven of its ERC Starting Grants will be awarded to scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) this year.

Health - Pharmacology - 03.09.2019
Poor diet can lead to blindness
An extreme case of "fussy" or "picky" eating caused a young patient's blindness, according to a new case report published today [2 Sep 2019] in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Environment - Health - 03.09.2019
Poverty as a disease trap
Poverty as a disease trap
The realities of subsistence living in a region of Senegal hard hit by schistosomiasis make reinfection likely, despite mass drug administration. Stanford researchers find that engaging communities in the design of disease control programs could help. No drug can cure a paradox. That basic truth is at the heart of a new Stanford-led study highlighting how poverty traps make it impossible to eradicate a potentially deadly disease with current approaches.

Pharmacology - Health - 02.09.2019
Entresto improved measures of heart structure and function in HFrEF patients in new Novartis study; additional data complement findings
Results from PROVE-HF trial show significant improvements in measures of cardiac structure and function at six months and one year in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) patients ; EVALUATE-HF results complement findings   PROVE-HF establishes significant correlation between improvement in widely used cardiac biomarker and positive changes in heart structure and ability to pump blood in patients taking Entresto   Safety and tole

Health - Innovation / Technology - 02.09.2019
Preventing asthma attacks: a father's fight for his daughter
Preventing asthma attacks: a father’s fight for his daughter
An asthma attack took Thea Notaras' life two weeks before her 17th birthday. Now her father is working to save others from her fate.

Health - Pharmacology - 02.09.2019
Positive phase III results show Xofluza reduces risk of developing flu after contact with an infected person by 86%
BLOCKSTONE study reaches primary endpoint of fewer people testing positive for flu, with fever and at least one respiratory symptom, when treated with Xofluza versus placebo Xofluza may represent an

Pharmacology - Health - 02.09.2019
Roche presents positive phase III study results for one-dose Xofluza in children with flu
Phase III MINISTONE-2 data are consistent with known safety profile of Xofluza (baloxavir marboxil) in children and show comparable efficacy to oseltamivir Xofluza was administered as a new one-dose

Pharmacology - Health - 01.09.2019
Novartis PARAGON-HF trial suggests Entresto benefit in HFpEF patients but narrowly misses primary endpoint
Entresto (sacubitril/valsartan) reduced the composite of total (first and recurrent) heart failure hospitalizations and cardiovascular death although narrowly missed statistical significance (p = 0.059)   Totality of evidence, including improvement in various measures of symptoms, quality of life, and renal function, suggests clinically important benefits in HFpEF   Entresto was well tolerated and the overall safety profile was comparable

Pharmacology - Health - 01.09.2019
Preserved Heart Failure Trial Misses Endpoint, But Drug May Benefit Some Patients
The number of patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is on the rise, and the search is on for a therapy that can improve health outcomes in this group of patients for whom no approved therapies are available.

Linguistics / Literature - Health - 31.08.2019

Health - Social Sciences - 30.08.2019
Summertime at Stanford - a time for two rising seniors to do gender-related research
Summertime at Stanford - a time for two rising seniors to do gender-related research
As Susan Heck Interns, Julia Pandolfo and Sophia Hu spent the summer working full time on their individual research projects at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

Health - Materials Science - 30.08.2019
Medicine for tomorrow
How can the latest findings from materials science be used in medical practice to develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic concepts' Empa researchers, physicians from the Cantonal Hospital of St

Pharmacology - Health - 30.08.2019
Novartis ofatumumab demonstrates superiority versus Aubagio in two head-to-head Phase III multiple sclerosis studies
In ASCLEPIOS I and II, ofatumumab (OMB157) met primary endpoints to reduce the annualized relapse rate over Aubagio * (teriflunomide) in patients with relapsing forms of MS (RMS) Key secondary endpoi

Health - Pharmacology - 29.08.2019

Pharmacology - Health - 29.08.2019
European Commission approves Roche’s Tecentriq in combination with Abraxane for people with PD-L1-positive, metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
The Tecentriq combination marks the first cancer immunotherapy regimen to be available in Europe for triple-negative breast cancer - an aggressive and difficult-to-treat disease Approval based on the

Pharmacology - Health - 29.08.2019
Roche launches VENTANA PD-L1 (SP142) Assay in CE markets as first companion diagnostic to identify triple-negative breast cancer patients eligible for treatment with Tecentriq
This launch represents an important step in Roche's personalised healthcare strategy to fit treatments to patients who can benefit most from a specific medicine Each year 300,000 patients around the

Pharmacology - Health - 28.08.2019
New patient test could tell GPs if infections are antibiotic resistant in under two hours
New patient test could tell GPs if infections are antibiotic resistant in under two hours
A new rapid patient test which could identify whether bacteria isolated from clinical samples are antibiotic resistant in under two hours is being trialled on a range of antibiotics commonly used to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs).

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