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Health - 05.05.2020
Archive keen to capture life in the time of Covid-19
An archive that documents the everyday experiences of people in the UK is experiencing a boom in interest from researchers and contributors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health - Social Sciences - 04.05.2020
Coronavirus pandemic has harmed lower-income workers the most
The coronavirus is deepening divides in the United States along income, race and gender lines-with lower-income women suffering the greatest losses.

Health - Life Sciences - 04.05.2020
To examine how sleep during lockdown affects older people with or without dementia
The questionnaire-led study, called SleepQuest, aims to understand sleep quality, mental health and circadian rhythms in older people. Up to 5,000 participants will be recruited through Join Dementia Research , social media and older people's networks. The researchers believe that the current COVID-19 crisis has led to a large number of people experiencing disrupted sleep and circadian rhythms and that a proportion of these people will go on to develop chronic sleep problems.

Health - 04.05.2020
Professors and researchers model the expansion of the coronavirus in Belgium and project scenarios for tomorrow
Professors and researchers model the expansion of the coronavirus in Belgium and project scenarios for tomorrow
Accueil UNamur > Nouvelles > Professors and researchers model the expansion of the coro rus in Belgium and project scenarios for tomorrow On the initiative of the University of Namur, researche

Economics / Business - Health - 04.05.2020
Michigan poverty map shows economic security by county
Even before the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic began, about 14% of Michiganders were living in poverty and another 29% of households were struggling to make ends meet.

Health - 04.05.2020
Public health experts at the service of the Confederation and the cantons
The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) have created a closed sharing platform for public health experts to facilitate and coordinate the exchange of

Economics / Business - Health - 04.05.2020

Health - Economics / Business - 04.05.2020
Growers of fresh produce in Wales feeling the pressure of Covid-19
Fruit and vegetable growers in Wales need support to help them deal with a dramatic increase in demand due to Covid-19, a report says.

Astronomy / Space Science - Health - 04.05.2020
Researchers win 2020 national FameLab championships
University of Queensland medical PhD student Cody Frear has won the 2020 national FameLab championships with a research presentation on treating children's burns.

Health - 04.05.2020
Yağan Receives Emergency NSF Grant To Help Fight COVID-19
Collaboration models virus mutations Osman Yağan, an associate research professor in Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , and Princeton's Vincent Poor

Social Sciences - Health - 04.05.2020
When xenophobia spreads like a virus
From a planned bombing of a hospital with COVID-19 patients inside, to targeted physical and psychological violence against Asian Americans and other ethnic groups, hate crimes are on the rise across the United States.

Health - Event - 04.05.2020
Fellowship IBSA Foundation 2019, accolades to Tommaso Virgilio of IRB
The IBSA Foundation Fellowships awards five scholarships each year to young researchers from universities and research institutes around the world who have distinguished themselves for their skills a

Health - Pharmacology - 01.05.2020
COVID-19 pandemic could significantly increase HIV, TB and malaria cases
Some regions may see deaths related to HIV, TB and malaria increase by up to 10, 20 and 36% respectively over five years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health - Psychology - 01.05.2020
How our emotional memories of Coronavirus affect our future
Elena Miltiadis from Anthropology considers the way our emotional memory of this pandemic will affect our future behaviour As we do whatever we can to stop the spread of coronavirus, we are being for

Health - Administration - 01.05.2020
Opinion: Giving scientific advice to government during a crisis
Covid-19 has drawn attention to the role that science and expert advice plays in policymaking during an emergency, writes Professor Brian Collins (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) in an article co-authored with Kieron Flanagan from the University of Manchester.

Health - Economics / Business - 01.05.2020
Bitter partisan divide shapes California opinions on COVID-19, poll finds
With temperatures rising and sun-seekers on the move, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has closed the state's beaches in an effort to check the COVID-19 pandemic.

Economics / Business - Health - 01.05.2020
Reopening economy poses challenges and risks, might not achieve intended aims
Reopening economy poses challenges and risks, might not achieve intended aims
FACULTY Q&A strong Jagadeesh Sivadasan is a professor and chair of business economics and public policy at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

Computer Science - Health - 01.05.2020
Researchers put proximity tracing app to the test
Researchers put proximity tracing app to the test
Over the past two weeks, EPFL computer scientists have been testing and refining the smartphone-based system developed by the international Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing project (DP3T), with the help of the Swiss Army. Their goal: to optimize the app's ability to alert users after they've been in contact with someone contagious with COVID-19, while building trust around the open system.† DP3T†is an approach to decentralized, privacy-preserving contact†tracing that aims to provide a digital means for humans to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Economics / Business - Health - 01.05.2020

Health - Economics / Business - 01.05.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 30.04.2020
The full picture: Why we need more demographic data on COVID-19
The pandemic has highlighted racial, ethnic and economic health disparities. Good data can prevent the gaps from widening, says UCLA's Ninez Ponce The pandemic has highlighted racial, ethnic and economic health disparities.

Health - Pharmacology - 30.04.2020
Stacks in the Corner
One-of-a-kind clinic provides hope for treatment of hoarding disorder Climbing the steep gravel path to Ri Parrish's house, a serene, empty silence hovers above the stark vistas surrounding the property, dotted and perfumed by occasional pine trees.

Health - 30.04.2020
Joe, Helen and an Angel Named Amy-A COVID-19 Survival Story
For one couple, both stricken by COVID-19, their lifeline was daily phone calls from a UC San Diego Health nurse Joe and Helen Davis began experiencing cold-like symptoms after returning to San Diego from the Midwest.

Life Sciences - Health - 30.04.2020
Escaping the Fly Room
Escaping the Fly Room
In shaking our society to its core, says Jaboury Ghazoul, Covid-19 shows that we must adopt a far broader perspective to tackle the complex socio-ecological problems humanity faces.

Health - 30.04.2020
ANU helps make protective equipment for health workers
The Australian National University (ANU) is helping to ensure health workers have adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) amid the coronavirus pandemic, by coordinating the production of thousands of face shields and masks.

Life Sciences - Health - 30.04.2020
Six Oxford professors honoured by the Royal Society | University of Oxford
Six Oxford professors honoured by the Royal Society | University of Oxford
Six Oxford University academics have been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal Society.

Health - Materials Science - 30.04.2020
Q&A: Gregory Rutledge on initial testing of KN95 respirators for public health officials
Q&A: Gregory Rutledge on initial testing of KN95 respirators for public health officials
MIT professor's research group leverages its capability for testing filtration efficiency to asses certain respirators for MEMA, others.

Health - Politics - 30.04.2020
Election 2020: The pandemic changes everything
Voters masked against coronavirus line up for Wisconsin's primary election on April 7. Casting and counting votes - normally a routine administrative process - now threatens to become a political and legal fight that shapes the campaign.

Health - 30.04.2020
Younger adults report lowest levels of wellbeing in lockdown
Wellbeing among all age groups is lower than usual levels during lockdown and is lowest for those aged 18-29, according to UCL's Covid-19 study, the UK's largest study on adults' wellbeing and mental health during the coronavirus epidemic. The study, which is funded by the Nuffield Foundation, was launched a month ago, has over 80,000 participants and reports on how adults feel about the lockdown, government advice, feelings of loneliness and wellbeing, and their mental health.

Health - Life Sciences - 30.04.2020
Tackling COVID-19: Professor Ian Goodfellow
Ian†Goodfellow†is no stranger to infectious disease outbreaks. In 2014 he left behind the safety of his Cambridge lab to join a taskforce fighting the hazardous Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Health - Economics / Business - 30.04.2020
Creative, but scientifically rigorous, COVID-19 solutions
Working on several possible COVID-19 solutions, bioengineer Manu Prakash and his lab stress their obligation to produce careful and meticulous work.

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